Thursday, September 3, 2015

NYC Recap

 Hooray for the upcoming long weekend! 
 Today I wanted to share a recap of our trip to NYC and what we did while we were there.  We had such a fabulous time.  I only wish we could have stayed anther day or two to explore more of the city.  There were so many restaurants and shops we just didn't have time to get to. If you live in Charleston JetBlue is the way to go.  Matt and I had never flown Jet Blue before,  but it was cheap and we loved the extra leg space, personal TVs and free snacks ( side note this trip was not comped or sponsored at all, we just loved JetBlue).

We flew out of Charleston late Thursday afternoon and got to city around 6.  
One of our good friends from college and Matt's best friend from growing up was sweet enough to give us his apartment for the weekend.  He lives right in the Chelsea area, so it was a great location.  This was the view from his balcony.  It slightly terrified me but it was too gorgeous of a view to avoid.  The city was to the left and the Hudson River to the right.

Thursday night we ate at Buddakon which came highly recommended.  It did not disappoint.
Wearing Madewell Dress
The inside was so cool.  You might remeber it from Sex and The City.

We shared several different dishes which was the way to go.  By far our two favorite dishes were the Tuna Tartare and the Edamame Dumplings.  The edamame dumplings were one of the best things I have ever tasted.  I know it seems like they would be bland but they were full of flavor and seriously melted in your mouth.

The next day Matt and I headed out to Long Island to tour the Gigi New York Factory.  Since starting my blog, they have become like family to me so we didn't want to miss an opportunity to see how they make their purses.   The amazing thing is each purse is hand made, it was so inspiring to see how they were assembled.  Stay tuned because I am working on a special project with them!
This is Matt and I with the owner Tom.
 One of my favorite parts was all the rows of different leathers.  See all that leather behind me??  Pure heaven.
In addition to purses Gigi makes all sorts of leather goods.  This book was headed to President Obama- how cool is that??
Watched them assemble my favorite tassel key chains.
After touring Gigi we decided to venture out and explore Long Island since we were already out that way.  Matt really wanted to eat on the water so Tom recommend The Buoy Bar.  The views were gorgeous and the fish tacos were amazing.

After lunch we walked to the beach.
I played total tourist and made Matt take my picture.
We headed back to the city and decided to rest before dinner.  
 Took a few balcony pics before dinner

We stopped and had cocktails at Hells Kitchen before dinner.  
I had a cucumber martini and Matt had a pineapple martini and both were really tasty.
Then dinner was at Beauty and Essex.
While I think this is a fun spot to grab a drink we did not enjoy it for dinner.  We ordered several different items of food and they all were pretty disappointing.  The drinks however were amazing.  We both agreed the Lemon Basil cocktail we had there was our favorite all weekend.  
Added bonus in the ladies bathroom there is a champagne bar so after you pee grab a glass of champs:)

Saturday we got up and walked the High Line.  We loved it, it was not built last time we were in cityWe really enjoyed walking up above the city and all the beautiful greenery. That is Matt in the gray tee, he is such speed walker, I have to basically run to keep up with him:)

We got to Spotted Pig right before 11 and there was already a line.  

We got right in though and loved the atmosphere.  They also had a killer Bloody Mary with fresh horseradish.

The burger and corn soup were perfection.  We also had deviled eggs, eggplant toast, and the Cuban sandwich.  All the food at The Spotted Pig was pure heaven.  I can't say enough great things about this spot.

After lunch we walked around a bit to work off lunch.  Then we headed to the Standard Hotel Beer Garden.  I am so not a beer drinker but decided to try my hand at one.  The beer garden was super cool and I really recommend it.

With our good friend Richard who graciously offered us his condo for the weekend.

Next stop Magnolia Bakery.  We devoured our food too fast to snap pics but we had the banana pudding and devils food cupcake with caramel.
I loved the vintage floor inside.
This cross body purse was all I packed for the weekend and it was perfect.  It easily fit in my carry on and worked great for walking around the city.

After all that food we needed some exercise so we headed to Central Park and rented some bikes.  This was so much fun.  We biked all of Central Park and then biked to The Met. 
I still get amazed by these paintings that are composed of all small dots.  Truly incredible art.

After touring the museum we headed to the rooftop bar.  Gorgeous views of the city and delicious drinks and food.  They had my favorite Rose and Matt had a really good lobster roll.

After a quick shower and  outfit change we got ready to head to dinner.

Next stop was dinner at Lure
The inside was really cool, it felt like you were inside a ship.

The food at Lure was so good.  If you love seafood and sushi you must check out this spot.  
The tuna tacos and crispy sushi rice were awesome.  I also had the jalapeno sushi roll and peach salad.  Loved every single bite.

After dinner we headed to Estela for a glass of champagne.

Then the Bowery Hotel.  I had heard lots about celebrities hanging out here so I wanted to check it out.  Sadly no celebrity spottings this trip.
Matt and Richard chilling. Their serious face for the Bowery:)

Sunday we slept in because what else do you do when you are kid free??  Then we went to the very top of Richard's apartment building for one last view- why we waited til the last day to do this beats me.  It was stunning.

New York is such a magical city.  Matt and I both agreed we want to try and make it back once a year.  We were however both excited to see these cute faces and adorn them in the cheesy NYC gear we bought them!

Outfit Details:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Crunchy Thai Salad + Spicy Peanut Dressing | Nordstrom Clearance Sale

I think by now you all know I love a good salad.  Salads are my favorite thing to make and eat.
This chopped Thai Salad is so darn good.  The crunchy veggies paired with the slightly spicy peanut butter dressing is such an amazing combo.  I came across the recipe on Pinterest and made w few changes.  Since the veggies are crunchy this salad will save in the fridge for a few days without getting soggy.  I do recommend not using all the dressing at once if you plan to save it. I ate this for lunch but if you wanted a heartier meal this would e great with some chicken or shrimp.  It is a great end of Summer salad and way to use up veggies in your fridge!

|| C R U N C H Y  V E G E T A B L E  T H A I   S A L A D ||
adapted via Feasting at Home

-1/2 head purple cabbage shredded
- 1/2 head green or napa cabbage shredded ( you can also use the pre shredded bag kind)
- 1 red bell pepper julienned
- 1 yellow bell pepper julienned
- 1 cup snap peas, chopped
- 1 cup shredded carrots
- 3 green onions sliced
- 1/2 English cucumber sliced
- fresh mint chopped
- fresh basil chopped
- roasted salted peanuts chopped

S P I C Y  P E A N U T  B U T T E R  D R E S S I N G ||

Juice of 1/2 orange
juice of one 1 lime
1/4 C honey ( or agave)
2 Garlic cloves
3 Thin sliced disks of Ginger peeled ( about 1 ½ T)
¼ C vegetable oil
1 T toasted sesame oil
1 T soy sauce
1 tsp sriracha
3-4 T  peanut butter

Place all dressing ingredients in a blender and puree.  
Pour over chopped veggies and toss.  Serve with chopped peanuts and extra chopped fresh mint and basil on top.

I wanted to mention the Nordstrom Clearance Sale started today.  Stuff goes fast so shop early!
Below are a few of my women's favorites.  I will round up kids, men and home favorites later this week.  
This dress and this dress I own and are great!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Frances Moon's Fall Style

Today is reader request day wanting some suggestions for little girl's Fall looks.  I have to admit I have so much fun dressing Frances Moon these days.  I know there will come a day when all she wants to wear is glitter, sparkles and Disney paraphernalia but for now I can indulge my fashionista side dressing her. 

Tea has quickly become one of my favorite kids lines not just for Frances but Sterling too.  
Their Fall line is awesome!  I bought 3 of the dresses for Frances.
For those curious about sizing Frances wears a 2T. She could probably still fit 18-24 but I wanted her to have room to wear the clothes for awhile.


Floral Dress | Aztec Dress | Knit Henley Dress | Embroidered Dress
Colored Leggings | Leggings | Chambray Blouse 

Nordstrom has some great kid lines like Peek, Mini Boden and Tucker and Tate that I really like for Frances.  Added bonus much of the Tucker and Tate stuff is 40% off right now.

nordtrom kids

Tucker and Tate Jacket (40% off) | Mini Boden Dress | Mini Boden Chambray Dress | Tucker and Tate Vest (40% off)
Peek Blouse | Tucker and Tate Leggings (40% off)  | Mini Boden Tunic Dress | Tucker and Tate Blouse
This dress is more summer than Fall but it was just reduced to 40% off, and I love the tassels!
Tassel Dress

I love Gap and Old Navy for affordable kids clothes. They are usually always running some sort of sale.   I always buy Frances basic colored leggings from Old Navy, you can't beat the price. We actually picked up the leopard ones below for this Fall.  I couldn't resist the vest either, we had a similar one last Fall and wore it all the time.  Great news is right now you can take 30% off your GAP order with code SEPT and everything at Old Navy is on sale for Labor Day.

gap girls

Leopard Sweater | Pink Bow Dress | Feather Peasant Blouse |
Dot Dress | Leopard Leggings | Sherpa Vest | Bird Dress

I have to mention these shoes.  We bought them last year and got so many compliments on them.  They are adorable.  I love the new leopard version for this Fall (I just ordered Frances both colors).
Cat Slippers

Also love these Moccasin Sneakers.  Many of the mocs for babies and toddlers have soft soles and I like that these have a hard bottom.
Moccasin Sneakers

I love Pink Chicken and Progeny Shoppe for cool unique clothes for Frances.  They are a bit pricier though.  If you are local check out Sugar Snap Pea my favorite kids boutique in town, which now also has an online site as well!

etc kids

Girl + Boy Top | Pink Chicken Dress | GGB Dress
Girl + Boy Bubble Dress | Ava Dress | Mini Rodini Dress 

Lastly, for jewelry I love : Gunner and Lux and Twine and Twig Littles.
Shanlou and Shop Poppy Style both on instagram have some cute options as well.