Friday, March 30, 2012

Thoughts For Friday

My sweet sister turns the big 30 on Sunday (yep our birthdays are exactly one week apart) and I can't wait to help her celebrate. First up is I am going to attempt to make Cucumber Basil Martinis. I had them once in NYC and they were amazing! Our Lychee Martinis were so good I am now inspired to try some other fun cocktails!

I am also thinking this dip will be made as an appetizer. Baked Hummus and Spinach Dip.

I have been working on some coffee table styling this week. Loving all the fresh azaleas in our yard I can clip for vases!

I was inspired by this pretty table. Love the stacks of books, but bowls with matches= a really bad idea with a toddler!

I am so excited because I won a ticket to the Rag and Bone fashion show here in Charleston today. I am going with my fav gal Chassity and could not be more excited! Hardest thing is deciding what am I going to wear! I will report back Monday with details.

I am so wanting a pair of hot pink shoes. I really want these Tory Burch Aine Thong Sandals and they are 20% off right now on Bloomingdales for their Friends and Family Event. But they are still darn expensive. However I do have some birthday gift cards I could use and I always love my Tory shoes years later. They hold up so well.

My second thought is these Dolce Vita Sandals. Pretty cute right? At $69 compared to $220. Decisions, Decisions!

Have ya'll seen these pictures of Stacey Keibler in a bikini? Wow! She is major motivation for me, the perfect figure!

I am obsessed with this glam nursery I saw on Pinterest. If I ever have a baby girl this is happening. Who am I kidding this just might happen for a baby boy too. Love how sophisticated it is!

Enjoy your weekends Dolls! I leave you with this!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Working on My Fitness

Thanks for your kind words when reading my daily diet post last week, I felt a little silly posting it but I am so glad you enjoyed it. Now it's on to Fitness. I have to start by saying I am no athlete. I swear, I was a cheerleader in Junior High and never played any sports. I just wasn't that type of girl. And to this day I still don't like sports (even watching them, unless I am tailgating of course) and I am clumsy (why I don't do any aerobic classes). After college when I realized yep, I think I probably weigh too much (which my parents subtly hinted at) I decided to start working out. I have tried almost every exercise around but what works best for me is a combo of running and Sculpt DVDS.

This was a quote that particularly inspired me when I was try to lose the 30lbs I gained in college. I actually still think of it quite often for all aspects of my life.

I strongly believe that 80% percent of what you weigh is based on what you eat. I get more results when I cut back on food than step up my workouts. I workout for my mental health because lets face it you feel pretty darn good after a great workout, and so I am not flabby. You can be skinny fat with flabby skin and that is gross to me. I like to be toned but not too toned. Although lets be real my stomach tends to stays flabby (probably from my nightly booze and the child I housed for 9 months).

I do not workout everyday and I don't stress if I can't fit a workout in. But when I workout I workout hard and make it count. I make sure to break a sweat and do something hard because otherwise what's the point? I never understand the people at the gym who talk to a friend or read magazines while they are working out. You are not getting a good workout if you can carry on a conversation and read. I like to sweat and be tired after a workout. I love this quote from Gwennie because it is so true. You need to work hard to see results.

My two go-to workouts are running and the Tracy Anderson/Physique 57 workout videos. In all my years of working out I have never found a more effective exercise for burning calories than plain old running. Now I am not a hard core runner, I consider myself more of a slow jogger. I run a mile in around 9.5- 10 minutes which to alot of people is slow but trust me I work up a good sweat and I am exhausted afterwards. You don't need to be fast to run and burn calories. I often do intervals and run a mile then walk a little. I think bringing your heart rate down and then back up again burns more calories.

Plus you can run any where. I used to go to the gym and run but now I run outside. I will still occasionally go to the gym while Sterling is in school but not very often. For the most part I take Sterling in his stroller (and no we don't have the Bob or a fancy jogging stroller, I have a Bugaboo and it works just fine to jog with it). Try pushing a 30lb baby while you run and you will burn some calories. I make it a goal to try and run about 3 times a week. Sometimes I do 4 days but usually never more than that. I usually run between 2-4 miles with some walking in between. If I am running at the gym on the treadmill my goal is always to burn 500 calories and usually you can do that with interval running for about 45-50 minutes. I read somewhere that is how many calories Jessica Alba tries to burn, so I copy that because I would love to have her figure.

If I am not running I do my workout videos. I used to do these alot more when Sterling took two naps, but now that we are down to one nap I don't get to do these quite as often. I would say I do these maybe once a week currently. But I do go thru phases will I run less and do these videos more but right now I am in a running phase so the videos have taken a back seat. I highly recommend the Tracy Anderson Mat DVD. I ordered mine on Amazon. It is probably my favorite workout DVD.

It is an hour long and trust me you will be sore afterwards. It is broken up into sections for your arms, legs, and abs. I feel like this DVD really helps tighten up my body. It doesn't burn calories like cardio but it gives your muscles a killer workout. I swear by the Tracy Anderson DVDS. They really work if you are consistent. I mean look at Gwyneth and JLo in bikinis- both have two kids and both train with Tracey and look freaking amazing.

I also have her Metamorphasis DVDS, which I bought last summer and used them alot but got really burned out. They are expensive at $90, but you do get 3 DVDS which each have 3 different workouts per disc so you are getting 12 workouts total + a dance cardio disc. You do her cardio DVD first which is basically just jumping around for 30 minutes. You will pour sweat and curse at Tracey but it works people. Then you do a 30 minute sculpt video. Which is almost but not quite as hard as the cardio.

When I am totally sick of Tracy I do my Physique 57 videos. Last year my brother gave me the 3 pack set which includes an hour long typical Physique 57 class, an abbreviated 30 minute class, and an abs DVD. Both the hour long and 30 minute disc are a good workout. I feel like these really target your abs and thighs. One compliant is the instructor annoys the crap out of me. She is always talking and totally kind of annoying. That being said the workouts are great I am always really sore after these videos.

I am huge fan of workout DVDs because you can do them whenever. I most often pop one in while Sterling naps and do my workout then. If I am running I either get up at 6:30and run before the boys are up or I go around 9 or 3 after Sterling's nap and run with Sterling in the stroller, which is more often the case because I have a hard time getting up that early. I know I am lucky because I don't work so I have time to squeeze workouts in more easily than people that work full time. But I will say even when I worked, I got up early and went to the gym before work. Also while I was pregnant I walked 5-6 days a week. I never ran while pregnant but I would walk 4 miles almost everyday until the very end when it hurt too much. I would walk on an incline to burn more calories. I think it is important to stay active even while pregnant. I swear it makes your delivery easier (or so my doctor says).

In addition to my workouts I often take Sterling for a 2 mile walk at night. I do not count this as my exercise for the day but it does burn some additional calories. I do this because to me the hours between 4-7 are the longest part of my day and this gives us something to do we both enjoy and takes up time til dinner:)

I am finally at a point in my life where I am comfortable with my body. I actually weigh less now than I did in High School and before I got pregnant with Sterling. Yes, there are parts of my body that still bother me like my muffin top, my flabby stomach, and the cellulite on my thighs. But I try no to dwell on these things. I think having a child has made me appreciate my body so much more and feel more comfortable in my own skin. Women are all shapes and sizes and most of us are never going to have Giselle's body no matter how hard we try. It is important to be happy and comfortable with who you are and what God gave you! This is what works for me. I have found a balance between food and exercise that helps me maintain my current weight. Again if you read this whole post, Bravo my friends! This was a really long one!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hot Pink Necklace: An Update

As you all know I so wanted this Adia Kibur hot pink necklace on Shopbop but it is sold out:(

Well thanks to my readers who alerted me to the Bauble Bar, where I found this almost identical necklace for even less than the Adia Kibur necklace. The Bauble Bar necklace is $38 and if you are a first time shopper on BB you get $10 off your first order which brings your grand total to $28 for an awesome necklace. Plus you get free shipping and returns. I was sold! It is pre-order and says it doesn't ship til May but I figure that is one month away and I can wait. Plus normally pre-order stuff ships sooner than the estimated date anyways. I ordered the pink but it also comes in Cobalt blue and bright yellow.
Bauble Bar Fluoro Necklace

Cobalt Blue Collar Necklace
Phospho Necklace- Apparently Ann Curry sported this one on the Today Show.

It also comes in a double style called the Neon Color Block Collar that I freaking love. It is a great price too at $62! Love the pink and yellow together! It would make such a great statement necklace with a maxi dress this summer!

Seriously ladies check out Bauble Bar if you never have! I am so happy to have found it. I will report back when the necklace arrives and let you know the quality etc. But I have a feeling I am going to love my new hot pink necklace and be wearing her all summer!

Broccoli and Feta Pasta

Pinterest strikes again. My motto is slowly becoming "I pinned, I made it." My poor cookbooks have gotten zero attention since I got hooked on Pinterest. This pasta salad is delicious. Full of so many great flavors. I have eaten it for lunch the past few days and even heated it up for dinner as well. It is so darn good. I have to admit I don't usually eat alot of pastas because they are often so heavy. Not this one, it is so light, fresh, and healthy! Sauteeing the broccoli really gives the pasta great flavor and crunch. I added in toasted pine nuts because I always think they pair wonderfully with Broccoli. I think this would also be killer with some grilled Chicken or Shrimp as a main meal. Make this you will love it!

Broccoli and Feta Pasta Salad
serves 4
1 pound mixed tri-color pasta
1 head broccoli, chopped into florets
8 ounces feta cheese
1/2 cup Kalamata olives, pitted and chopped
1/4 cup Toasted Pine Nuts
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper

Cook the pasta and drain. Cook the broccoli in a heavy frying pan with a little olive oil over medium heat until crisp-tender - 5-7 minutes. Toss with cooked pasta and olives.

Crumble the feta cheese into the pasta. Whisk the oil, vinegar, and salt and pepper and toss with the pasta.

Recipe Via

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Adia Kibur Short Neon Stone Necklace
I saw this beauty on Pinterest and quickly clicked on it for more details. I am so sad it's currently sold out on Shopbop. But I am hoping it comes back in stock soon. Its a steal at $54 and I am so loving neon pink right now!

I think I have finally found a plant I might not actually kill. My dear friend Alissa gifted me with this gorgeous arrangement of succulents for my birthday and she assures me they are easy to care for. They need little water and attention and look beautiful. I am notorious for killing even the easiest plants so here is to hoping I can keep this alive!

West Elm Little Parsons Table and Chairs
I am in love with this children's table and chairs from West Elm! I so want it for my little man! It is on sale right now which makes me want it even more!

Shoshanna Aztec Bikini
I really love the pattern on this bikini. I am such a fan of strapless bikinis and bathing suits. They are really all I wear because I hate strap tan lines. I usually treat myself to one new bathing suit a year and this just might be the winner.

It also comes in a one-piece version which is pretty cute.

"Positano" silk fabric in Pink Lemonade designed by Interior Designer Amanda Nisbet
I am in love this fabric in a major way. Would love it for my dining room chairs. And how cute would it be in a little girls bedroom? Swoon.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Scenes From My Birthday Weekend.

First of all thank you so much for all the Birthday wishes on Friday. You all know how to make a girl feel very loved. My birthday was fabulous no doubt, best part was I got to spend it with my whole family (minus my brother but he is coming this weekend)! Do y'all ever feel like birthdays are like New Years Eve? So much build up and expectations and then you are always a little disappointed? I feel that way sometimes, but either way I had a great weekend!

My Tibi Cami arrived Friday just in time to wear it out that night. I so wanted to not like it but I actually loved it so I am keeping her.
Tibi Arizona Camisole

{Tibi Arizona Camisole, Seven "The Skinny" Jeans}
Friday night we went out to dinner at Jpaulz with my sister and her hubby! JPaulz is one of my favorite places to get sushi in town. Plus their truffled mac and cheese is out of this world good! We all started with some amazing lemon martinis!

We snapped one family photo predinner. My boys made my day very special.

My sweet parents who babysat so we could all go to dinner. Sterling loves his "DiDi and Big Poppie!"

Saturday we did some Birthday shopping. I ended up getting the green Jcrew skinny jeans. I originally wanted the Coral but of course they were all sold out in my size, but I am actually really digging the green ones.

My parents also gave me these two Lululemon pieces and I am obsessed with them! I can't say enough good things about this workout gear. Do yourself a favor and go try some on you will be hooked.
Run Inspire Crop 2 and Debut Tank

I also got the black Tory Burch flip flops I had been wanting, love them! Can you tell I am a fan of everything black?

Saturday Morning my sister and I went to see the Hunger Games bright and early at the 9:45am showing- don't judge me. And actually I was so not the oldest person there:)
Best part was they served mimosas at the movie. Overall I liked the movie, not as good as the book but that was expected. For the most part I liked all the casting choices but Peeta. He grew on me in the end but he just seemed a little dweeby. I loved Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, and Lenny Kravitz. I give the movie a B+ def worth seeing if you read the book.

Saturday night we had big plans to hit up the rooftop bar but it poured down rain. So we ended up just having cocktails at our house. We made the lychee martinis and they were amazing. Will most definitely become a regular cocktail for me. All I did was mix vodka with a few splashes of the syrup from the can and added a Lychee in each martini. I found no need for simple syrup as the syrup from the lychees was sweet enough to flavor the drink. Don't be alarmed that the lychees kind of look like testicles. This weirded me out in the beginning but I quickly got past it.

My outfit Saturday night, Tibi Dress.

Also rocked my birthstone ring my parents gave me a few years ago for my birthday. One of my favorite gifts ever. So special.

It was such a fun weekend! Now it's back to reality! Here is to 32 being an amazing year!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Look for Less For Your Little Man

Ever since seeing this tee at JCrew I have been stalking it to go on sale. What's not to love about it? Adore the navy stripes and orange lobster it would be so cute on Sterling. But $29 for a kids t-shirt is ridiculous. Ain't happening.

Then I was shopping in Target yesterday and found this Cherokee Tee that looked very similar to the JCrew one for, wait for it...... $6! I promptly bought it and I am saving it to go in Sterling's Easter basket. I could not find it online so you probably need to check your local Target store to find it. But what a steal.

Speaking of my little man he has decided he is ready to start using his own potty. I am so not ready for this looming task quite yet because this is what happens:
He sits on the potty and doesn't actually go.

Then he proceeds to pee on our couch when I am not looking.

I am not really going to start potty training him til this summer. Pass along any success tips if you have them! For now we are just experimenting, taking it slow, and getting used to his own potty.
I had to share this one picture from our playgroup this week. How adorable are all these kids??

Happy Sunday Friends!