Friday, March 29, 2013

Your Dose of Random Thoughts this Friday

It has been awhile since I did one of my random thoughts posts.  Get ready for some randomness.

Last night we cooked these Cheddar Beer CrockPot Tacos that I am sure you have seen floating around Pinterest.  My girl Chassity recommended them and I totally trust her food judgement.  She was spot on they are good, real good and easy to make. We loved them it made me realize I need to use my crockpot more often!
You can get the recipe Here.

My Gap shoes that I ordered from the Friends and Family Event finally came and they are even better in person.  Seriously they are so cute and it is hard to see in the picture but the black strap is calf hair.  They are comfortable too.

These Leopard Wedges are on my radar next.  I always love leopard and since I only own one pair of wedges, I think I do need another pair in my life.  Gap is offering 30% off now with code GAPEGG.
And have you seen these Gap leather totes? I really love them.  Kind of thinking I want the mint one but the Yellow one would be great for summer too!  You can get 30% off them too with code GAPEGG thru April 1!

Can we talk about how excited I am the Real Housewives of OC starts back on Monday.  The new season always comes at the perfect time when I am sick and tired of the previous season.  I am over Beverly Hills and used to love Kyle so much and dislike Brandi but now the tables have turned.  Anyways, I am excited for some OC drama. Looks like I spy a new housewife too.

This week Sterling and I dyed Easter Eggs.  If I am being totally honest I have not dyed eggs since I was a child.  So we dyed them and that was fun but what the heck do you do with them afterwards?  Sterling kept dropping them so there were egg chips everywhere- major mess.  I may stick with another Easter craft next year.  But they turned out pretty I must say for a $2 craft.

I have slowly been getting some house projects accomplished.  I still have yet to paint our den and hallway- that task is looming over my head because I know it is going to be such a bitch to do.  I do however have a runner picked out for our hallway.  I think the navy and pink is going to tie in perfectly with our den rug.  More details to come when she arrives:

This has been me alot lately.  Something about cold weather makes me so unmotivated to workout.  I have only been working out like one day a week and that ain't cutting it.   I hope I get my exercise mojo back soon!  Until then I will enjoy being lazy and drinking wine:)

I am so excited Baublebar is partnering with Adia Kibur again.  Her jewelry is my favorite. I ordered one of her necklaces last year and wear it all the time.   I love these two pieces.

I will leave you with this.  Sterling keeps getting into my lipstick when I am not looking.  This is the third time I have busted him like this.  Everytime he says "Look at me I am Mommy."  He obviously thinks I suck at applying lipstick or that I look a hot mess often.  He did at least get the scarf right I wear that baby all the time.

 Have a very Happy Easter Weekend Friends!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break Fever

Spring Break is next week and am I doing anything fabulous?  Easy answer, no!  Sterling is out of school all week so we are headed to Charlotte to visit my parents and await the birth of my first nephew!  I am so excited to meet that sweet thang.  Do I wish I were going somewhere tropical, um hell yeah.  I need a vacay bad.  Just some time in the sun to booze, read, and relax.  That is not happening anytime soon but I can still dream about what I would pack, right?  Here is what would be in my suitcase.  Anyone have fun Spring Break plans?  Indulge me:)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easiest and Tastiest Strawberry Cupcakes Ever

After posting this luscious picture on Instagram I got alot of requests for my recipe.  Strawberry Cupcakes are my favorite.  I absolutely love them.  This recipe is really easy- it involves box cake mix.  Now here is the deal I have made cakes and cupcakes from scratch but I swear the box ones are just as good and they save you time and effort.  Don't go hating on box cake mixes.  I do make a homemade icing for the cupcakes that my mom passed along to me.  It is my go-to icing for everything!  These cupcakes are super easy and filled to the brim with fresh strawberries in every bite!  Hope you love them as much as I do.

:: S T R A W B E R R Y   C U P C A K E S::

- 1 Box Strawberry Cake Mix + ingredients it calls for
- Pint Strawberries
-  8 oz cream cheese
- 1 box powdered sugar + more
- 1 stick butter

Mix cake according to box.  Dice up about half the container of strawberries and stir into cake batter.  Scoop into lined muffin pans and cook about 20-25 minutes.  Check by sticking a toothpick in middle to make sure cooked.

Using a blender cream together cream cheese, butter, and powdered sugar.  Puree other half of strawberries ( I pureed about 10 strawberries using my ninja blender.  Add puree to icing and stir together.  This will make the icing thin.  I put mine in the fridge for about an hour or so to thicken up, you could also add more powdered sugar to thicken it up because you don't want it too runny.  Once thickened spread on cupcakes and enjoy!

**Side note my icing was thinner than I prefer.  If I had more powdered sugar I would have added it to thicken it up so I recommend buying the bag or two boxes of sugar so you have extra.**

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


These are going to be new shorts for Summer.  I love a good jean short.  They are my favorite with blouses and a cute pair of sandals!

Gah, I am so in love with this Maxi.  I am scheming ways to get her in my life.  Love the black and white detail.

I adore this cute Tory Burch make-up pouch.  I have always loved Flamingos and would love to have this to keep in my purse with my daily essentials.  This would be a super cute gift too.

I am smitten with this necklace.  The color is pure perfection.
I obviously don't have a baby girl but I am obsessed with this adorable swimsuit.  If you have a baby girl please buy this.  Baby swimsuits don't get cuter than this!  I want to order one to save for baby gift for someone, so precious!

Can you tell I am into Maxis and Florals?  I love the Bohemian feel of this dress.  The perfect easy breezy maxi.  And it is only $86.  I am so ordering it.

I got these for my Birthday and love them.  They are such a great neutral sandal that will go with anything!  I will say they run on the smaller side so order half a size up from normal- either that or my feet are just getting huge!

Since I have done no Easter crafts with Sterling yet I think we are going to make this Easter Bunny Bait today.  How delish does it look?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Scenes From MY Birthday Weekend.

Happy Monday Friends.  I am one year older as of yesterday and one year wiser, right??  Unfortunately the weather sucked ass this weekend.  I am talking pouring rain both Saturday and Sunday, it put a little damper on things but I still had a nice birthday weekend.  Sweet Sterling woke up on my birthday and said "Mom, I am sorry its raining on your birthday.  Lets just get cozy and eat cake."  Sweetest thing ever!  Here is what went down.

Thursday night we made the taco casserole I blogged about Thursday.  We always make our own taco seasoning- how gorg is it?  Below is Matt's plate of food.  I always joke and tell him he should be a food stylist his plates are always so pretty!

Friday I hit up DT to do a little shopping with Caycee.  Now that she has lost so much weight girl needed some new clothes.  I managed to find two beauties at F21.

Then she took me to lunch at Basil for my birthday.  I love me some Thai food, it was so good!

Saturday I met a girlfriend for some afternoon wine at Bin152 to celebrate both our birthdays.  I wore my new Forever 21 Polka Dot Shirt Dress.

While we were having wine one of our friends stopped by and told us Matt Lee was down the street signing cookbooks.  We promptly closed our tabs and headed off to stalk him.  I was so excited, it is sad how excited I get about meeting chefs.  Matt signed my cookbook and was super nice.  You can see how giddy I am in the picture:)

Now lets talk about birthday gifts.  Baublebar was sweet enough to send me a giftcard that I used for these gorgeous necklaces. 
Gold Essex Necklace |

Caycee surprised me with the Tkees flipflops I blogged about last week and ladies these are the best flipflops.  So comfortable and cute on.  I highly recommend them, I see myself living in them all Summer!  Tkees are my new jam.

My mint clutch from Gap came and it is even better in person.  

Sarah From Social Dress Shop sent me this Camilla and Marc Hot Pink Dress I had been eyeing forever!!  It is on major sale now, somebody else should snag one before they are gone!

 I got some gorgeous flowers.  Orchids and Tulips are my favorite!!

I was pretty lucky in the gift department and I haven't even celebrated with my family yet!

Sunday I made myself my own birthday cupcakes.  It is times like that I wish my mom lived in town because she would have made them.  But Sterling and I had fun making them.  I wanted Strawberry, that is my favorite kind and I have a really great and easy Strawberry cupcake recipe!   Recipe coming, if anyone is interested in it!

The rain stopped long enough for us to hit up the Yacht Club a drink before dinner.  It was freezing there but I will say they pour the biggest glass of wine in town!

Matt cooked me a delicious Birthday Dinner.  Shrimp sandwiches with jalapeno coleslaw and spicy mayo.  They were off the hook good.  My man can really cook.

We were trying to recreate this sandwich on the new cover of Bon Appetit but with Shrimp instead of chicken.  Highly recommend.  I am happy to share our Shrimp Sandwich recipe too.

My birthday ended with lots of snuggles with this sweet guy.

  I want to thank everyone who messaged me on FB and instagram wishing me a Happy Birthday.  It meant so much to me!  I had a really great Birthday so thank you!  I am lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.  33 is gonna be a good year, I just know it!

Friday, March 22, 2013

To All My Charlotte Peeps

All my Charlotte friends, check it out.  Social Dress Shop is having a Pop Up Shop tomorrow.  Sarah stocks the best dresses in town, so if you are around you should stop by grab a drink and view the dresses in person!  Plus you get 15% off all purchases!

I Wanna Talk About Me.

Remember that Toby Keith song, "I Wanna Talk About Me?"  Well that is precisely what we are going to do today.  I have been inspired by Chassity, Liz, and Alex's posts revealing things about themselves.  It is always fun to learn more about someone.   I love honest posts like that.  In honor of my Birthday being Sunday I thought it would be fun to share some stuff about myself.  So here are 25 things you may or may not know about me!

1. I was 30 lbs heavier in College.  When I delivered Sterling I basically weighed what I did while I was in college.  Can't believe I am showing this but here is a pic.  I was a big girl and look how skinny and baby faced Matt was.  I ate and drank all the time.  Please laugh, I know how fat my face looks and I really should have re-thought the strapless dress.   But you know what I had fun and I wouldn't change a thing- except you better believe I won't ever weigh that again!

2. I only applied to two colleges, North Carolina State and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  I always wanted to be a Tarheel and go to Carolina (the real Carolina).  I actually got deferred from Carolina first round and was all set up to go to State and room with my best friend.  I got in Carolina in May and promptly ditched my plans at NC State and never looked back.  I wish Sterling would go there but boy needs to get a scholarship since we are now out of state!

3. When I was about 14 I started collecting Absolute Vodka ads, I collected so many I made a border around my bedroom.  My parents were so good about letting me hang what I wanted to in my bedroom.  Those ads used to be so cool.  I wish I had saved them all now.

4. I am terrified of flying.  I hate it but I will do it.  It makes me break out in a sweat even thinking about getting in a plane.  I hate that feeling when the door closes and locks and you know you are stuck on there.  I have issues.

5.  I have major anxiety about alot of things but I won't ever take medicine for it.  I don't even like to take tylenol for a headache

6. My wedding dress was basically the first dress I tried on.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  My mom made me shop around to make sure,  but I knew.  5 years later, I still am happy with my choice.

8. Matt and I met our freshman year of College.  He was in town in Chapel Hill visiting a friend and we met at a fraternity party.  We shared a kiss and that was it. He left the next day to go to back Wilmington.   I didn't see or talk to him til 4 years later, but I talked about him all the time.   He ended up transferring to Chapel Hill.  We ran into each other again and that was it, together forever.

9.  We dated 6 years before we got engaged.  We have been together 12 years now.

10.  I am the oldest of three kids.  My sister is 2 years younger than me and my brother is 5 years younger than me.  My whole family lives in Charlotte, I am the only one in Charleston and I miss them like crazy.

11. I only drink 1/2 a cup coffee each morning.  Too much caffeine makes me shaky and anxious.  Then for the rest of the day all I drink is water or unsweet green tea (and wine most nights).  I don't drink any sweetened drinks.

12. I am the least athletic person in my family.  I am not good at any sports.  I was a cheerleader in Junior High, but lets be real I never did back flips or cartwheels or anything, I was always the base of the pyramids.   This picture is up at my sweet grandfathers house- and yep that is my real hair color.

13.  We had a blow up doll at my Bachelorette Party (Peter Pecker).   This picture was cropped out for obvious reasons:) I had to carry him around all night and the funny thing was his face was actually a photograph of a real persons face plastered on the doll.   He was one well traveled doll.  He went to all my friends bachelorette parties from Las Vegas to Miami.  Can you imagine if the airplane officials found him in one of our suitcases?  Peter was the hit of the weekend.

14. My favorite band is Mumford and Sons.  That CD is usually on in my car.

15. I am an online shopping freak.  I love getting packages delivered to my house.  I return 70% of what I order but it is nice to try on in your own house.

16.  I am a morning person.  I like to go to bed early and get up early.  I am usually in bed by 9 most nights and up around 6- 6:30.

 17. My all time favorite song is the Gambler by Kenny Rogers. 

18. My celebrity crush is Adam Levine.  Normally I am not a fan of tattoos but on him me likey.  He is so sexy.

19. Before I had Sterling I was an Architectural Rep for 7 years.  I would meet with architects and designers repping a few lines of countertops and hardware.  Sometimes I wish I had gone to design school.

20.  I hit up TjMaxx and Marshalls once a week.  You have to go often to find good stuff.  I love digging thru and trying to find a bargain

21. I love to collect glasses.  Especially tiny ones.  I love drinking out of small vintage glasses.  These tiny purple glasses are some of my favorite.  

22. I am not outdoorsy or adventurous at all.  I have never been camping or hiking, and really I don't care too.  Matt had to talk me into Snorkling on our honeymoon,  even that scared me.
23. When we went to NYC  a few years ago I made my family eat at Bobby Flay's restaurant, Bar Amercain because I was so obsessed with him.  Would you believe he actually stopped in that night?  I could not believe my luck, I quickly went up to stalk him and sweet Matt grabbed my camera to get our picture.  Random but he was way shorter in person than I thought he would be.  But it was the highlight of my trip!

24.  Meat weirds me out.  I could almost be a vegetarian.  I love hamburgers but don't like steak.  I also hate pork tenderloin and most chicken. I think it is thick meat that grosses me out.  I do love all fish and shellfish and bacon!

25. I have only been out of the country once (unless you count the Virgin Islands).  I went to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with my family when I was 21.  It was neat to see a foreign country and wow was it gorgeous over there,  but I much prefer travels in the USA.  I had a panic attack about the 8 hour plane ride home and seriously didn't think I would make it.  A lady had to coach me on breathing exercises.  I survived but may stick to shorter flights from now on.

There you have it a few random facts about me.  Now I am off to celebrate my birthday.  I have a fun morning DT planned with my girl Caycee and then wine with a good friend tomorrow and alot of quality time with my boys.  I thankful because 32 was a good year, here's to hoping 33 is even better.