Monday, January 26, 2015

Scenes From Our Weekend

My sister came to visit this weekend, and we always have so much fun together. I so wish we lived in the same city.

I started off the weekend with a fun girls night out on Thursday.  We went out for Mexican and enjoyed lots of chips, margaritas and girl talk.  My girl nights help keep me sane!

Outfit Details:

I snapped this picture of Matt with the kids before I left, they were so happy to see their Daddy.

This week Frances finally started taking a few steps on her own.  More like a drunken wobble but still so proud of her walking on her own. 

Always love having cousin Finley in town.  We did some bath time Mohawks for the kids.
Bathing three kids however was not relaxing!

Saturday we took the kids and went to Lunch at Lee Lee's Hot Kitchen.  My sister had never been so I wanted her to try it!  The brussels sprouts there are so good and we of course had to have a fun cocktail.  We also had the ginger beef and pork noodles.

This blouse from Finicky Filly has become one of my favorites.
25% off with code MUSTHAVE here

Getting crazy with the kids.

I made pancakes both Saturday and Sunday. Sterling is pancake obsessed.  Little tip I buy a box of the whole wheat pancake mix and add in mashed bananas or blueberries.  It is so easy and so good.

Spent Sunday morning cuddled with the kids.  They both love to be held and cuddled in the morning and I just want to savor these moments.

Sunday we ate lunch at Rolling South, right near our house.  It was pretty darn tasty- I definitively overindulged in the food department this weekend, time for a fresh start today!

Nordstrom is running their special on Clinque, if you spend $32 you get a free gift.   I don't use many Clinque products but I do love this Moisture Surge Cream.  I alternate between it and my La Mer.  It really hydrates your skin and feels so smooth.

Til tonight you can take 25% off at Piperlime.
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My top pick is these shoes and of course my size is gone. Someone else snag them with the dicsount!

It's Monday. Word.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Top 5 Deals for the Weekend

This is the last weekend to save at Gigi New York.  Many of the colors are 60% off including the white which I think is gorgeous for Summer.
If you spend $100 you get a free body lotion which is one of my favorite products!!  This is a great time to try some new products, I promise you won't be disappointed by Beauty Counter I am obsessed.
I am so excited about the new scarlet lip color, I think it will be the perfect hint of red.

Piperlime just announced they are shutting down which makes me sad on many levels.  I loved that site but for us that means lots of good sales to come.  Several new items were just reduced.
also digging these Joie Leopard slip ons.  I keep wanting to get a pair of this style shoes for everyday wear.

This Milly dress is gorgeous!  Perect for a Spring Wedding.
 Another favorite is this Ella Moss Sweater Coat

Buy any sweater or top and get the second 50% off.

If you spend $100 you get $50 off your purchase, such a great deal! Use code 24HRS
I love the new Gap Crossbody bags.  They are $100 so today only you could snag one for $50.  I love the gray but it also comes in black and tan.

I also love these heart pjs bottoms.  My zebra ones came and they are so soft!

 and I just ordered this adorable top for Frances! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Take Me Away || Resort Pretties

Ever since we booked our vacation to St Maarten, all I can think about it is resort wear.  I keep scouring the internet looking for the perfect bathing suits, cover-ups and accessories to pack.   I can tell the next 5 months will involve much dreaming about my wardrobe for our vacation.

I did go ahead and treat myself to this Tassel Cover-up and Embellished Sandals
They make me smile every time I look at them thinking about our trip and warmer weather.  Besides our trip I know they will be staples in my Summer wardrobe.

I thought I would round-up a few of my favorites, that I keep lusting over.


resort 1



Thursday, January 22, 2015

What I Eat || A 3 Day Food Diary

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is what do I eat on a daily basis.   Do I diet and how do I stay thin?  I have to admit I love seeing what other people eat (especially celebrities).  I loved when Kristen Cavallari did a three day food diary so I thought I would do the same.  I tried to photograph every thing I put in my mouth best I could.   This was from this current week,  I documented Monday-Wednesday.

A few things.  I am happy with my weight right now, so it is more about maintaining this weight and not gaining.  I do not diet.  I love food way too much to restrict myself from anything.  I try to eat clean 70% of the time.  I do actually love salads and crave vegetables.  I am that weird person that when everyone else orders a burger I want the salad.  But I also love pizza, Mexican food, and indulging in alcohol too.   For me it is about enjoying those things in moderation.  I try to avoid pre-packaged and processed foods as much as I can.  I also try not to snack too much.  I try to eat fairly healthy during the week so on the weekends I can eat what I want and then get back on track Monday.   On Mondays and Tuesdays I focus heavily on a mostly vegetarian diet with no alcohol.   Those two days are like detox days to me, to cleanse from the weekend.   During the day I only drink water or unsweet green tea and lots of it.  I have just started exercising again but for me my weight is more determined by what I eat than rather I exercise or not.  I exercise for my mental sanity and to tone up not to lose weight.  I also want to mention I try and drink hot lemon water at least once a day, sometimes I don't but I think if you can it is so good for you.


Breakfast was homemade green juice.  The kids had a doctors appt so I did not have time to eat.  The juice is 2 apples, 1 bunch spinach, kale, 1 lemon, 1 jalapeno and fresh mint.

Lunch was Barefoot Contessa' s Quinoa Tabbouleh (from the Cookbook Make It Ahead) , a toasted whole wheat pita, hummus and marinated feta.

Dinner that night was Earthfare Sushi.  I normally buy a few rolls and me and Matt and Sterling share them all.  I try to brown rice when they have it.  I ate about a whole roll that night.

After I put the kids to bed I make Lemon Ginger Water.  I fill a pot with fresh water and add one sliced lemon and sliced pieces of fresh ginger and bring to a boil.  I drink about 2 glasses before bed.

Breakfast was my standard Avocado Toast (I use fresh 9 grain bread from the Harris Tetter or Publix bakery), two pieces of turkey bacon, and half a grapefruit.  Plus a cup of decaf coffee and 1/2 a Suja Master Cleanse.

 I met a friend for lunch at Xao Bao Biscuit.  I had the Cabbage Pancake.  I ate about 3/4 of it and drank hot lemon water with it.

Afternoon snack.  I can not resist goldfish. The kids and I split one of the small cartons of gold fish.

Dinner was green soup with avocado toast and sprouts.  I found this green soup recipe in Molly Sims new book and really liked it, although I added a little cheese and hot sauce to mine.

Green Soup
To make the soup you sautee 1/2 onion and 2 minced garlic cloves.  Add in a quart of Chicken stock and bring to a boil.  Add in one large head of broccoli trimmed, one bunch of kale stems removed and let simmer covered about 15 minutes.  Then add in 1 box or bag of baby spinach, salt and pepper.  Use an immersion blender and puree the whole thing.  I then added in fresh grated Parmesan cheese and haberno sauce to give it some flavor.

That night before bed I drank hot lemon water (no ginger this time) and took a shot of aloe vera juice.
I have read nothing but great things abut the health benefits of aloe vera juice.   I ordered mine here.

Breakfast was half a grapefruit, two pieces of turkey bacon and two energy balls.
I keep energy balls in my fridge most of the time, they are a great easy breakfast and the kids love them too.

Energy Balls : They are super easy to make: Mix 1 cup oats, 3/4 cups shredded coconut, 1/3 cup honey,1/2 cup Peanut Butter,  1/2 mini chocolate chips, 1 tsp vanilla. 1 tsp cinnamon.  Refrigerate for 30 mins then roll into balls.  Add flax seed or chia seeds if desired.

I had a piece of string cheese between breakfast and lunch.  I picked up lunch on the go because I had a million errands to run.  I eat in my car at least once a week!  I had the kale salad and spicy carrots from Butcher and Bee.

I was craving chocolate so I had one Justins Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup- these are so darn good.  It is hard not to eat both but I usually try to only eat one.

Dinner.  Wednesdays are always taco night.  I always have tequila too.
I normally eat two tacos one hard and one soft with no sides.

 I also normally have tequila.  We buy good tequila and just sip it.  I never drink mixed drinks it is extra calories.

Whew.  Are you bored yet?? That is what I ate for three days.  I am not health expert but I do try to take care of my body and this is what works for me.
Love to hear any tips or eating secrets you have!