Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I had been hearing about this lip balm for along time.  I was at the Pharmacy waiting yesterday for Sterling's prescription and saw it front and center and on sale!  I bought the strawberry and fresh mint flavors (at Harris Teeter they are on VIC special for $2.50, usually $4.99).  I am obsessed.  They are filled with Shea butter and other natural ingredients and feel so moisturizing on your lips.  Plus how cute is the little container it comes in?   Highly recommend.

{DVF For Baby GAP}
Ok I will admit it sometimes I wish I had a girl simply for the clothes, they are just way cuter than boys clothes.  I am in love with the new DVF line for Baby Gap.  A few of my favorites I may just stock up and save for gifts. 

I am such a nightgown girl.  Love to sleep in them every night.  I used to wear sleeveless ones but Matt keeps our house so darn cold I started wishing I had a long sleeve one.  This reminded me of the Eberjey version I wanted but for half the price.  I have seriously slept in this every night since I bought it.  It is the softest shirt ever and cute too:)

Asos is becoming one of my favorite budget friendly websites.  I am obsessed with my Tie- Dye Dress from there and now I have my eye on this floral shiftI love all the bright colors and I have been wanting something floral to add to my closet for Summer!

I love these outdoor chairs from Ikea.  Really want a pair for our patio.  I need to hit up Ikea next time I am in Charlotte.

I am beyond obsessed with Alex's bedroom.  I seriously love every single detail.  But that pink headboard and bedding are perfection.  Alex is such a true talent.
You see the whole feature on her bedroom HERE.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Thoughts For Monday + Winner

First of all, thank you all for the incredible response to my post on Friday.  I appreciate every single one of your responses and personal emails,  especially all the encouragement and tips!  I promise to share what works for us.
Before my official budget starts I treated myself to some polarized RayBans with some birthday money I had been saving.  Matt had been telling me forever I needed to invest in a good pair of sunglasses, one of the few things he will spend money on and I am cheap about.  In the past I just bought cheap ones and they offered no sun coverage.  These made a world of difference.  Love them! 

I am thrilled my girl Gwennie was voted Most Beautiful Person.  Haters Gonna Hate.  She rocks.  Erin wrote a great post about all the stupid hatred HERE.  I really enjoyed the article on her and the photos were gorgeous. She has such an amazing body.

After watching its a Brad Brad World last night, that I had saved on Dvr I am obsessed with Stacy Keibler.  Her body is amazing and she seems to have such a fun personality.  Watch out Gwennie, new girl crush.

Ever since seeing this house featured on One Kings Lane, I am convinced I need a mini tulip table for Sterling.  I already have the kids lucite ghost chairs.  Any ideas where I could find a mini tulip table?

Saturday I decided to hit up Lowes and try and spruce up our backyard patio.  I planted tons of herbs, peppers, and some flowers.  I really have a black thumb but I am trying to learn to be more green!  I was pretty impressed with my results.  Here is to hoping they don't die in two weeks!

Friday was school picture day at Sterling's school.  I totally had to bribe him to wear this outfit but how adorable does he look?  So grown up.  24 hours later he got the stomach bug.  Needless to say we did not have a fun weekend.

This is how much of our weekend was spent.  I hate seeing my poor guy sick, but I love how cuddly he is while sick.

Finally the Winner of the Rodan + Fields Night Renewing Serum is Ruthie!  Please shoot me an email with your mailing address and we will get the serum headed your way!!  Congrats!

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Living Within Your Means

This is something I struggle with.  I am a shopper at heart and love the thrill I get from buying new things.   This has lead to the accumulation of some debt.   It is not from student loans or anything it is from silly, really unnecessary purchases.  I opened my first credit card in college and it has been a slippery slope since then.  I have paid off my debt several times (thanks to my parents, selling my first house,  and 401k) but it still manages to get charged back up.  I am not one of those people who charge up a card and pay off the balance in full every month even though I wish I was. That is the right way to manage a credit card.  I charge and then sometimes only pay the minimum (gasp).  Things need to change.

I think today's society has made it hard for people to live within their means.  Credit cards and lines of credit are so easy to attain.  Why not charge it?  I wish credit cards were never invented and that way people just had to live off the money they made.  How do we really ever know if someone can afford something or if they are living outside of their means by charging it.  The blog world and social media make this especially hard.  Everyone is always blogging about and showing off their fabulous houses, amazing clothes, gadgets, cars, the list goes on and on.  It is hard not to compare yourself and not to try and "keep up with the Jones."  You start to resent what you have and want more.

I am guilty of comparing myself to others.  I used to love our house and now it feels so cramped and small to me and I want a bigger one.  I keep seeing friends move into big nice houses and I want that too. It makes me envious and that is not a good way to live.   Some people would consider my house a palace because they don't even have a roof over their head.  I am lucky to have a house to live it wheter it is small is not. I am always wanting to buy all the fabulous clothes I see these bloggers in, but really I have not one but two closets filled to the brim.  I have to ask myself do I really need more or is this turning into greed?
Since having Sterling I have thought about this stuff alot more. and honestly I have cut back on my shopping since then but I still shop alot.  My child's future depends on how we manage our money.  I want him to be able to attend any college he wants to (although I won't be sad if he gets a scholarship).   Do I still charge things, yes I do.  Not gonna lie we live on commissions, no set salary from Matt's work so there are some months we have to use the card for gas and groceries to get by.  Other months we are more than fine.  and we would be fine all the time if we had a good savings account and no debt.

The point of this is, I want to become a responsible adult.  I want to think really hard before I buy things and I want to pay off my debt.   I am thinking of starting Dave Ramsey's plan.  I already own the book, Financial Peace, but have yet to read it.  Has anyone else used his plan and does it work?

The other side of this is I want to be grateful and happy for exactly what I have in this moment and not desire more or covet things others have.  I know I am lucky no doubt but sometimes I forget to thank God for all the blessings in my life.  Each night after I read my devotional I have been making a point to thank God for all that I have.  Yes it is not as much as some people, but really how much do we all need?  And all of this around us.  Its not what is important.  Its the people in our lives and memories we create that are important.

Starting May 1 I am going to attempt to start a budget and pay down some debt.  I will let you guys know what works and what doesn't if you are interested.  I also welcome any tips or advice you peeps have.   This doesn't mean I am going cold turkey and not shopping at all, it just means I am going to really think out every purchase and only use cash no credit. I will still blog about pretty things I just won't buy all of them!   Oh and lets all make a point to be thankful for what we have.
Have a great weekend.  That was your dose of heavy thoughts for the weekend- back to regular mindless posting Monday.

P.S I am keeping the Rodan + Fields Giveaway open thru the weekend.  I will announce the winner Monday.  You can still enter HERE.  Now I am off to shop before I start my budget:)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Presenting My New Fabulous Runner

To say I am excited about my new runner is an understatement.  I know several of you have seen sneak peeks of the elusive runner on Instagram.  I was waiting to do this post because one I wanted to get the hallway painted first (didn't happen) and two I wanted to get my gallery wall up (pretty much done).   Anyways I am over the moon thrilled with my Lulu & Gerogia Runner.  It is even better in person,  trust me.  The quality is amazing and the pop of pink makes me happy everytime I walk past it.  This rug is the real deal.  I am so smitten.
Presenting From Lulu & Georgia, the Jadea Rug in Pink Flamingo

As you can see my Gallery Wall is up but you might notice one frame is missing a picture (keeping things real).  Good 8x10 horizontal photos are hard to come by; and would you believe I had ordered just a random family pic I didn't love to use just for this post,  but the photo machine was down at CVS and they couldn't process my order.  That is what happens when you wait til the last minute. Good things come to those who wait right?  Anyways hope to have one in it soon, but you get the overall look I was going for.
  I found the frames at TJMaxx for a real steal, $14.99 a frame.   I love having this little spot for our family photos.

 Now back to the runner. If you have not checked out the Lulu & Georgia website you are really missing out.  They have some amazing home decor stuff including the best selection of rugs around and most are really affordable.  I could browse on there for hours!  Lulu & Georgia has graciously offered my readers 20% off your purchase with code DESIGNERBAGS20.  That is such a great deal.  Here are a few of my other favorites from their site.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


As I mentioned in my post yesterday Saks is currently having their Friends and Family Event and almost everything is 25% with code FRNFAM2.  I ordered this dress and can't wait til she gets here.  I am obessed with the color combo.  It will be the perfect easy Summer Dress.  Splendid has become my go-to brand for cute affordable dresses lately.

I have to thank Liz for fueling my shopping addiction.  I want to buy everything she wears.  Girl has mad style.  This is my latest score.   Tall people be warned it is short but with flats I think it is ok on me.  Absolutely love the pattern and shape.

The girls at Shawlsmith were sweet enough to send me this scarf and let me tell you I am obsessed with it.  The colors are amazing.  I have been rocking it daily.  It is the perfect lightweight scarf for Spring and it is big enough to wear as a sarong come Summer!  Mine is the Marigold-Aqua color.

I have been lusting after this necklace for like a year now and my parents surprised me with it for my Birthday.  I have worn it everyday since it got it.  It is the perfect everyday necklace and great for layering.  I just love it.  You can kind of see it in the picture above with the scarf.

This is the most genius invention ever.  You froth your milk and make cappucinos and lattes at home.  After seeing my friend Katie whip this out and make the most delish coffee ever I knew I needed one.  I stalked down two Williams Sonoma stores and they were of course both sold out but I found it online for cheaper anyways.  Highly recommend!
Love these life lessons.  So very true.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saks Friends and Family Sale

I feel like we are all friends here and friends should share good sales right?  So it is my duty to let you know about the Saks Friends and Family event going on thru the 28th.  I know Shopbop just had theirs but trust me you have to take advantage of these sales.  It is basically the only time you can get classic Tory Burch and other items on sale.  Here is my lust list.  And if we are being honest the Splendid Dress and Tibi Dress are on their way to me.  Oh and I own the Green DVF blouse it is such a cute blouse on, I wear it all the time.
Happy Shopping Friends!  Use code FRNFAM2  to get 25% off almost everything at check out!

The Best Kabobs You Will Ever Taste

I have to give The Hubs props for this recipe.  It was all his creation.  These are seriously the best kabobs ever.  The homemade marinate and the way Matt sliced the meat made the meat cook perfectly.  It was so tender and juicy.  If you have never grilled pineapple before you need to, it tastes like candy.  We have made these kabobs the past two weekends in a row.  They are that good.  You could serve them with rice if you want but honestly it is enough for a meal just by itself.

:: M A S O N  K A B O B S ::
- 1 pack boneless skinless organic chicken breasts
- 1 pineapple cored
- 1 orange or red bell pepper
- 1 red onion
- 1/4 cup olive oil
- 1/2 teaspoon Worchestire sauce
-1/2 teaspoon white distilled vinegar
- kosher salt and pepper
- skewer sticks

Place skewers in a vase of water.  Let sit for about 30 mins to hour.  By making sure the skewers are wet this prevents them from burning.  If you have metal skewers skip this step.

Chop the Pineapple, Bell Pepper, and Red Onion into fairly large squares.  If they are too small they will fall apart when you skewer them.

 Slice the Chicken across the grain- this is so important.  It helps ensure the chicken is tender and not tough.   Slice very thinly into strips.

Mix together olive oil, worchestire sauce, vinegar, a big dash of kosher salt and pepper.  Put sliced chicken in a ziploc bag and pour marinade over it.  Let sit for about 30-40 mins room temperature.  Skewer all the chicken on the same skewer- since it is thin you will need to kind of make an "s" to slide the longer pieces on.  Skewer the pineapple, onion, and bell pepper.  Grill everything about 15-20mins.  Matt uses a charcoal grill and creates a hot and cold side.  He then moves the skewers around so they don't get too cooked or undone.  Matt likes to drizzle butter on them after they are done cooking- that step is totally optional.  My man loves some butter.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dressing For Weddings (Or any Special Occassion)

In keeping with reader post requests,  I got several requests for Wedding attire. I know Summer time means Wedding time. Everyone loves to get married in the Summer and why not the weather is usually amazing As far as wedding dresses go this is something I like to splurge on because I know I will get plenty of wear out of the dress. There is usually always something I need a fun dress for in addition to Weddings and Rehearsal Dinners - holiday parties, graduation events, baptisms, New Years Eve, the list goes on.  I feel like a nice dress you feel comfortable in is something to splurge on. Case and point my Milly Hostess Sari Dress. I paid a pretty penny for this dress but I wear it all the time and I always feel good in it.   
Below I rounded up my favorite picks for Summer Wedding Attire, all are fabulous choices for any event.

Summa Wedding Time


And a few ideas for shoes and accessories. If I am wearing a Maxi Dress alot of times I prefer to wear flats. No one can really see your shoes and that way you are comfortable and can dance all night. I included two of my all time favorite flats. With short dresses I always prefer heels.  As far as jewelry goes I like small earrings (I have wanted the House of Harlow ones forever) and I always love a statement necklace!  Most of these accessories are things you could buy and use often not just for Weddings.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Rodan + Fields Giveaway!!

Happy Fridays Friends.  I have the BEST giveaway ever today.  Are you familiar with Rodan + Fields?  If you aren't you should be.  It is a skincare line created by two dermatologists and it is amazing.   It has been featured everywhere from Allure, Vogue, Bazaar,  to making it on Oprahs Favorite's List.

A rep from Rodan + Fields,  Meredith, contacted me about doing a giveaway and to be honest I had never tried their products before.  I had heard rave reviews but never tried them myself.  Meredith was sweet enough to mail me samples of the microdermabrasion face wash, the night renewing serum, and the lip serum.  I brought them home when I was visiting my parents and my mom and I tried them out.  Let me tell you we were beyond impressed.  Our faces felt amazing after using all three products.  So smooth and fresh.  Moms favorite was the lip serum and my favorite was the night renewing serum.  

Lucky for you girls we are giving away a jar of the night renewing serum.   This stuff retails for $89.  This was the one product Oprah featured on her favorites list.  You apply after you wash your face and it feels so great.  I can tell you once you try this you are going to be hooked.  I am already planning my order.  Plus there is a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee- but I can assure you love their products!

So I bet you are wondering how do I enter and win??  Here is what you do.  Leave a comment for each entry.

1) Must be a Follower of Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers
2) Visit Meredith's Rodan + Fields webpage and take take the Solution Tool to see what the Doctors of Rodan + Fields Recommend for you (HERE).  Leave your recommendation in the comments section.
3) Like Meredith's Rodan + Fields Facebook Page

Easy, right? I will keep the contest open til next Wednesday at midnight and announce the winner Thursday.   If you are interested in placing an order and receiving 10% off plus getting free shipping don't hesitate to contact Meredith at whitaker.meredith@gmail.com.    You can also email her if you are interested in becoming a Rodan + Fields Sales Rep:)  Below are some of the many products Rodan + Fields has to offer!
Have a fabulous weekend friends.