Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Off!

I am headed to the gorgeous NC mountains this weekend for a dear friend's wedding. I can't wait to hang out with all my favorite ladies and enjoy the gorgeous scenery and cooler temperatures! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Catch you back here Monday!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

House Wants

We are no where near ready to move or renovate our house but I definitely day dream all the time about things that I want when either happens. Here is my growing list of things I deem essential for our next house!

I love,love, love subway tile. It is such a clean and modern look. Would love this in my kitchen or bathroom one day.

Our washer and dryer our in our garage and I hate having to go out there to do laundry. My dream is to have a fabulous huge laundry room one day.

I am dying to wallpaper something in my house. My top choices are the bathroom or entryway.

This is a must have in my book. I need somewhere pretty to house all my clothes, shoes, and purses!

That's not too much to ask for right?
all images via Pinterest

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zucchini Ribbon Salad

So I have finally tired of my Greek salads. That's right after pulling a Jennifer Aniston and eating the same thing for lunch everyday for months I finally got a little sick of it. I came across this recipe on pinterest, which led me to a new favorite blog, Proud Italian Cook. All of her food is right up my alley made with fresh produce and pasta, and her pictures are gorgeous. You will want to cook/eat everything on her blog!

This salad is truly delicious. I even made it yesterday with squash instead of zucchini and it was still fabulous. I also added corn into mine because we had some extra we had grilled over the weekend and I thought it was the perfect addition. This salad will be your new go-to salad and not to mention it would be gorgeous to serve at a dinner party.

-Toasted Pine Nuts
-Grilled Corn
-Feta Cheese

-Red Wine Vinegar
-Olive Oil
-Dijon Mustard
-Salt and Pepper to taste

I have no exact measurements so just use as much or as little as you prefer. I used about 1 zucchini per salad and grilled it in two batches.

Here are the instructions in the words of the Proud Italian Cook
You'll want to make sure you cook your strips of zucchini either in a stove top grill or saute pan coated with a tiny bit of olive oil, they only take a couple of minutes. Make sure they cool completely before adding them to your salad.

I used arugula for my salad base and tossed it in a vinaigrette of 3 parts olive oil to 1 part red wine vinegar, added a touch of Dijon, a crushed garlic clove, salt, black pepper and oregano, any lemon based dressing would be work as well.
Lay your zucchini strips on top, toss in some feta or shaved Parmesan and sprinkle with toasted nuts, I used hazelnuts here with the feta, but pine nuts or slivered almonds would be just as good. To finish, drizzle a little more dressing over the top. Just let your creative juices flow and make it your own!
Buon Appetito

Check out The Proud Italian Cook Blog HERE for more gorgeous pics and recipe info

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am in love with this dress. Sadly it is sold out in small. I have googled it to no avail and can only find it on Shopbop and all they have is a large and petite! Can someone find it for me in a small? That would be great because cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors and I could see my self wearing this all the time!

Anyone else catch this show last week? It was hilarious or maybe I just thought it was extra funny because I have a baby and can totally relate. The cast is perfection: Will Arnett, Christina Applegate and Mya Rudolph, they are all freaking hilarious. Modern Family has some new competition!

Holy crap this tea is good. I had some at the Farmers Market Sunday and promptly bought a box. It is the best iced tea. The peach flavor is subtle but it pairs perfectly with the green tea. I am such a green tea freak I drink it everyday. Not sure if they sell this at Earthfare or Whole Foods but if you live in Charleston you can get it at the Marion Square Farmers Market.

There is nothing I love more than a great dark red/burgundy nail color for the Fall. I think this might be my new favorite nail polish, it is the perfect fall shade.

My girl Chassity first introduced me to this fabulous blog, Live Like You and I am smitten with it. Well turns out Jill Sorensen, the author of the blog, just came out with her own gorgeous bedding line. I love the modern clean look of this bedding. Especially paired with an upholstered headboard. I would love something like this my guest bedroom. Jill's prices are super affordable and the bedding comes in a variety of colors. You can pre-order the bedding HERE.

photos curtesy of: Tanya Malott

Sunday, September 18, 2011


This post is not necessarily what you think it is about. Yes I am a total wino, love my wine and these cooler temperatures have me starting back my love affair with red wine. But what I am really loving is all the wine colored fashions this season. It is such a rich hue that I think pairs perfect with all neutrals from gray to camel or even navy. These are a few of my wine colored favorites for the fall.

James Jeans

Marc Jacobs Stripe Dress

Tibi Drapped Dress

Tory Burch Reva Tonal Logo Flats

Rebecca Taylor Nailhead Blouse

Haute Hippie Sequin Skirt

Elizabeth and James Long Ribbed Tube Skirt

Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent Hudson Shoulder Bag


Rachel Zoe picked this Twelfth Street Purse as one of her Fall Must Haves. So of course now I am eyeing it too! But what I really want is the sequined skirt if only I had somewhere to wear it! Do you love this wine color as much as I do? I think it is such a fabulous color that looks great on anyone!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Great Dress Debate

One of my best friends is getting married next weekend. I already know what I am wearing for her wedding day but I can't seem to make a decision for the Rehearsal Dinner. Here are my two choices. Both are old dresses I already own and love but never get to wear often because they are pretty dressy. So take your vote and help me make a decision! Do ya'll like Dress 1 or Dress 2 better? I always love getting other's opinions on these kind of things!



As you can see by the tiny hand at the bottom tugging my dress someone had had enough of Mommy trying on clothes! Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meet Me at the Altar

Today marks our 4th Wedding Anniversary. It is hard to believe we have been married 4years, together for 10 years, and now have a sweet baby boy. I still remember our wedding day like it was yesterday. Besides the day Sterling was born it was the best day of my life. Being married is not easy by any means. We have had our share of ups and downs and trust me a child makes marriage even harder. But at the end of the day, Matt can always make me laugh and he is truly my best friend. I feel very lucky to be married to him! Maybe next year for our 5 year we will get to take that Caribbean vacay I keep harassing Matt about! But for this year its some bubbly and a nice dinner at home!