Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spicy Thai Noodles

I have become obsessed with Thai food this year.  I  thought it was pregnancy cravings but nope I am still craving it.  These Thai Noodles are off the hook good.  So easy to make and they save well in the fridge for days!  I found this recipe on Pinterest, there are about a million Thai noodle recipes on there!   I really liked the ingredients in this one because I basically had everything on hand to make it.  I recommend using angel hair pasta or even better the the thin Asian Noodles in the international aisle at the grocery.  You can save prep time by pre-chopping the veggies and nuts and then just toss everything together for a quick meal!  I think this would be great served with chicken and/or shrimp for a heartier meal.  I made a big batch and ate it as lunch one week.

:: S P I C Y   T H A I   N O O D L E S ::

- 1 package thin Asian Noodles or Angel Hair
- 1-2 tablespoons crushed red pepper- depends how spicy you want it
- 1/4 cup vegetable oil
- 1/2 cup sesame oil
- 6 tablespoons honey
-6 tablespoons soy sauce
- shredded carrots
- sliced green onions
- fresh cilantro
- chopped peanuts

Heat both oils and red pepper flakes in small saucepan over medium heat about 5mins or until heated.   Strain out red pepper flakes and save oil.  Note 2 tablespoons of red pepper flakes makes this dish very spicy.  Whisk in honey and soy sauce to oil mixture.  Boil noodles and drain.  Toss noddles with sauce and then add in veggies. I add in the nuts last and use them sparingly.

Original recipe says to Refrigerate overnight and serve cold, I also thought they were good room temperature too.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Obsessions: Post Baby Edition

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite essentials post baby! Frances was 3 weeks old yesterday so these are tried and true favorites around here. I highly recommend for any new moms! 

This swing is amazing.  I can't sing its praises enough.  I didn't have this with Sterling and it has been so awesome to have for Frances.  We keep it sitting in our den and use it all the time.  It is compact and doesn't take up much space which I love and it has five different motion settings.

I am a firm believer in sucking things in post baby.  I swear it helps your stomach remember what it used to be like and shrink faster.  Even Jessica Alba swears by using a corset after her daughters were born and look how quick she bounced back.  I bought this belly bandit after I had Sterling and I have used after both pregnancies.  It is not the most comfortable thing but it really does tighten your tummy.  I started wearing mine the day I got home from the hospital.  For those curious I have a size medium in the belly bandit.

A nice robe is a must in the hospital and at home.  Plus they are easy to nurse in.  Plum Pretty Sugar was sweet enough to send me this gorgeous cotton robe and I just adore it.  I seriously live in it!  It is so soft and washes really well.  This would be an awesome gift for any new mom or mom to be!

I used Aden and Anais blankets all the time with Sterling but never had the Bamboo ones til Frances.  Trust me they are so much softer and better than the regular ones.  They are all we use, plus I am obsessed with the peacock one that came in the set of three package!

I swear Spanx is not paying me or sending me free leggings although I sure wish they would.  But I have to include these on my list because they are essential post baby.  They suck everything in and make you feel good about yourself when you have them on. 

I have been loving the Honest Company Diapers.  The patterns are adorable and they work really well. I love that they are environmentally friendly and contain no chemicals.  Can you tell I love a peacock print?

This drying rack is awesome.  I use it for all my breast pump parts, bottles, Sterling's sippy cups, and even wine glasses, multi use right there.  I love the sleek modern look.

Trust me zippered pjs make your life so much easier when changing 10+ diapers a day.  I love the ones from gap, they wash really well and are soft.  They are plain and sometimes it is hard to pjs without writing and words- nothing I hate more than stupid sayings on baby clothes.  Plus you can get 40% with code GAPXMAS.
Pink | Gray |

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rag and Bone Harrow Booties on Major Sale!!

Ladies, if you are like me and have been coveting a pair of the elusive Rag and Bone Harrow Booties now is your chance to get them for basically 50%. They are already on sale on shopbop and then you can get additional 20% all sale items with code EXTRAOFF20. This is the cheapest you will ever find Rag and Bone booties!   They are the perfect everyday booties that will go with everything!
Shop the rest of the SHOPBOP sale HERE


Holiday Bling : The Statement Necklace + Arm Candy

I think I inherited my love of jewlery from my mom and grandmother.  They both have quite the impressive jewelry collections.  I was lucky enough to be given some of my grandmothers vintage pieces after she died and my mom is always awesome about letting me borrow any of her jewelry.  I usually switch out pieces everytime I am home.

One of my favorite parts about the Holiday season is getting dressed up for parties. We have a few parties in Charlotte every year that are so much fun and I look forward to planning my outfit and the jewelry is no exception.  I always love to wear a statement necklace during the holidays.  It is festive and can jazz up any outfit.  I usually pair mine with jeans and a plain blouse so the necklace can do the talking.  Two favorite necklaces of mine that I purchased this year are:

Both are so versatile and go with everything!
I am a huge Loren Hope Fan, her jewelry is amazing.
and Baublebar is awesome for affordable jewelry that looks expensive!

I rounded up a few of my favorites that would be perfect for the Holiday season or anytime!  All are great additions to any jewelry collection!

and we can't forget about arm candy.  Sometimes you just need a statement bracelet too.  I love my Loren Hope Lindsay Bracelet it goes with everything!  I seriously wear it several times a week and it is a great price as far as Loren Hope Jewelry goes!

a few arm candy favorites that could help spice up any outfit!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Obsessed : Marble Serving Pieces

I am a huge fan of pretty presentations when it comes to entertaining. Whether it be my playgroup friends or dinner party guests I adore a gorgeous serving platter.  I am completely obsessed with these two marble serving platters from West Elm- how amazing are they? I picture the round one with a kick ass cheese platter and the skinny one with bite size apps like wontons or a dessert like fudge.
I could not decide between the two so of course I had to order both and good news for you guys both are on sale!  These would make great Christmas gifts for anyone you know who loves to entertain!

I am also really digging these Marble + Wood slabs .  The two sizes work together so well, I could see myself using them all the time!

Friday, December 13, 2013


Happy Friday Friends. Any fun plans this weekend? This is our last weekend in town before we head to Charlotte for Christmas. I feel like this holiday season has slipped by and I have hardly gotten to enjoy it. So that is just what I plan to do this weekend. I promised Sterling we would build a gingerbread house, go see the Christmas Lights at the James Island County Park, make hot chocolate, watch Christmas movies, and wrap gifts. I really want to slow down and and enjoy this time of the year because it is so fun for Sterling and he is so excited.   Plus I love Christmas!

This week I started taking photos at night of what was going in our house.  I want to create a whole Blurb book of them.  It will be fun to look back on them years later!  Here is what has been going on in the Mason House.

Loving our MamaRoo Swing.  So nice for Frances to sit in while we enjoy happy hour and our tree!

Sterling has been so creative lately.  I have really tried to limit his TV,  for awhile we were watching too much.  Now we play instead.  This night he lined up every single car and "friend" he had.

Matt worked late Wednesday night so both kids got in bed with me and we snuggled- pure bliss.

Miss Frances has been keeping her Daddy up at night in our room where she currently sleeps, so Matt decided to blow up the air mattress in her room to get a good nights sleep for work.  Of course Sterling wanted to sleep in this awesome bed too and have a slumber party.

Frances had her first bath this week, her belly button had been infected and it finally healed so I could bath her.  I bathed her all by myself and was very proud !  Btw any great bath suggestions?  We still have yet to get one, I just bathed her in our sink which was tricky with just me.

 My friend Sam gave Frances this adorable Monkey hat- I mean does it get any cuter??

I will leave you with this list of Bible readings for Advent- love how it is broken down daily. 
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Currently Living in Sweaters + Leggings

Dressing post baby is hard. You are not pregnant anymore so you don't have to deal with a huge belly but things just ain't the same. I can barely fit in my "fat" jeans- major muffin top over the top- so not pretty.   So I have been living in leggings.   My typical daily outfit is leggings and a cute sweater with ballet flats or my Rag and Bone Booties if I want to dress up a bit.   We had a baby shower for my friend Sarah yesterday and this is what I wore. 

I have already the praised the Spanx leggings enough so I am sure you get it- I love them.  Instead of nursing bras I have been loving the Bravado nursing tanks, I wear them under everything.  I feel like the tanks suck you in as well so you don't see flab.  Plus they make nursing easy.   My mom recently went to Chicago and found me the dark brown Rag and Bone Newbury Booties at the Nordstrom Outlet.  They are My absolute favorite, they go with everything!  I stopped in Forever 21 this week and picked up a few cheap sweaters for this after baby in between stage including the one I am wearing.  This outfit has been on repeat around here.
Links below.

Also love this pic of Charlize Theron for inspiration.  Leggings and sweaters can be a chic look!

A few awesome sweater deals from the Shopbop sale.

I also snagged this super cute zippered sweater from F21.  It looks way more expensive in person!

These Club Monaco leggings are also part of the Shopbop sale, I have heard great things about them.
They would be great with any of the sweaters!

Any other great sweaters or leggings I need?  I will probably be living in this ensemble for the next 3 months!