Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I am a huge fan of goat cheese. I know that not everyone is but if you do like it you must try this breakfast cheese spread. I saw it at Harris Teeter and it retails for $11.99 which I would probably not normally pay, but right now they have it on special for $4.99. I bought the Fig flavor and I have been eating it on toast every morning. It is also tasty on crackers! There are 5 different flavors. I think I will try the Honey one next. It is kind of similar to cream cheese and so delish.

I was browsing in JCrew yesterday and saw this beautiful stripped blouse. I love the kelly green and navy color combo. Since the New Year I have implemented the 24 hour rule for purchases where I really think about how bad I want/need the item. Well I can't get this blouse out of my head. I am picturing it with skinny jeans, long gold chains, and high heeled booties. Sigh, it's 24 hours later and I am still dreaming about her. I think I need to buy her.

I am convinced I need to wallpaper Sterling's bathroom in this adorable whale wallpaper. It comes in three color choices: gray, blue, and aqua. I am leaning towards the gray. How adorable is it?

Ladies trust me when I say I will never have really short hair again (and I mean it). I did it once, along with going very dark brown (also a horrible idea) and will never do either again. That being said I am thinking about cutting it a little bit. I have the itch for a new do for Spring. I am smitten with Gwennie's hair in this picture not to mention her color. Thinking about bringing this to my hairdresser in a few weeks. Dish- Love the long bob it or Hate it?

This quote reminds me of both my boys. LOVE.

Monday, January 30, 2012


One of Matt and my favorite shows to watch is the CBS Sunday Morning Show. Yesterday I was so excited that they featured a segment on Tory Burch. I already loved her but this interview made me admire her even more.

I knew she came from a family of privilege and was married to Chris Burch who was beyond wealthy and helped her launch her line, so yes financially she had things easy to start her brand but without her vision it would be nothing. She wanted to create a luxury line at a lower a price point and I think she highly succeeded. "Luxury itself is not exclusionary" Tory said in an interview. She created clothes she herself wanted to wear. She even designed her infamous tunic for her mom because she had a hard time finding clothes that fit her properly.

and named the popular ballet flats "Reva" after her mom as well.

She is such a family person. She has three sons and three step daughters from her marriage to Burch and always talks about how important they are. She started off working at Ralph Lauren and Narcisco Roderiguez where she said she gained invaluable info on the fashion world. In February 2004 Tory started Tory Burch out of her Upper East Side Apartment, to fill a void in the fashion industry. By offering an affordable, accessible, luxury lifestyle brand, Tory innovated the marketplace. The first year her brand took off but it was really after Oprah featured her tunic on her show that the brand became a household name. Tory said that day their website received 8 million hits. Today it is a multi-billion dollar company with flagship stores all over the world.

The designs of her stores are equally impressive to me. Not only does she have an eye for fashion but also interior design. I love the bright colors and mix of patterns. The TB store in Charlotte is one of my favorite places to shop when I am home!

Not to mention Tory's own personal style is pretty impeccable.

This was the first year she did an actual Runway show at NYC Fashion week to showcase her Spring 2012 line. All the clothes are beyond gorgeous.

Here is my top pick from the Spring line I am lusting after!
TB Wildflower Maxi Dress

I also wouldn't mind owning this white tunic. The perfect white shirt for summer. Love it paired with the pale pink jeans and I think it would also be cute with shorts.

Can you tell I am pretty smitten with Miss Burch? I have a major girl crush on her. She is such a successful entrepreneur with great taste and values on top of that! Do you love Tory as much as I do?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Look For Less

I keep coming across this picture from the Elie Saab 2011 Spring Fashion line on Pinterest. I am obsessed with the maxi dress and the gorgeous green color. Sadly Elie Saab ain't in this Mama's budget. Well guess what, I came across a pretty similar dress at a fraction of the price!!
I present to you The Hive and Honey Maxi dress from Piperlime for only $79!

And if you don't like the green it comes in this gorgeous coral color too that would look pretty amazing with some turquoise jewelry!

I seriously want to order the dress in both colors. What a steal for a cute maxi dress! You are so welcome for this Sunday Deal of the Day!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thoughts For Friday

I finally jumped on the band wagon and made a Facebook page for my blog. And when I say I did it, I mean my sweet sister set it up because I am so bad with computer stuff. You can check out my page HERE and please show me some Love and "like" my page!

I am currently lusting over this Hot Pink Greylin blouse. I really want her to wear with my white shorts this summer. I keep remembering my mom saying hot pink is not a good color on us. Tell me do you think blondes look good in Hot Pink or is it too Barbie looking? I love pink and think I am going to go for it. Best part the blouse is very reasonably priced. It also comes in white, black and cobalt blue.

I love this quote from Gwyneth. I thought about it the whole time I was on the treadmill yesterday. It is so true it takes alot of hard work to have a fit and toned body. I love how honest she is about how hard she works out. Most celebrities are not that truthful about it. Something for all us to remember. It ain't easy but its worth it!

My little man may be Matt's twin but he is alot like his Mama. He loves good jewelry (My necklaces are his new favorite thing to play with and I kid you not it took me a good twenty minutes to unknot all the ones he is wearing) and he loves shopping. A man after my own heart.

Have you seen these "slutty brownies" floating around Pinterest? I am pretty sure these will be made in my near future. Brownie Mix with Oreos and a bottom layer of cookie dough = pure heaven.

Matt has the alarm on his his phone set up to play Lionel Ritchie's "Hello" every morning at 6:00. I can't tell you how weird it is to be awoken by a voice saying "Hello is it me you're looking for."

How gorgeous is this kids bedroom? I want to do something similar when Sterling moves to his big boy room next year. By similar I mean I would like everything in this room especially the bed and light!

Have a great weekend! We have a busy one filled with Carson's 3rd birthday party, time spent with my brother and sister-in-law, and a few house projects!
I will leave you with one of my all time favorite quotes from Elizabeth Taylor!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Currently Stalking...

I think you all know how much I love a gorgeous handbag. Well, I have found my next purse. Enter the Celine Boston Purse. I am pretty smitten with this purse and have been stalking her all over the Internet. I need this purse in my life, like bad.

Blair from Atlantic Pacific has one

Bradley from Luella and June has one

Camille from Camille Styles has one

As do a slew of other celebrities. So naturally now I want one.

I think she might quite possibly be the perfect purse. I am even thinking it is big enough to serve as my next diaper bag too. Hardest decision is what color to get. I am initially drawn the Camel one.

But I kind of love the bright blue one! It would add such a fun pop of color to my everyday life!

The black one would go with everything and is probably the most practical.

Then there is the half canvas version- although I see this one getting the dirtiest.

Decisions, decisions. What color do ya'll like? I just asked Sterling and he said "Mama Black purse" and pointed to the black one, so I guess his vote is for the black one! My little man is quite practical when it comes to purse choices! Here's to hoping one day I will own this beauty!