Saturday, April 30, 2016

Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas | Under $100

Happy Weekend!  Today I am teaming up with Mod Cloth to share a few really fun Mother's Day gifts and they are all under $100!  Mod Cloth has such a great variety of items on their site from clothes, to swimwear to household items.  You are guaranteed to find a perfect gift for someone.  There are quite a few items I added to my cart while browsing and the prices are really good too.

mothers day

Leaf Table Runner- I actually really want this for myself.   It would make such a perfect center piece for a dinner party.

Leaf Candle- This would look so pretty sitting out.

Earring Holder- I am always looking for ways to store my jewelry.  I like that you can hang earrings and also store pieces in the bottom dish.

Agate Coasters- I have these and love them!  The price is awesome too under $50,  at most places they are more expensive.

Yoga Mat- I got this same yoga mat for Christmas and love it.  A yoga mat is something I didn't really want to buy myself but makes such a great gift.   I get asked all the time where mine came from because it is unique.  It is on pricey side but it has held up really well.

Table Runner- Another fun table runner.  I love the fringe.

Pineapple Martini Shaker- yes please

Pineapple Cups- This would make such a cute set paired with the shaker.

Aztec Oven Mits- I love the idea of this set paired with one of the cookbooks as a gift for a mom who loves to cook.

Watermelon Cooler- With Summer right around the corner this is such a fun cooler especially if you have kids.

Hello Gorgeous Coffee Mug- Everyone loves a fun coffee mug.

Leaf Appetizer/Salad Plates- I love having fun plates for entertaining.  The bright green would be perfect for Summer!  They would look great with the leaf table runner too.

Mac and Cheese Cookbook- because who doesn't love mac and cheese?

Posh Toast Cookbook- I actually have this cookbook and love it.  I am toast obsessed these days.  It has some really creative recipes.

Picnic Blanket- Such pretty colors. I love to keep these big blankets in the back of my car for the Farmer's Market and sporting events.

Wedges- Under $50 but they look like they cost way more.

Aztec Bag- I love the pattern and size.

Mod Cloth offers free shipping on orders over $75 and free returns.  This towel and float are calling my name for this Summer.
Towel + Float

Lot's of fabulous gift ideas but order soon to ensure delivery by Mother's day!

Thanks to Mod Cloth for partnering on this post.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Mom Confessions

TGIF.  It's been awhile since I did a few Mom confession- enjoy and as always I would love to hear your own!  It makes me feel like my life is less crazy:)

- A few weeks ago Sterling came to me holding a small pink cylinder.  I looked at it and realized it was an old pepper spray Matt had given me way back when we were dating.  He must have found it back in one of my drawers- why he was digging through my drawers is whole different issue.  I told him what it was and NEVER to spray it and to please put it back.    He said ok and I assumed he did it as I was busy with Frances.  5 minutes later I hear him coughing weirdly and I am worried he is choking because it was such a weird cough.   I quickly go check on him.   He lies and says he has a tickle in his throat.  I go back to my bedroom to get something and I about die.  The fumes are so overwhelming and thick and I can't breathe at all.  I had no idea how powerful pepper spray was.  I can't stop coughing and trying to catch a breath and completely lose my shit.   He starts crying and no joke I start crying because the situation could have been so much worse and I am scared because I really can't breathe.   We quickly go outside and then I hold my breath and run back in and open the windows to let it air out.   I am so thankful that 1) it never got near Frances 2) He is ok but boy did he get in trouble. Oh and lesson learned pepper spray really does work if you are ever in trouble.

-  A few months ago we hit up Walmart with my sister.  I don't really like Walmart and prefer Target but she wanted a few things.  My kids spied these plush blankets that were $10.  Frances chose Paw Patrol and Sterling chose Minions.  Many months later they are still a favorite and the best $10 I ever spent.

- I left the room a few days ago to grab a cup of coffee and walk back into this scene.  I wanted to be mad she used my make-up but the application was so on point.  The bronzer and lips were perfection from a 2 year old.   and I love her smug smile, like yes I can do make-up better than you.

- I am totally addicted to Stoffers Mac and Cheese.  I used to love it in college and recently found the grocery made individual microwave cups which I happily picked up.  After one bite I was hooked again.   It is so bad for you but so good.    Matt and I eat it for dinner at least once a week.

- Sterling told me this week that he planned to work at a toy store and live at home when he was older.  That way he could always have new toys and be near me.  He also told me his wife would want to live with us too if that was ok.  And if she didn't want to live with us they would buy the house next door.   I love his optimism. 

- A few days ago I had a friend come over that I did not know that well.  I swear my kids can sense that stuff.  The whole time she was there Sterling kept saying excuse me while we were trying to talk.   When he finally got my attention he waved his hand in front of his nose and goes "phew you smell like DD's attic".  He kept repeating this until she left.   I was so embarrassed.  But truth be told I swear my deodorant never works.

- Frances is obsessed with boobs and saying whether they are big or small.  She always tells me Mama has big boobs, Frances has small boobs, Daddy has big boobs- haha.

- Frances also loves to say "shake your booty" and shake her bottom like crazy.  I have no idea where she learned this but this can't bode well for her teenage years.

- Sterling wants to wear athletic leggings to school everyday no matter how hot it is.  He is so particular.   He has so many shorts and pants but will only wear these 2 pairs.  I gave up the fight a long time ago but it still drives me nuts.  I present his school picture again in full glory with his leggings.

- Sterling made me this picture at school a few weeks ago.  The front of the card has a heart around a picture he drew of me and this was on the inside.  Matt and I could not stop laughing.  I am not sure if I should be horrified or proud at what a perfect martini he drew:)
and truth be told I drink wine more often martinis but I guess remembered this!

- Every night Sterling tells me he loves me more than I will ever know.  It melts my heart each time I hear it.  Things like that make you so thankful to be a parent in spite of all the crazy day to day stuff!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Favorite Swimsuit on Sale!

Hey Friends!  I just wanted to pop in and let you know one of my favorite Marysia bathing suits is now 50% off!    I just love this classic one piece.  I swear I feel like million bucks in Marysia suits.  They are typically pretty expensive so 50% off is awesome. 

I am wearing the stripe version below.  Sizing wise I would do your normal size.  In most bathing suits I am a medium but in Marysia I do a small because they really do stretch out quite a bit. I promise you will love this suit! 

This tank version is also 50% off in pink and blue.  I ordered it to try out, I love my others so much. 

Styles Files Vol 8 | Boho Vibes

Today it's all about fun shoes and boho looks for the whole family!

I bought this dress during the Saks Friends and Family event last week.  Sadly it is not on sale anymore but you can use code SPEND2GET to save $50.  I loved the colorful embroidery and boho vibe.  Sizing wise it runs TTS, I am wearing a size 4.
The dress is fully lined and made out of a light weight cotton, so it is perfect for the Summer time.  

These Steve Madden sandals are awesome.   I loved the gold detail and they are super comfy too.  They run TTS. 
They are on sale right now for under $50.

A closer look at my sandals and the kid's shoes, all from Rack Room Shoes.  

I have to showcase my cuties as well.  They make pretty adorable models. And why do they look so grown up all of a sudden??

Outfit Details:
STERLING | Denim Shirt + Shorts  (use code score to save 30%)+ Boat shoes c/o
FRANCES MOON | Pink Chicken Dress + Neon Sandals c/o

Rack Room Shoes is frequently my go-to shop for kid's shoes.  I like that they carry Sperry and Converse, some of my favorite brands for the kids.  They also offer free shipping or in store pick up as well.  

I mean how adorable are their shoes?  I always buy Frances Moon's shoes a touch big because she grows so fast.  This allows her to wear them longer.

My Outfit Details:

Thanks to Rack Room for partnering!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Loaded Greek Pasta Salad + Last Night's OOTN

My obsession with Greek food continues.  I seriously need a trip to Greece one day.  Meet my new favorite pasta salad.  It's crazy good.  I made a big batch of this for lunch last week.  If you wanted to serve this at dinner I would add some grilled chicken, pita bread and tzatziki for a killer Greek meal.  
This is best served room temperature so let it sit out a bit before you eat it.  I got super lazy with this and used store bought dressing for the sauce.  You could totally make your own but this way is easy and delicious.  This is such a great light pasta salad for Summer.

|| L O A D E D   G R E E K  P A S T A  S A L A D ||

- 1 bag or box twisty pasta
- 1 cup chopped cherry tomatoes 
- 1 english cucumber diced
- 1/2 red onion thinly sliced
- 1/2 orange bell pepper diced
- 8 pepperoncinis sliced
- 1/2 cup kalamata olives sliced
- 1/2 cup feta cheese crumbled (or one 4oz package)
- 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
- red wine vinaigrette (I used the Amy's organic kind)

Cook pasta according the package.  Place all other ingredients in a bowl.   Rinse pasta and let cool before adding in with veggies.  Toss everything together.  Pour the entire bottle of dressing over top and stir well.   Season with salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning. 

Last night I had dinner at The Macintosh with some friends.  They have a dirty martini with pimento cheese and bacon stuffed olives- oh man it was delicious.  I may need to try and recreate this at home.  Normally I like mine with blue cheese stuffed olives but this was a fun change. If you are visiting The Macintosh is a great spot for dinner.  Their menu changes daily so it is always fresh and seasonal. 

What I Wore.
This swing dress is such a great dress.  I love that I can wear it casually with flip-flops or dress it up a bit.  It is so comfortable and loose so it gives you room to indulge.  The perfect dress to wear when you want to really eat! 
It does run on the large side so size down, I am wearing an XS.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mother's Day | 17 Gift Ideas

It is hard to believe Mother's Day is less than 2 weeks away.  Shopping for mom's can sometimes be hard.   As far as my mom goes, I know she usually likes the same things I like.  If I try a new make-up or skincare line or find a fabulous new piece of jewelry odds are she will like it too.  So today I rounded up a few my top picks:)  Many of these are items I own and love and if not they are items on my wish list!  Almost all of these items are under $100, except for a few exceptions.

Mother's day

If you find it impossible to choose, gift cards are always a great idea.  Not as personal but I know everyone loves getting a gift card, so they can choose what they want.  Nordstrom even offers e-gift cards which you can personalize with your own pictures, which makes it just a little more special.  You can create your own e-gift card here.

gift cards

Nest Candle + Diffuser Set- This is pure genius to do a combination set of the two.  I keep the diffuser in our bathroom and the candle in our den.  The bamboo scent is my favorite, it smells heavenly.   It is actually cheaper to buy the two together you save $12.

Hinge Cover-Up - I love this chic cover-up and it is only $38.  You could pair with leggings and a tee too for a non-beach look.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream- I am dying to try this stuff.  I have heard amazing reviews.  This is a gift I would truly love because I probably wouldn't buy it for myself but would love to try it.

Kendra Scott Necklace and Earring Set- This is such a wonderful gift idea pairing the two items together in a cute box. The set comes in 5 different color options and is under $100.  I personally love all my Kendra Scott pieces.  They are such great everyday pieces.

Giftcard- Everyone loves a gift card.

Kate Spade One Piece- I think this is such a classic timeless suit that would be flattering on so many body types.

LaMer Gift Set-  I love me some La Mer.  Once again it is something I don't buy for myself often but would make an amazing gift.  This set is a great deal too, you save $60 when you buy all 4 together.

Alexis Bittar Necklace- I am always a huge fan of anything Alexis Bittar designs.  I love this pendant necklace.  

Floppy Hat- I love the perforated cut outs on this hat and the color.  Such a steal too, only $38.

Kendra Scott Bracelet Set- I really want this for me.  This set comes with 12 bracelets.  I like that they are mixed tones.  You could wear them all together or mix in a few with other bracelets.

Rebecca Minkoff Envelope Clutch- I have this in the white and love it.  It is the perfect size for a night out.  I like that it is thin too, so I can toss it in my larger tote during the day for double duty.

Kate Spade Studs- These are the best everyday earrings.  I own them in 2 colors.  

Ugg Slippers- I mean how comfortable do these look??  Yes please.  They also come in gray and pink.

Mar y Sol Beach Tote- This is such a fabulous gift and would be so cute stuffed with sunscreen ( I am newly addicted to this line) and maybe a beach towel too.  This round beach towel is on my wish list.

Dolce Vita Wedges- I like that the heel is not too high on these.   I could see myself and my mom wearing and loving these. They also come in black and brown. 

Skagan Watch- I have been searching for a new watch for myself.  I like that this one is silver and gold so you could mix and match your jewelry.  I also really like this rose gold version.

Jo Malone Peony and Suede set- I wear this perfume all the time, it serisouly smells so good.  This set allows you to try the perfume, body wash and cream (which I also love).  I like to layer the cream and perfume together for a lasting scent. It helps the smell not fade so quickly. 

So many great gift ideas!

Thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend

Good Monday Morning.  Today was one of those days where I pressed snooze one too many times.  Back to the grind.  

Friday was super low key.  We ordered pizza and watched Mad Men.  We are almost done with the show and I have to admit I am going to miss it.  We have both really enjoyed it.

Today is the last day for the Saks Friends and Family Sale.  This blouse I wore Friday night is 30% off.
RT Blouse also available here (and if you call customer service they will price match)

I also wanted to share this Butterfly Equipment Blouse is now 60% off. This is one of my favorite style  Equipment blouses.  Runs on the large side, so size down. A few sizes are left here too (and they will price match)

Saturday morning the kids and I hit up the Farmers Market.  We have been addicted to buying the huge quarts of strawberries there, they taste like candy they are so sweet!  I usually get a green juice but I switched it up this weekend and tried the Huevos Rancheros and they were off the hook.
Sterling is jump castle obsessed.

Saturday afternoon we met some friends for happy hour at the yacht club.  Their son is Sterling's best friend and we let them do a sleep over at our house afterwards.
Looking for shark's teeth.

What I wore.
Here is another view of the dress.  I wore it a few weeks ago in Dallas.  

Of course the kids woke up super early, like 5:30 early.  Doesn't that always happen with sleepovers?  They really wanted breakfast at The Variety Shop so that is just what we did.
I love the views.
I had the fried green tomato eggs benedict with pimento cheese and it was so good!
This dress I wore over the weekend is now 40% off, making it under $100.  
 It is actually my sister's, dress I love that we are the same size and can trade clothes:)  I am wearing a size 4.
Sunday afternoon we cleaned house, grocery shopped for the week and cooked.  I made another killer recipe from Gwyneth's new cookbook, The Thai Crab Cakes.  They were seriously the best crab cakes, we have ever cooked.   You serve them with lemongrass mayo and it is such a great flavor combo!  

Ended the weekend with a family walk.

Have a great Monday!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Best Weekend Deals

Good Saturday Morning!  I wanted to pop in and share some great weekend sales that are going on!

This is the last weekend for the Saks Friends and Family Sale.  Almost everything is 30% off, with no code needed. 

I wore this RT Blouse last night, I love the pink color. I am wearing a size 4. On sale 30% off.
Dreamweaver Blouse (also HERE in more sizes)

other favorites part of the sale:

JV is offering buy one initial necklace, get one free.  This is an awesome deal.  My mom and I both own these.  They are great alone or layered.
Use code PENDANT 

30% off site wide 
Use code SCORE

These are a favorite of mine.  They are not heavy at all and I find the white goes with so many outfits.   I am wearing them in the top picture on this post, to see how they look on.
I ended up ordering this in the white and yellow, I will report back on fit when it arrives!

50% off certain spring styles and 60% off sale items.
Ruffle Hem Sweater
I love the blush color.

Extra 50% off all sale items, no code needed.
I have these earring and love them.  They are such a fun statement piece.  With the discount they come to $19!  They are lightweight and not heavy at all.
I own these in the flat version and wear them all the time.  These would be great for any dressy event or even paired with jeans.
also in a similar style in gold.
I love the colors of this blouse!

Ray-Bans are still 25% off.  A great time to buy.  You can shop all Ray-Ban styles HERE

I ended up ordering the original aviators in the blush/gold color and I am really happy with them.  They are larger than my mirrored ones and I really like that.
I have this green color in my mirrored ones, also on sale.

If you don't like the aviator style, I like this youngster style and they come to under $100 with the discount.
also on sale are these gladiator sandals.  I own these in the nude.   They go with everything and look especially cute with tee shirt dresses.
I am also loving this tassel version!  

Happy Saturday and Happy Shopping!