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Monday, October 13, 2014

Life Lately + Marinated Cheese Recipe

Happy Monday Sweet Friends!  

Last week Sterling's school put out all the pumpkins for Halloween.  They always do a huge pumpkin patch and sell the pumpkins.  Sterling was so excited and insisted we take some pictures with the pumpkins.  Sometimes I can't get over how grown-up he is now.

I tried out Sean Brock's new restaurant Minero. The concept is really cool,  as are the interiors but I just wasn't blown away by the food.  I did really like the salsa trio and queso.  The tacos however were just ok.  I will give it another try though!  Anyone been and have a favorite dish?

My horse blouse that I ordered from the Tory Burch sale came in the mail and I have to say I love it!!  Sometimes her clothes can fit my body funny but this blouse fit perfectly and I just adore the horse print.  I will be wearing this often this Fall.

I saw the most gorgeous sunrise on Friday morning, one of the most vibrant ones I have seen.
The pictures just don't even do it justice.

I got back my wingback chairs from the Upholster and they look amazing!!  I am working on taking some pictures of the den for a home tour and I will show the full chairs then but here is a peak!
Fabric is from GDC Home.

Sterling takes Halloween very seriously and loves to decorate for it.  We went to Lowes to get pine needles and came home with this guy.  I do kind of love him though.  Perfect to store all my Reeses Pumpkins in that I can't stop eating!  The wine is from my Wine Awesomeness shipment this month and it is excellent!!  Such a great Fall Rose.  Don't forget you can sign up here to get 30% off your first order!

My good friend Jen who started La Senorita Jolie just designed a line of delicate jewelry for LSJ and I am so in love with it and so proud of her!!  They are the perfect pieces for layering and everyday wear and all are under $50!!
Don't forget to use code LSJ-DBDD to get free shipping

I surprised Sterling with some Halloween Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Saturday morning.  I thought this was a genius idea til his soccer game two hours later when he had to stop playing because his tummy hurt and he told his coach he ate too many doughnuts- Mom Fail!

After soccer they had big event to focus on fire awareness.  They brought in a bunch of fire trucks and you know kids always love a fire truck- plus the fire men weren't too shabby to look at!

I wore my Rag and Bone top on Saturday.  It is the same style as my tank version I lived in all Summer.  I just love the back detail and it is so soft!  Thru tonight at midnight you can take 20% off with code FALL20 at Piperlime.  A great time to buy this top!

Sunday Night we did Happy Hour and dinner with some friends and I brought one of my favorite easy Apps, Marinated Cheese.  This recipe comes from my mom's very good friend Jane and it is always a hit!!  We serve with Triscuits, a thicker cracker that can soak up the olive and toppings is a good idea!  Someone commented on my Instagram that this is a great app for Christmas because of the colors and I agree!!


Sunday I took Frances to church in one of my old dresses.  I texted my mom a picture of her in it and she sent me back a picture of me at my first Birthday wearing the same dress.  I had to share, so cool we still have this dress!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Scenes From Our Weekend + Marinated Cheese Recipe

The kids are out of school til Wednesday so we are still enjoying a long weekend.  

Friday night we had happy hour with our neighbors before we left town.

I made this marinated cheese for the appetizer.  It is super easy and always a hit.  Several of you asked for the recipe so see below!
The recipe was passed along from my mom's good friend Jane.  I like to serve this with triscuits to soak up the marinade. I mix the Cracker Barrel white and orange sharp cheddar.  

New smoothie I am loving:
Coconut water, strawberries, frozen banana, frozen mangos, frozen pineapple, and greek yogurt.  The kids of course loved this one. and I finally ordered my Vitamix!  It should arrive this week,  I am so excited!

I am newly addicted to Parenthood.  I plowed through the first season this week.  I spent Saturday night in pjs watching more episodes:)  I can't believe I didn't watch this when it originally aired, it is so good!

My mom introduced me to these Bedhead PJ's and I am really liking them.  They come in such cute patterns and are so comfy!!
Scroll through to see some other prints and many are on sale!

Favorite Bagel from Brueggers.
I do a sun-dried tomato bagel, with veggie cream and sun-dried spread.  Then load it up with all the veggies.

Sunday we went to church.

I always love with I can snuggle with my sweet nephew Rutledge.  
Blouse also Here
These two are addicted to listening to music and music videos on my IPad.   Then they preform dance parties for me afterwards:)

How gorgeous is this orchid??   

I am so excited because we just booked a girl's trip to St John next month.  We have been trying to plan a trip for the past year and now it is happening!  I would love any recs of what to do in St John especially restaurants and beach bars.

Happy MLK Day.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Stuff you Should Buy at Trader Joes- Part 3

Now that I am budgeting and trying to do better money wise, I have been doing more grocery shopping at Trader Joe's.  They seriously have some great prices.  It can be really overwhelming there so I always appreciate recommendations from others.  These are some new items that I have tried lately and love.  They all seem to make their way to my basket every time I am in there!

These are the best pigs in a blanket ever.  I love the puff pastry aspect it pairs so well with the hot dogs.  I seriously prefer them to regular pigs in a blanket.   Perfect easy app for entertaining or meal for your little one, Sterling gobbles these up.

This literally cost a $1.50 so I figured why not try it out.  It was way better than I expected it to be, even Matt loved it.  It has incredible flavor.  I served with sliced fresh veggies and lavash chips.  A great healthy snack to keep on hand.

If you are getting tired of pita chips try these out.  They are thinner with great crunch and salty flavor.  I dip them in hummus or the black bean dip.

I have to admit I am not a big frozen meal person.  Most are disgusting and I can easily whip together something way tastier.  However enter pregnancy number two and I am just plain exhausted come dinner time, I just can't cook every night.  I decided to give these a try- I liked that they were vegetarian, frozen meat grosses me out (I have meat issues).  They were actually really good.  Filled with lots of cheese and the salsa on top was very flavorful.  I did have to add more salt and hot sauce.  But overall a great easy meal and only 350 calories.  I would make them again.

I got sucked into tasting this last time I was shopping and I loved it. I have been on a real lemonade kick and this hit the spot with pulps of fresh lemon and not too sweet.  Sterling loves it too, great for kids.

My mom and sister raved about these and for a long time our store didn't have them in stock but they are back in and so good!  A great meal served with a side salad or as an appetizer.  They are delicious served with marinara or roasted red pepper sauce.

I don't think I even need to describe these.  Mac and Cheese Balls enough said.

Thanks to my sister I am addicted to this trail mix.  I keep a bag in my purse or car at all times.  It is the perfect combo of salty and sweet filled with nuts, dried cherries, chocolate chips, and pb chips.  Such a great snack.

I mentioned this the other day but wanted to add it to my list.  This salsa is only $1.99 and I buy several each time I am at Trader Joe's that is how much I am addicted to it.  I heard the Salsa Verde is great too so I need to try it next time.

With cherry tomatoes in prime season right now, I have been really into caprese salads.  This small mozzarella balls cost a small fortune at other grocery stores but at Trader Joe's they are $4.99.  You really can't beat any of the cheese prices at Trader Joe's.   I love that they are already marinated with tasty spices.  I use them in pasta salads, to snack on, or caprese salads.

 What else should I add to my Trader Joe's shopping list?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

What I Eat || A 3 Day Food Diary

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is what do I eat on a daily basis.   Do I diet and how do I stay thin?  I have to admit I love seeing what other people eat (especially celebrities).  I loved when Kristen Cavallari did a three day food diary so I thought I would do the same.  I tried to photograph every thing I put in my mouth best I could.   This was from this current week,  I documented Monday-Wednesday.

A few things.  I am happy with my weight right now, so it is more about maintaining this weight and not gaining.  I do not diet.  I love food way too much to restrict myself from anything.  I try to eat clean 70% of the time.  I do actually love salads and crave vegetables.  I am that weird person that when everyone else orders a burger I want the salad.  But I also love pizza, Mexican food, and indulging in alcohol too.   For me it is about enjoying those things in moderation.  I try to avoid pre-packaged and processed foods as much as I can.  I also try not to snack too much.  I try to eat fairly healthy during the week so on the weekends I can eat what I want and then get back on track Monday.   On Mondays and Tuesdays I focus heavily on a mostly vegetarian diet with no alcohol.   Those two days are like detox days to me, to cleanse from the weekend.   During the day I only drink water or unsweet green tea and lots of it.  I have just started exercising again but for me my weight is more determined by what I eat than rather I exercise or not.  I exercise for my mental sanity and to tone up not to lose weight.  I also want to mention I try and drink hot lemon water at least once a day, sometimes I don't but I think if you can it is so good for you.


Breakfast was homemade green juice.  The kids had a doctors appt so I did not have time to eat.  The juice is 2 apples, 1 bunch spinach, kale, 1 lemon, 1 jalapeno and fresh mint.

Lunch was Barefoot Contessa' s Quinoa Tabbouleh (from the Cookbook Make It Ahead) , a toasted whole wheat pita, hummus and marinated feta.

Dinner that night was Earthfare Sushi.  I normally buy a few rolls and me and Matt and Sterling share them all.  I try to brown rice when they have it.  I ate about a whole roll that night.

After I put the kids to bed I make Lemon Ginger Water.  I fill a pot with fresh water and add one sliced lemon and sliced pieces of fresh ginger and bring to a boil.  I drink about 2 glasses before bed.

Breakfast was my standard Avocado Toast (I use fresh 9 grain bread from the Harris Tetter or Publix bakery), two pieces of turkey bacon, and half a grapefruit.  Plus a cup of decaf coffee and 1/2 a Suja Master Cleanse.

 I met a friend for lunch at Xao Bao Biscuit.  I had the Cabbage Pancake.  I ate about 3/4 of it and drank hot lemon water with it.

Afternoon snack.  I can not resist goldfish. The kids and I split one of the small cartons of gold fish.

Dinner was green soup with avocado toast and sprouts.  I found this green soup recipe in Molly Sims new book and really liked it, although I added a little cheese and hot sauce to mine.

Green Soup
To make the soup you sautee 1/2 onion and 2 minced garlic cloves.  Add in a quart of Chicken stock and bring to a boil.  Add in one large head of broccoli trimmed, one bunch of kale stems removed and let simmer covered about 15 minutes.  Then add in 1 box or bag of baby spinach, salt and pepper.  Use an immersion blender and puree the whole thing.  I then added in fresh grated Parmesan cheese and haberno sauce to give it some flavor.

That night before bed I drank hot lemon water (no ginger this time) and took a shot of aloe vera juice.
I have read nothing but great things abut the health benefits of aloe vera juice.   I ordered mine here.

Breakfast was half a grapefruit, two pieces of turkey bacon and two energy balls.
I keep energy balls in my fridge most of the time, they are a great easy breakfast and the kids love them too.

Energy Balls : They are super easy to make: Mix 1 cup oats, 3/4 cups shredded coconut, 1/3 cup honey,1/2 cup Peanut Butter,  1/2 mini chocolate chips, 1 tsp vanilla. 1 tsp cinnamon.  Refrigerate for 30 mins then roll into balls.  Add flax seed or chia seeds if desired.

I had a piece of string cheese between breakfast and lunch.  I picked up lunch on the go because I had a million errands to run.  I eat in my car at least once a week!  I had the kale salad and spicy carrots from Butcher and Bee.

I was craving chocolate so I had one Justins Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup- these are so darn good.  It is hard not to eat both but I usually try to only eat one.

Dinner.  Wednesdays are always taco night.  I always have tequila too.
I normally eat two tacos one hard and one soft with no sides.

 I also normally have tequila.  We buy good tequila and just sip it.  I never drink mixed drinks it is extra calories.

Whew.  Are you bored yet?? That is what I ate for three days.  I am not health expert but I do try to take care of my body and this is what works for me.
Love to hear any tips or eating secrets you have!