Monday, February 17, 2014

Scenes From Our Weekend: Blizzards, Birthdays + Baptism

Whew.  It has been a whirlwind week and weekend.  Last week we were in Charlotte when the big snow storm hit so me and the kids were snowed in with my rents.   Not gonna lie it was nice to have someone cook me meals and provide me with good wine all week.  It was relaxing but I am not a cold weather person, the snow was fun for a day and then I was over it.  Sterling however loved it!  It brought me so much joy to see how much fun he was having!  My dad was so great with him and helped him build a snowman and sled- all that fun snow stuff that Mama was too cold to do!
Get ready for picture overload today:)

My sweet dad took him sledding and I think that was his favorite part, he is still talking about it!

Luckily we were able to drive back to Charleston Friday just in time for Sterling's Birthday Party Saturday.  We went low key this year with just Sterling's closest friends and did a party at the Yacht Club.  How would we know it would be the coldest windiest day ever??  We had to move the party inside, but it worked.  The kids were warm and us adults enjoyed some adult beverages.

Because my family was going to already be in town for Sterling's party I scheduled Frances Moon's baptism for the next day.  Sadly my sister's husband got the stomach bug so they couldn't come and my brother and his wife had the baptism for their other niece the same day so they were out as well but it still was a beautiful day even though they were greatly missed.

My two boys patiently waiting before we were introduced during the service.

Frances did amazing during the service, no tears.  I was one proud Mama!

Several of you asked about my dress on Instagram is 10 Crosby Derek Lam and on major sale right now, here.  It runs on the smaller side I went up a size and got a 6 because it is a more fitted dress.  But let me tell you it is one of my all time favorite dresses! Super flattering and classic!

Afterwards we had our families and a few close friends over for brunch.  I feel so blessed to have such a great family and friends to help us celebrate this special day.

I made my first ever crock pot breakfast casserole.  It was so easy and so good, recipe to come!

  Our family of four.  Sterling is not very cooperative for pictures, EVER.  This was the best we got. 

Me and mom and Frances Moon, her mom's namesake. Frances was clearly over pictures at this point.

and this picture made me laugh, both kids are like enough pictures already- and I bet you are thinking the same thing:)  Have a great Monday wish I could get back in my routine but school is out again here!  I am off to the dreaded Chuckie Cheese to let Sterling play, wish me luck!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturdays Steals and Splurges

There are some great deals this weekend!
Social Dress Shop is offering 40% off everything on the site til Monday (Loren Hope and Camile Beth are excluded).   I have had my eye on this Lauren Merkin Purse and Hunter Bell Maxi Skirt.
Use code SNOWEDIN and shop the entire site here.

DVF is having a Presidents Day Sale.  You can take 20% off everything with code FEBRUARY20
I love this striped dress, blouse, and these shoes!


Tory Burch is having additional 25% off all sale merchandise, only til Monday.  Use code SALE25, you can shop entire sale HERE.
A few of my favorites:
My friend Amy has this purse and it is even more gorgeous in person.  It is the perfect shade of green. It is currently 50% off then you get additional 25% off!  Such a steal!

These gold hoops are a steal at $55 plus additional 25% off.  I am always looking for new gold hoops because I wear them all the time!

My favorite leather wrap bracelet is on sale in gold and blue, both fabulous colors!

and love this Mandy Sweater.  It comes in three great colors.  I think you could wear it now and into Spring as well!

GAP has several hand picked items that are 40% off right.  I bought this dress for Frances awhile ago and love it.  It is neon stitched and so cute.  Only $20!

The colored skinny jeans I love for Sterling are also on sale and they have 4 great new colors! I ordered him two pairs.

Happy Shopping!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Life With Two: Surviving the First 11 weeks

 I got such a great response from my How I Do it Meal Time post and the Mommy Confessions, so I thought I would share a little insight into juggling life with two kids.   I love hearing from other moms and how you manage it all!
Below is the low down on life with two kids, it is both easier and harder than I thought it would be. 

The whole birthing experience was way easier.  I think because my body had been thru it before it knew what to do.  Pregnancy however was harder the second time around, way more taxing on my body.   I felt like I was 90 years old towards the end, plus the varicose veins I got were horrible.  Labor was much easier the second time and so was the recovery.  I was in labor with Sterling 30 hours, this time was 4 hours start to finish. Recovery time with Sterling was a good six weeks, I bled a ton and I was in alot of pain down there.  This time I took no pain medicine and the bleeding was much lighter and didn't last as long.  Birth experience all around easier for sure.

One thing I forgot about after I had Sterling was the hormones.  I was literally a crazy person for the first six weeks after Frances was born.  I cried almost everyday.   I know I had a touch of post partum- not in the sense that I wanted to hurt my children, I never felt like that at all, but just sad and overwhelmed.   Around 5 weeks I started to feel like myself again.  I did not take any meds but if you feel like you need meds afterwards because you are sad,  totally go that route.  Matt and I got into so many fights those first few weeks.  Two kids takes a toll on a marriage, I expected him to do more but never communicated what and he just thought I was crazy.  Since Matt works long hours I was used to single handily doing everything for Sterling but I quickly found I could not manage that with two.  He didn't understand why I was so upset but then again do men ever truly get what we go through??  I forgot how hard the first 6 weeks were.  You are happy not to be pregnant but its a whole different ballgame once that baby is out.  New moms just know it gets easier after the first 5-6 weeks.

With both pregnancies I gained around 35lbs.  I weighed in the hospital right after I had Frances and had only lost 10lbs- WTH.  I lost another 10 in the next two weeks but the last 15 has been tricky as I knew it would be. Those lucky few who only gain 25lbs during pregnancy have it made.   My sister bounced back so quickly after her son, that I thought I would too.  I still have 6lbs to go to get to my prebaby weight and I really don't think I will drop it til I stop breast feeding or start working out hard.  I know with Sterling by 6 months I felt and looked back to normal but for me the second time around is harder and longer to get back to normal. Not sure if my stomach will ever be the same though.   I am more frustrated this time around ready to be back to normal but I know it takes time for your body to shrink back.   With two the struggle is finding the time and energy to work out.  I hope as Frances gets older and the weather warms up this will be easier.

The biggest adjustment with two is there is literally no time for yourself.  I have started showering and doing my hair at night just to have time to get it done.  Mornings are usually too rushed to get it done and get the kids dressed and out the door.  After I shower at night I crash in bed, I am too tired to even read most nights.  I am on from 5:30 in the morning til 8:30 at night.  and really even longer because Frances still wakes up 1-2 times a night.  My body has gotten used to no sleep.  I was beyond exhausted the first 3 weeks and then it just felt like the new normal.  I can now function on little to no sleep.   I have not been alone by myself in a very long time.  I mean it has been four years since I was able to poop or pee alone- meanwhile Matt sleeps in and poops in silence.  In my next life I am coming back as a man. 

I had a hard time nursing Sterling. He never latched on right from the beginning so I had to do a mix of formula and breast milk from the get go.  I lasted three months nursing him and then quit.  It was too hard and my milk supply was too low.  I was much happier after I quit.   This time has been night and day different.  Breastfeeding has been easy this time around- although I still swear it is the hardest part of having baby.  You are always on demand and man do your nipples hurt.   I nurse Frances every three hours now and we are on a good schedule.  I only pump when I need bottle if I am going out.  I have yet to introduce formula but plan to in the next week few weeks because I have some trips coming up.  I don't know if I am just more laid back this time but I don't hate nursing like I did with Sterling.   I know my milk supply is way better this time so that helps.  The hardest part is dealing with Sterling while I nurse. He wants to climb all on me, punch my boobs, hit Frances in the face,  anything to get attention because he knows it is my one on one time with Frances. That has been really difficult.

Thank goodness Sterling is in school 5 days a week.  It has been nice to have alone time with Frances and bond with her.  But I do miss my one on one time Sterling.  Now that Frances is getting a bit older and we can space out feedings I want to carve time out for just me and him.  Something that surprised me post baby was how needy Sterling has been and the fact that he has acted out alot.  He has become very sassy and talks back all the time. I find myself getting angry and annoyed at him and I have to tell myself to take a deep breath and realize his world has been rocked too.  For 4 years he had all my attention. 

Are you surprised I made this a category??  Wine has been my saving grace post baby two.  It helps me unwind and feel back to normal.  I got many snarky comments on instagram about drinking while nursing.  I do not get drunk or drink more than two drinks (although really it is no one business but mine and Matt's how much I drink but dang people can be so judgmental).  My doctor said it is totally fine to have a glass of wine or two while nursing.  If I drink more I dump my milk easy as that.  You have to find that small thing that makes you happy and for me that is good wine- oh I have turned into such a wine snob post Frances since I don't drink much.  My 1-2 glasses better be damn good.  Mommy ain't got time for cheap wine.  Find what makes you happy and incorporate it back in your life- exercise is next for me when I find the time.
The new happy hour- bath time.

In order to get anything accomplished I must do it while Sterling is in school or while he naps. He still naps most days and if he doesn't he takes the ipad back to room for quiet time.  I run all my errands in the morning when it is just me and Frances.  Then at naptime I do blog work, emails and cook dinner.  Once Matt is home usually at night I straighten up and do laundry. It is a juggling act for sure.  While it stresses me out to the max to have unmade beds and toys everywhere, I have learned with two sometimes you just have to let it go.  Taking care of the kids is first priority so if I don't get to that I can't stress too much.  Now that Frances is older I am finding I have a little more time to straighten up and clean up.  I can't stand clutter everywhere but with kids its part of life now! 

Call me crazy but I already think about wanting a third child- but not anytime soon.  I grew up in a family of three and like that number.  Frances has been a doll of a baby and as hard as it is, I love being a Mom.  It is my life now, my kids are my greatest accomplishment and blessing.  I can not imagine my life without these two sweet souls.  It is a new kind of gratification, love, and happiness I never knew existed.  Matt only wants two kids though, so three may not be in the cards for us, who knows.  Either way I am immensely thankful for my two children and family of four!

I loved the quote below something important for us all to remember.  How do you manage your kids?

and a few of my favorite baby essentials:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

NDM Style : The Riley Tee

Me and the kids are snowed in, in Charlotte!!  I am hoping the roads clear up so we can get back to Charleston for Sterling's Birthday on Saturday.   I swear something happens every year right before his Birthday.  I call it the curse of his birthday week, last year the stomach bug hit us hard and we had to cancel his party, the year before I had my miscarriage on the day of his party,  and now this year the most snow Charlotte has seen in years hits while we are in town!  Oh well, just trusting God we can get back and celebrate my sweet boy turning 4 with his friends!
 I dreaming for some warmer weather when I can wear this blouse!

If you need a great basic versatile Summer Blouse, look no further than the Equipment Riley Blouse.  My pattern is old, but it comes in so many new patterns each season. 

The blouse is super light weight and so comfortable.   It is great for now with a Leather jacket and skinny jeans or jean shorts this Summer.  It runs true to size I would say, I am wearing a small.  As far as blouses go it is not too terribly expensive either!

I paired it with my newest obsession, The Loren Hope Clara Mini Bracelets.  They are great for stacking and layering.  I want one in every color!  They are a steal at $48!

 Love this Tory Burch Clutch, I carry it all the time.  Her clutches are my favorite because you can actually fit all your stuff inside them!

  If you are looking for the most comfortable pair of ballet flats, look no further than JCrew.  I want to snag another pair I love my blue pair so much!  They are made of the softest leather and are so easy to throw on with any outfit.

Here are all the current Equipment Riley Patterns for this season.  I want them all!  I especially love the python one!

and you can shop my whole look here:)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Love these sandals. Top on my list for Spring.  These need to happen in my closet.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect gray jeans for spring and these are the most gorgeous neutral shade.  I would wear these all the time!

I saw this clutch in the store yesterday and it is awesome.  Such soft leather and great colors.  Love the nude.   A fabulous price too, a must have clutch for Spring! 

This watch is so killer and best part it is under $100!!  The perfect Spring Watch!  I really like the tan leather band.

I am a huge fan of the Soft Joie line, it is a less expensive version of Joie.  This is the best chambray dress for Spring.  It would look killer with the TB flats above.  A great everyday dress and it looks comfy!
Love me some Zella leggings and I adore this new color combo for Spring.  Super cute paired with a white tee shirt.

Meet my new favorite sweater,  great for transitioning from Winter to spring because it is lightweight.   It is so soft and honestly cuter on than you would think.  It is 50% off right now too!

Nordstrom is having 40% off womens shoes right now and there are some good deals to be found.  I think these loafers are so cute.  I kind of love the blue and gold.  They also come in orange.  I think they would look great with skinny jeans or shorts. 

also love these metallic pink flipflops- so awesome for Summer and a steal!  you can check out the whole Nordstrom shoe sale here.  
Check out these TB Bow sandals they are too cute!