Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mexican Rice Bowls

I have said it before but I am a freak for Mexican Food. My favorite food genre by far, I could eat it everyday. We usually do taco night on Wednesday nights, but lately I have gotten the urge to switch things up- that and taco + tequila night is just not the same without the tequila. This week I decided to make Mexican Rice Bowls.  Matt and I both agreed they were incredible and we will be making them often.  If you pre-chop the toppings this takes no time to assemble and cook,  it is such an easy week night meal.   We used ground beef in ours but you could easily substitute chicken, turkey, shrimp or even just do all vegetarian.  Honestly I thought it was great with just the veggies! 

:: M E X I C A N   R I C E   B O W L S ::
- 1 cup uncooked white rice (cook according to bag)
- 2 ears of corn
- 1 avocado diced
- 1 can black beans, rinsed
- 2 jalapenos diced
- 1 tomato diced
- 1/4 red onion diced
- 1 pound ground beef
- Taco seasoning
- Mexican Queso
- Shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese
- Salsa
- Sour Cream
- Tortillas for side

Cook rice according to box/bag instructions.  We found one cup was plenty for both of us with leftovers.  
Cook ground beef and season with taco seasoning (we make homemade seasoning, recipe HERE). 
 Peel ears of corn and wrap in foil.  Bake in oven at 350 degrees about 30 minutes.  Chop kernels off corn after it has slightly cooled.
Heat up Queso on stove or in microwave.  
Start layering bowls, start with rice, ground beef, queso, and then all other ingredients.  Heat Tortillas in oven or microwave, roll and place on side of bowl (totally optional but we liked it to dip in).  Top with salsa and sour cream and serve!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I have been all about ankle strap sandals lately and I am beyond obsessed with this Dolce Vita pair for Fall- Dolce Vita seriously makes the best shoes!   Right now Piperlime is having 25% off their top shoes and these are part of the sale.  Pretty sure I need to snag them for Fall while they are onsale.  I am leaning towards the black because they would go with everything but a part of me loves the snakeskin too.  Don't forget to use code CLOSET when you check out to get 25% off.

The pattern on this dress is gorgeous.  I picture it with a leather jacket and ankle booties for Fall.  I love the flirty skirt and ruffle details.

I love all of Lulie Wallace's artwork, so this calendar is a must for my desk area.  Such gorgeous flower pictures.

These are Sterling's next new pair of shoes.  When we bought his Chucks last week we had his foot measured and he had grown a whole size and half.  Needless to say all his old shoes are too small and he needs some new ones.  I love the bright blue color, I am sucker for cute kids shoes and these are part of the Nordstrom anniversary sale so they are a great deal!

My favorite T-Bags dress is finally back in stock.  Ever since I saw Kristen Cavalleri wear this dress to her baby shower I have been obsessed with finding it.  It is the perfect pregnancy dress that you can wear after too!

I have been lusting after this necklace for awhile now.  I feel like it would go with everything.  I love my cross Jennifer Zuener necklace and wear it everyday so I know I would love this one just as much!

I have convinced myself I need a blazer for Fall.  I think they are so cute over tight fitted dresses to transition into Fall.  This one had great reviews and it is a stellar price at $68- some colors are on sale for $39!  I think I would probably play it safe and go with black or blue though.

If you read Vault Files then you read about Gaby's latest venture yesterday.  She is selling some of her fabulous photographs in her Etsy Shop.  To say I am obsessed with these is an understatement.  Gaby is such a talent!  I am certain baby girl needs one or two of these beauties in her nursery!


  Lastly, if you live Charlotte you must stop by friend Bethany's event today.  You probably know her as BSOUP, the gorgeous girl with amazing style!  She is starting her own online boutique and the preview is today.  I can assure you,  I am sure there are some fabulous clothes there plus there is wine too:) Go support a local friend!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Scenes From Our Weekend

How is it possibly Monday already? This weekend flew by, like all they always do! 

 I started off the weekend with a girls shopping date with Caycee, I wanted to look for cute stuff for baby girl but found nothing! 
 I did however manage to snag these Rebecca Minkoff sandals for half price. I found them at Shoes on King- can you believe I have never been in there before? They have a great shoe selection, and a huge sale going on right now,  and the owners were super nice and helpful- not pushy at all! I am so in love with my shoes, they are suede so I plan to wear to them into fall too! 

I could not find the flat version anywhere online but they had a few sizes left at Shoes on King for any of you locals.  I did find the heel version online at Revolve Clothing, which I equally love.

I tried on this super cute long sleeve maxi at F21 but didn't buy it, probably should have for $19.  It was so comfortable.  It comes in gray and black too.  I love the idea of long sleeved maxis for the fall.

Friday night we ate dinner at the Yacht Club. My sister and her husband were in town and we had so much fun.  My sister is the skinniest person ever post baby.

 I got in alot of quality time with my nephew.  Its a good thing I am already pregnant or he would be giving me baby fever.  He is the sweetest baby ever.

My sister bought all the new flavors of the Lays chips and we tried out the Sriracha.
They were good with a bit of heat but didn't really taste that much like srirachia.

We actually ate alot of junk food all weekend.  Sterling and I stopped at the gas station and we picked up some Bugles.  I used to love these growing up and had not had them in years.  Sterling loved them and I guess all kids think to put them on their fingers- I know my sister and I always did.

For brunch we tried out a new restaurant on James Island, Cory's Grilled Cheese.  They have a food truck and just opened a place off Maybank.  We tried 4 sandwiches off the menu and they all were awesome!  We will most definitely be eating here again!  I had Cory's Famous Grilled Cheese it seems weird but it was so good- Cinnamon Raisin Bread with Muenster Cheese, Bacon, and Honey Mustard. 

I had the best surprise gift in the mail this weekend.  Sweet Sarah from Social Dress Shop sent me this dress I had been eyeing as a congrats on having a baby girl.   The dress is on sale right now and I can't say enough good things about it.  The colors are so gorgeous in person.  It is such a fabulous maxi, there are only a few left so snag one before they are gone!  It is perfect of you are pregnant because the body part is loose.

Have a great Monday!  I am off to pick up paint samples for the nursery, I have to make a decision by this weekend so my Dad can help me paint!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weekend Style Files: Stripes x 2

I am such a Fall person. I love Fall clothes, jeans, boots, jackets you name it! I can't wait for some cooler temps here. I adore this outfit. It is so chic. Its from the Blog Tuula Vintage.
The blog is by Jessica Stein and she is stunning with mad style!  I have been stalking her past posts and have a crazy girl crush on her now.

I seriously want every item Jessica is wearing!  I included two different tee styles.  The longer sleeve tee is the same style as my blush Joie top I blogged about Monday and its on super sale. Pretty sure I need it in the stripe version.
 I had to include my favorite Rag and Bone high waisted jeans, can not wait to fit back in mine again! The shoes she is wearing are freaking amazing but crazy expensive, I included some flats for more practical wear!  I have wanted that Marc Jacobs cross body bag forever.  That and the wishbone necklace need to be mine- push presents maybe??

style files 2


Happy Weekend!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thoughts For Friday

Thanks for all your input yesterday on the fabric, one was the clear winner but I have to be honest I still have not stopped thinking about option two, but at least it is narrowed down from 3 to 2 options!   May reconsider doing the chairs first too.

I am so honored to be a part of The EveryGirl's Feature "Lesson's in Motherhood."  13 blogger moms are featured and we all share our advice on Motherhood!  It is a great read check it out HERE!  Seriously some amazing advice on what products are useful and not useful and some real honesty about the trials and triumphs of being a Mom.

I feel like lately my mind is going in a million directions, I can't just focus on just one project.  In addition to the den I am already envisioning and planning out baby girl's nursery.  I have at least narrowed down fabric selections for her nursery and that is half the battle.  You will have to wait and see how I use these- and not all of them made the cut.

I was totally sold on a light gray/purple nursery but after talking with my friend Katie I am now considering one pink option- Farrow and Ball's Pink Ground.  It is more of a fleshy light pink and I really dig that.  So the nursery will either be a pale purple/gray or Pink Ground.
This is Pink Ground in a Living Room, so subtle it really is gorgeous.
I plan to test out the paints next week and make a decision!

I am loving my Marc Jacobs Smash Dress.  The colors I ordered are sold out but it is available in this other color palette that I equally love for 50%, you can't beat that for a Marc Jacobs Dress!
I am thinking about snagging this Splendid Dress for the rest of my pregnancy and after.  I mean it is only $57.  It comes in 3 different colors, all are neutral and I love that because they can be worn anytime of the year!   Now that I have a full on bump I am into wearing tighter fitting dresses to show off my bump.  I love the idea of this not pregnant too with my Rag and Bone Booties or flats for casual wear.

We have had an abundance of Zucchini lately, these are two recipes I can't wait to try out:  Zucchini and Carrot Bars with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting and Zucchini Chips.

I feel like there is nothing on TV to watch this Summer (two weeks til Breaking Bad starts back thank goodness).  I have however started watching Devious Maids on Lifetime and love it.  It is produced by Eva Longoria and pretty darn entertaining.  Kind of like a soap opera and juicy! Anything else on that I should be watching?

 Saturday is my handsome Hubby's Birthday.   We have alot to celebrate this year as he just started his own law firm this month.  I am so incredibly proud of him and if you need an attorney please contact Matt!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's Talk Fabric- I Need Help + Winner

I am slowly but surely crossing things off my house to-do list for 2013. Painting the den and hallway was such a huge task looming over me and now that it is done I am ready to focus on seating in our den.  My parents have a great upholsterer in Charlotte who is super affordable.  He made my mom and sister in law some custom ottomans for a steal that look awesome - think small square nail head cubes.  Anyways I would love a pair for our den to have some extra seating.  
Here is our den layout right now.

This is the size and shape the ottomans would be.  My Den is not huge so I don't have room for massive ottomans.

 I would use the two ottomans on the other side of the coffee table across from the couch. This would be more conducive for entertaining.  I also still need another cane back chair to flank the other side of the coffee table- if you find one let me know, I am still searching! 
I have narrowed down the fabric to three choices- but I open to suggestions if anyone has any.  I am clueless when it comes to decorating decisions.  




This is what they all look like on my rug to give you a better idea.  Our den is pretty neutral with the rug being the most colorful aspect we need to match.  The Cane back Chair is upholstered in navy velvet.  

So which fabric should I go with?  I was pretty sold on option two til I came across one, I think three is my least favorite.  And another option is to scratch the ottomans and recover my wing back chairs in one of these fabrics- it will be much pricier of a project though, but maybe I should do that first and the ottomans second.  I mainly want to do the ottomans first because we are desperate for extra seating!

In case you don't remember our wing backs flank our TV (which is massive, thanks to Matt- men and their TVs).  They are a gold plaid fabric right now.  The fabric is in excellent condition I just don't love it.  They will eventually be recovered too just can't decide if I should do them in a solid color with some piping or a pattern.

Help a sista out and give me some decorating advice!!
The Winner of the $100 Lulu & Georgia Giftcard is Juliana (Ocean Akers)!  We will email you with details how to redeem your gift certificate.  Enjoy shopping!!
You can still use code DBDD20 thru today for 20% off all purchases!