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Friday, March 28, 2014

Annoying Pet Peeves x 2

Happy Friday Love bugs.  I am in Charlotte enjoying a break from the everyday routine spending time with my lovely rents and having help with the kids!  My mom and I love discussing pet peeves so I thought it would be fun to do a list again- don't leave us hanging you must chime in and tell us your pet peeves!  You can read my original post here:)

- When people take their sick kids to school or daycare even when they know they are sick.  They pop them with Tylenol and send them anyways.  Same in the workplace.  Stay home if you feel sick don't get others sick.

- When you are peeing in a bathroom stall and there are tons of other open stalls and someone goes in the one right beside you.

- Picking your teeth with your finger or tongue during a meal

- When you are waiting on a parking spot and that person gets in their car, sits there, checks their phone and takes their sweet ass time pulling out even though they know you are waiting on that spot.

- When you are with your kids waiting to check out with only a few items and someone gets in line in front of you with an overflowing cart and doesn't offer to let you go first-  honestly this is kind of rude even without kids but more so with fussy kids.

- Getting in the checkout line to ask the price of something.  It just holds up the line for everyone else- go find someone else working and ask them.

- People who shop with their bluetooths in and talk the entire time they are shopping.

- Cars not using turn signals, plain rude

- People that walk right smack down the middle of a parking lot and not on the sides, even when they hear a car behind them and don't move.

-Large group text messages where everyone keeps responding so you keep getting tons of responses from everyone for days

- The kiosks in the mall.  They hound you about samples even when you say no.  The most annoying is when they say "can I ask you a question."  Well you just did ask me a question so, no.

- People that always act like they will be at something and then cancel last minute every single time.  Just be honest from the get go and say you can't make it.

- People that constantly text while they are with you especially at dinner or happy hour (this means you Dad).  Put your phone away for a few minutes.

- When someone constantly asks you where everything you own is from.

- Too many hashtags.  If there are more than three I am not reading them.

Ok so now tell me your most annoying pet peeves!!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Annoying Pet Peeves

A few weeks ago when I was home, I was having happy hour with my parents and the topic turned to pet peeves.  It was a pretty interesting happy hour topic.  Dad at first said he had no pet peeves but then once mom and I started rambling off our list he had quite a few to add.  Here is our list of our top pet peeves-  now please indulge me and tell me what annoys the crap out of you!

- Celebrities that create a perfume- why does every celebrity feel the need to create a perfume?? They all smell like ass for the most part because they are not trained in that field.

- People talking on the phone while paying wheter in a store or in a drive thru line.  Its rude get off your phone for 5 minutes.

- People that say they don't watch what they eat and are just "naturally skinny"  They blame it good metabolism. I don't believe that for one second.  Just be honest and say yes I carefully watch what I eat so not to gain weight.  Celebrities are the worst about this.

- When someone is eating a bowl of soup and they keep scrapping the bottom trying to get every last drop out.

- The family stick figure stickers on the back of cars.  You drive a minivan/ SVU of course I know you have kids.

- Equally as annoying the round stickers with the abbreviations of all the places you traveled.  I don't care to know where you vacationed the last 5 years.

- Socks with Sandals.  What is the point?  Just wear closed toe shoes if your feet are cold.

- When people wear foundation or too much bronzer and their face is way darker then the rest of their body. 

- People that act like their kid is the best at everything.  Always trying to one up your child.   Well my kid started talking two weeks before yours, my kid rolled over at 2 weeks- you get the point.   All kids do things at different times

- People that drive in the left lane of the highway really slow- get over in the right lane that's what it is for.

-  Status updates on FB detailing what you ate that day or what you did- this ecard sums it up.

   - When you dine out with someone at a restaurant and they don't order off the menu.  They ask the waiter to make all sorts of changes for them.  I understand dressing on the side of a salad or if you are allergic to something leaving that off,  but we have been out when someone has basically requested an entirely different meal than what was on the menu.  Don't eat at that restaurant if you don't like anything on the menu.

-  Texting and driving.  People please stop doing this its so dangerous and stupid!  I can't tell you how many times I have seen a car serving to look over and see someone texting and not looking at the road.

- When you stop your car to let someone cross the street and they purposely walk as slow as they can and then don't wave thank you.  It is only ok for the elderly to walk that slow.
- People smacking and chewing with their mouth wide open.  This one really grates my nerves.

- When you are waiting in line to check out and the person in front of you needs a price on some item they are buying.  Please go to the customer service desk and don't hold up a regular line asking for them to look up a price.

- Lastly, Chevron annoys me.  Over it.  It is everywhere, lets find a new pattern to love.

Please make my Friday and tell me what annoys the crap out of you!
Happy Friday!  We have a super busy weekend, filled with family,  friends and celebrating our sweet Sterling's 3rd Birthday!