Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Frances Moon + Our Thanksgiving Menu

As I sit down to write this post, I can't help but think back to this exact time one year ago.  It was the night before I was getting ready to be induced and I was a nervous wreck.  First of all hospitals in general make me nervous and I was terrified the induction would not work and I would have to have a C Section. But what worried me the most was thinking how will I ever love another child as much as I love Sterling??  I just could not imagine and in the back of mind I thought I will probably always love Sterling the most because he was my first baby and he is my little man.  I also worried how life would be for him with a sibling.  We want to give our children siblings because we know in the long run it will be best for them but I was terrified how he would feel with me splitting my attention between another baby now and just not him.  I could not imagine what life would be like as the mom of two and it scared me. 

Oddly enough the day I was set to be induced I woke up and was so calm.  I felt God's presence and knew in my heart it all would go smoothly.  The labor and delivery was so quick and easy, total opposite of Sterling who I labored 30+ hours with.  The moment that Frances Moon was born she took my breath away.  I just kept thinking I have two kids now.  Birth and meeting your baby for the first time is a true testament to God and miracles.  I tear up sitting here just thinking about the moment Frances entered the world and our lives.   My heart just expanded and I loved her exactly the same way I love Sterling.  It is an even never ending love that is so powerful.  Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with love for the two of them it takes my breath away and brings a tear to my eye.  They are my world and I understand now how when my parents said they loved us all the same and didn't have favorites they were right.  You love different things about each child but you love them exactly the same.

So happy first birthday Frances Moon.  It was a long journey to get you but God had a sweet plan all along.  You came into our lives and it was like you always belonged with us.  You are the sweetest little girl ever.  You are such a joy and a delight.  When people talk about having easy babies that is what you are.  You rarely cry unless you are hungry or tired and always just go with the flow.  You are always smiling and laughing.  You have such a sweet temperament. You love to eat and you are such a good eater, not picky at all.  You also love to dance, play humpdy dumpdy, and listen to books.  I never in a million years thought I would have a daughter and I thank God everyday he blessed me with you. I love you more than you will ever know. 
Happy First Birthday Sweet Frances Moon.

I have to thank Lucy Cuneo for capturing these special moments of me with my two babies.  She is local photographer and wonderful to work with if you need family pictures.  We decided to do some pictures at the beach near our house in honor of Frances Moon's first birthday.   These pictures are so special to me and I will treasure them forever.

Outfit Details
Frances Moon | Headband | Butterfly Dress | Vest | Mocs
Natalie | Tee Shirt | Jeans | Shoes | Necklace


Several of you asked what our Thanksgiving Menu would be and here it is:

This is gorgeous and sounds amazing.   I don't like to serve too heavy of an app since we are getting ready to eat a huge meal but it is nice to have a little nibble with your cocktail.

This all Matt.  He takes such pride in his turkey and does an amazing job. I have nothing to do with it.  He brines it for three days and it is the juiciest best turkey ever. This year he is actually doing two smaller turkeys one fried and one roasted.  This is Matt's actual turkey from 2 years ago- perfection.

Told you guys I was adding this to my menu, I love it.

This is a new recipe I am trying out so I hope it is as good as it looks.

I do not love this side but it is Matt's favorite so we have it every year.  It is the standard kind with cream of mushroom soup and fried onions on top.

Mac and cheese is always a good idea.

We use Paula Deen's recipe for this and it is really good.  I would love to try a new dressing recipe for fun but this is the other item Matt won't budge on.

This is another new recipe but when I saw it in Southern Living I knew it needed to happen.

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Tis the Season for Markdowns

Had to pop in and let you guys know Nordstrom just marked a bunch of stuff 40% off.  A great time to buy Christmas Gifts, outfits for Christmas,  or just treat yourself.  The good brands and sizes sell out fast so I wanted to do a quick round up of a few favorites before they sell out, I will share more Wednesday.
Scroll thru and click on images to see full details!

Life Lately

31 days til Christmas.  Can you believe it??   I am itching to start decorating and put our tree up but Matt insists  I need to wait til after Thanksgiving.  I get it but seeing everyone's trees up on instagram is making it hard!  I want white lights, and sparkles and lots of decorations now.

Life has been busy lately and I am sure it will stay that way til the end of the year!

My mom came in town the beginning of the week for a quick visit with her friend.  We enjoyed two fabulous meals at Indaco and Zao Bao Biscuit.  It was a quick visit but I always love spending time with my mom.

Sterling and I stuffed and delivered our boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  I am trying hard to teach him not everyone is as fortunate as he is.   He doesn't get it yet but I hope it will set in one day and traditions like these will help remind him what Christmas is about- giving.

I worked on my Thanksgiving Table Setting.  I will share my menu tomorrow.

Friday I went with Sterling's class on a Field Trip to Middleton Plantation.  It was so fun, I had never been before.  If you have kids you should visit we had a blast!  It is just gorgeous out there.  It was so nice to have some one on one time with Sterling because that never happens these days.

The animals were our favorite part.  I could not get over how beautiful the peacocks where.  Just stunning in person and the colors were so vibrant.

This little guy is a Cashmere Goat and you guessed it that is where cashmere sweaters come from. He was so incredibly soft.

After the field trip we went to Trader Joes and picked up some Boxwood wreaths and a gingerbread house kit for Sterling.  I hung three on our front windows and love them.  Hoping they stay alive til Christmas!

and I am officially obsessed with the battery powered LED lights.  I found some at TJMaxx and stocked up, they are so awesome!

Saturday night we cooked homemade Big Macs and they were insanely good. Recipe is under Main Courses in the recipe tab.

This dress I ordered for some holiday events came in the mail and I really love it.
On sale Here in select sizes.

I planted a winter garden with kale and swiss chard I am so excited about!
I eat so much kale it will be nice to just go out back and pick it.

Sterling, oh Sterling.  He is such a handful these days and so exhausting but man he makes me smile.  Two favorite scenes from the week.  The first picture he came out dressed like this and said " I am business Daddy on a work call."   I could not stop laughing because he kept the same serious face expression and had no pants on. 

 and the second picture we had an impromptu dance party Friday night while we waited on Matt to get home.  Batman had some sweet moves. 
 You can see in this picture where our cabinet used to be that we had knocked down.  It is so awesome to have that space opened up into our dining room.  This week we are building built-ins around the fridge for more storage and then the cabinets will be painted.  I am looking for a great gray color any suggestions?

and this girl, she turns one tomorrow!!

Have a fabulous Monday.  

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Frances Moon Style | Moc Lover

Since Sterling got a post dedicated to his favorite shoes  thought it was only fair I share Frances Moons too.  Of course she can't talk yet to tell me her favorites but these are my favorites and I am sure she would agree.  Every time we wear these shoes we get stopped to ask who makes them!

We are huge fans of Moccasins around here.  Freshly Picked and Minnetonkas are two of my favorite lines.   Both awesome shoes for the little ones.
Frances wears them almost everyday.

 Someone gave us a pair of the Freshly Picked Mocs after Frances was born and I was hooked.  They are just the cutest shoes, made of the softest leather and easy to put on your babies feet.  They were frequently sold out but now Nordstrom carries them and has plenty of stock.
Frances wore her first pair of Freshly Picked Mocs for almost an entire year and we just ordered up to size 2.  So while they are a bit expensive they last for awhile and the quality is amazing.
They come in so many different colors. 

I am a big fan of the metallic ones (they come in 4 metallic colors).

and if I had a baby boy I would be all over these camo ones.  Thinking my nephew Finley needs a pair!

We also love the Minnetonka Mocs, they are a different style and cheaper price point.  Most all are under $30.  They also have some great versions for the older kids as well.


and while we talking cute shoes for the Winter, I want to order
 Frances a pair of baby Uggs- anyone know how these run size wise?  I can't decide between the two versions below.

Freshly Picked, Minnetonkas, and Uggs are are all online at Nordstrom.  They have an excellent selection and free shipping and returns.  These would make great gifts for the littles!
Shop our favorites below:

thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  All thoughts opinions and shoe choices are my own.