Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Best Weekend Deals

We are officially on Spring break! Excited for a week with no real schedules!
Lots of great deals going on for Easter Weekend!

I wore this dress Friday night.  Now on sale for 20% off.    All dresses at BCBG are 20% off through the weekend.  I am wearing an XS, runs on the large side.
Yulissa Dress also available Here but not on sale

25% off orders with code SHOPMORE

I just ordered this scalloped top in the red.  I love the navy too!

40% off with code BRSPRING
These have been my favorite shoes as of lately, I loved them so much I bought the black version too!
I am wearing the black version here.

New markdowns 40% off.

Tiered promotion

I own this in blue and love it!

I also own this, such a great flirty style.

30% off almost everything.
I love the hot pink!

30-60% off over 900 items
We have these in Sterling's room and love them.  Their sheets are super soft.

I love the idea of these in a nursery.

40% with code PEEP
The little girl new arrivals are so cute,  below are a few things I bought for Frances.

Spend $400 save $100, spend $800 save $200
Use code MARCH16
My cover-up was just reduced. 
also reduced this gorgeous maxi! 
My favorite butterfly blouse is on sale as well.  Runs on the large side,  I recommend ordering down a size.

Happy Saturday and Happy Shopping!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Style Files Vol 7 | Coral Crush + 7 Dresses Under $70

This dress is a favorite new purchase. I love the style and fit and best part it is only $67!   It is fully lined.  I paired it with fun sandals but it also looks really cute with wedges.  The dress does run TTS. I am wearing a small. I know this is a dress I will wear all Summer. 

This House of Harlow Necklace has been a favorite of mine for awhile.  They don't make this exact color anymore but it comes in several other colors.  I like the size of the pendant and the simple gold chain.

This fringe purse has been my favorite as of lately.  The color just seems to go with everything.
I love simplicity of this Kendra Scott bracelet.  It is great alone or layered.

I am a sucker for fun flats in the Summer and I am loving these Rebecca Minkoff Lace up flats.  Like the purse they are the perfect neutral shade, they are actually the same color.   They also come in 3 other colors, I really like the gold and leopard.  They run TTS.
The dress also comes in white which would be gorgeous with some fun colored jewelry.  I always love the coral color I am wearing though, I think it is such a flattering color on everyone!
I also rounded up 7 other dresses under $70!  Just scroll though to see them all!   I especially love the first maxi, it also comes in a black version.  It reminds me so much of Mara Hoffman.

You can shop my look below:

Thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


In honor of my 36th Birthday being today I thought it would be fun to share 36 facts about me you may or may not know! 

image via

1)  I eat at least a jar of peperoncinis a week.  They are my favorite snack and now Sterling is addicted to them too.

2) I hate the taste of toothpaste.  I would rather wash my face at nigh than brush my teeth.

3) I am a neat person but not clean.  Don't ask me to wash dishes there will always be spots afterwards.

4) When I was in 4th grade Nickelodeon took over my school.  It was pretty amazing, Marc Summers  spear headed it and they had obstacle courses and people got slimmed.  Boys 2 Men preformed.

5) I like to eat all the cheese and toppings off my pizza and leave the bread.

6) I have been highlighting my hair since I was 13.

7) I once traveled to Germany and had a complete panic attack as we boarded the plane to come home.  I seriously thought I may have to stay and live in Germany because there was no way I could handle a 8 hour flight home.

8) My dream job would be to be a stylist or to write a cookbook.

9) My favorite flowers are peonies and tulips.  I hate sunflowers.

10) I have a black thumb at gardening and kill pretty much anything I plant.  It is a running joke at our house.  Matt tends to the plants.

11) I am terrified of my loved ones dying and think about it several times a day.

12) I talk to my mom and sister on the phone at least 5 times a day.

13) Matt and I have been together for 15 years.

14) I have a slight addiction to blouses and dresses.  They are my favorite items to shop for.

15) I am a total type A personality and I always like to be in control.

16) I only drink decaf coffee

17) On my first trip to NYC my mom and I went to the taping of the then Regis and Kathy and Lee Show.  My seat was the one chosen for the trivia prize.  We won a years worth supply of Ricola cough drops and a gift card to JCPenny.

18)  Favorite drink = good tequila.  Favorite meal = anything Mexican.

19) I have pretty much given up most meat but I just can't part with bacon.  

20) I am terrified of planes, sharks, and tornados.

21) Gossip Girl and Breaking Bad still remain 2 of my favorite tv shows ever.

22) Two places I would love to travel to are Napa and Greece

23)  I am a total hypochondriac.  I am always convinced I am dying.

24) I don't like cats at all.  They freak me out.

25)  I am the least athletic person in my family.  I am not good at any sports.

26)  I like to be the driver on road trips, hence my type A personality.  I like to be in control.

27)   I hate any sweet drinks.  I drink my tea unsweetened and don't like mixers. 

28) I met Bobby Flay once while I was in NYC and it made my trip complete.  I made reservations at his restaurant hoping I would see him and I did!

29) I hate going to the dentist.  I would rather go to the OBGYN than the dentist.

30)  I believe in signs from loved ones that have passed.  After my grandfather died my mom found a  frog in her house and I know it was him.  He and my grandmother loved frogs.  Now each of us will occasionally see the same sort of frog at our houses and I know it is him, letting us know he is ok. 

31)  I like to keep my finger nails super short, I hate having long nails.

32)  I secretly throw away toys and art from my kids when they are not home.  And you know what they never miss it:)

33) I much prefer to write everything out in my planner than use my phone or computer.  I am completely old school in that sense.  I write a to-do list every single day.

34)  I love to read.  I don't have as much time to read anymore but I still love to curl up in bed with really good book.

35) I have one eye with blonde eye lashes and one eye with black eye lashes

36)  I love my 30s.  Best decade yet and I am so excited what 36 will bring.  I feel like each year I become more confident in who I am and care less about the unimportant stuff.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Quinoa + Chicken Fajita Bowls

I am always looking for quick and easy week night meals and especially ones that can be prepped ahead of time.  These Quinoa Bowls were awesome and they reheated really well as leftovers.  
To keep things super easy I just used a Rotisserie chicken, I hate dealing with raw meat anyways.  But if you wanted to you could grill your own chicken for this.  I used store bought fajita sauce (I love the Fonterra brand) but once again you could easily make your own if you wanted too! Confession I even used the microwave quinoa that comes in a bag like the rice.  It means one less pot I have to clean, and it cooks quickly. 

 This is delicious without the meat.  I mainly cooked the chicken for the kids, but I ate mine with just the sautéed veggies and it was super tasty!  You could easily do shrimp or steak instead for the protein option if you wanted to!  I find it is easy to assemble everything in one big bowl and then let everyone serve their own bowls.  Or you could make a serving station with separate bowls:) 

|| Q U I N O A + C H I C K E N  F A J I T A  B O W L S ||

- 1 rotisserie chicken shredded
- 1 package Fajita sauce (I used Fonterra Brand, it comes in a pouch)
- 4 ears of corn cooked 
- 1 red onion thinly sliced
- 1 yellow bell pepper thinly sliced
- 1 red bell pepper thinly sliced
- 1 avocado sliced
- spicy black beans (recipe HERE)
- shredded white cheddar cheese
- 2 cups cooked quinoa
- jalapeños
- corn or flour shells (optional)

Cook the quinoa according to the package.  If I am feeling really lazy and don't want to wash a pan I buy the microwave kind:)  

Boil the corn about 15 minutes until tender.   Then cut off the kernels and place in a large bowl.

Place 2 tablespoons olive oil in a large skillet and add onion and bell peppers.  Sauté 15-20 minutes until the veggies get caramelized and lightly brown.  

Remove veggies and in that same large skillet add the shredded chicken and fajita sauce and cook about 5-7 minutes until warmed through.

Assemble the quinoa, veggies, chicken, avocado, black beans, corn, cheese and toppings in a large bowl and then let everyone serve their own bowls.

Recommended toppings : salsa, hot sauce, pickled jalapeños, sour cream and flour or corn shells for the side.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obsessions | Spring Break Fever

We start Spring break next week and I am so excited for a week wth no schedules.   I rounded up a few items perfect for any Spring Break.

A few new favorites I have purchased lately.   I can't wait to wear them all!  
I had a few questions about the sizing of the Old Navy bikini.  It runs a touch on the large side.  I went with a medium which is my normal size.  I was glad for the extra coverage on the bottom, as I don't like my bikinis too skimpy:)

On my radar for Spring:  

Off Shoulder + Pom-poms??  Yes please.  Adorable little black dress.

I am so obsessed with this new Mara pattern.    I just ordered this and fingers crossed it fits!

Loving these fun spring sandals.  I have the ballet flats version and love them.

Such a cute top.  I love the lattice detail and swing style.  Also comes in white.  

Of course I love the embroidery and style, plus it is only $58!

I am digging this round aviator style glasses.

Need this.  

Love the bright colors and fun pattern.

I really like the mesh woven fabric and bright stripes! 

I am loving all of Tory Burch's new jewelry designs.  This bracelet is gorgeous!!

I love everything about this dress especially the color and tassel details.

This tote is so cute and only $24!

These remind me so much of a Loeffler Randall pair of tassel sandals I wanted but they are 1/4 of the price!  They come in 4 different colors.

Mara can do no wrong in my book.  I adore this new rainbow print!

I like that these earrings are multi-color and not too large.  

Simple sandals that would go with everything.  They are under $80!
This would be super cute with white jeans or jean shorts.  I am obsessed with this pattern.

So many amazing options for Spring!

Spring Fever