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Monday, October 15, 2012

Shopping For Boys It Ain't Easy!

When I first found out I was having a boy my first thought was what the heck am I going to dress a boy in?  I know a thing or two about dressing girls but boys I didn't even know where to begin.  When Sterling was young I loved to dress him in all things traditional like bubbles and jon-jons.  Now that he is older I feel like he looks silly in that stuff now.  He no longer looks like a baby and has really morphed into a little man the past few months- a very opinionated young man at that, always wanting to choose his clothes for the day and of course it is usually not what I want him to wear!

I always thought I would continue to dress Sterling traditionally but I have actually started to like a more modern/urban look for my sweet boy.  Don't get me wrong I still love some traditional outfits and actually love to mix traditional pieces with edgier fun pieces (think jon-jons with bright green pumas).    I never thought I would gain so much pleasure from shopping for boy stuff but I really do!  I honestly sometimes like shopping for him more than me. 

For all you moms with little boys, you know it is hard to find cute stuff.  The stores are biased and always have way more stuff for girls than boys.   I always walk in stores and there are racks and racks of girl clothes and a tiny section for boys- not fair.   There are always cute clothes up to age two but after that I find it is hard to find a good selection most places.   Boys deserve to look cute too!

My go-to places to shop for cute Boy stuff are JCrew and Gap for basics, and Zappos for shoes/Hatley pieces.  I love that Zappos has free shipping and returns.   Locally,  I love Sugar Snap Pea for Tea Collection and other great play clothes. Any other great sites I am missing out on?

Below are a few things we have purchased Sterling for Fall and I love them all.  You can't go wrong with any of the pieces and they are easy to mix and match.

Little Man Fall Shopping

J Crew Boys French Terry| Gap Button Shawl Pullover| JCrew Long Sleeve Ringer Tee| JCrew Winter Fleece|
Gap Colored Skinny JeansTea Super Side Stripe Pants| JCrew Camp Sweatpant| Tea Collection Knit Playware Pants

I am kind of a shoe hoarder and love to buy shoes for Sterling which is funny because I rarely buy shoes for myself.  The shoes below are his line-up for fall and they are all in pretty heavy rotation.   Sterling is obsessed with his Minnetonka slippers and wants to wear them to bed everynight!  The Pumas and Converse are daily staples.  The Minnetonka Boots and Wallabees are favorites of mine (Rachel Zoe even likes the Minnetonka boots for her son Skylar).

Shoes For Little Man

 Converse High-Tops| Minnetonka Chukka Moccasin BootsHunter Rainboots
Puma Whilrwind V| Minnetonka Pile Lined SlippersClarks Wallabee

Below are a few miscellaneous items we love.  Sterling has the Hatley dinosaur raincoat and adores it.  I swear the first drop of rain and he insists he needs his rainboots and raincoat.   I swear by the Hatley pajamas too.    I love all things Patagonia.  Last year Sterling went through a weird phase where he wanted to wear socks on his hands all the time so I bought him the Patagonia Mittens to replace the socks, worked like a charm.  He still loves the mittens.

Misc Little Man

Oh and because I can't resist,  how adorable is this picture from our Halloween playgroup Friday?  My Spiderman was in full effect!