Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Dreaded 10 + Losing it + A Sample Daily Diet + Workout Gear

 I had a physical two weeks ago and had to be weighed.  I used to weigh myself regularly but lately I have been avoiding the scale.  It is because I know I have put on some weight.  I can feel it, my jeans are tight and my stomach is not as flat as it usually is.  As I stepped on the scale I found myself closing my eyes.  Praying for a certain number.  When I opened them I was shocked.  I thought I had maybe gained 5lbs but that number showed 10lbs from what I normally like to weigh.  Now I was fully dressed with shoes on, so I like to think that maybe that accounts for 1-2lbs, but either way I have 10 pounds I need to shed. 

My main problem is portion control and snacking.   I eat fairly healthy for the most part but I have just felt hungry lately, eating more than I normally would.    I found myself finishing off the kids dinner and then eating a dinner of my own.  I have been eating way more bread and pasta then I normally do and eating seconds after dinner.  Part of the problem too is I have not been eating enough protein.  Matt lost weight when he turned to a meat free diet and I gained weight because I was eating more cheese, pasta and fillers.   

I am sharing all this on here because I want to hold myself accountable.  

It has been 10 days since I started trying to control my portions and I can already tell a difference with my appetite.   I did a similar diet to this before my wedding and it really worked.  It is heavy on protein with minimal carbs and sugar.  During the week I try and be really strict but on the weekends I accommodate for some splurges.  So far I have lost 3lbs.  It is a slow process but I know it works and the weight will stay off.

I wanted to share a sample daily meal plan of what I eat during the week.  I know there are a million different diets out there and I am no nutritional expert but this is just what works for me.  My mom and dad have been following the plan with me as well.  We all felt like we had a fairly indulgent summer.

1 Boiled Egg + Morning Star Sausage Patty + Avocado + Tomatoes
I try hard to stick to this breakfast because the egg really keeps me full.  I do get sick of eating boiled eggs and when I do I have oatmeal instead for breakfast.  I also drink a cup of black decaf coffee and  a cup of hot lemon water.

Asian Kale Salad + Two Turkey Cheese Roll-Ups + a Pickle
I have really tried to be consistent with this lunch as well.  The turkey also keeps me full.  If I don't have a pre-made salad made I sometimes have sauerkraut on the side.

Salmon Cake + Butterbeans + Heirloom Tomato Salad
For dinners I have tried to mainly eat salads, veggie plates or fish with veggies.  I have also tried to eat early like before 7 if possible.  If we make tacos, I use lettuce for the shells and make substitutions like that to avoid carbs.

I have really tried to cut back on snacking but sometimes you just need a snack.  When I do I will have nuts, usually pistachios or drink a V8 because it helps fill me up.  
I have also been trying hard to up my water intake.  We have a measured fill on our fridge and I try and drink at least 50 ounces a day.  
I still have wine, I can't totally cut that out- I need it for my sanity!  However I only drink water and unsweetened green tea during the day.  No other drinks with sugar.

 I hurt my back this Summer right after St Maarten and I am still not sure exactly what happened to it.  I tried to run once on our beach vacation and that really pushed it over the edge.  I was in so much pain and could barely move certain ways.  6 weeks later it is finally better but  I have avoided running because of that.  Instead I have tried to do barre class more regularly and walk some.  I aim 4 days a week at barre.  The barre class I attended is called extreme barre and I frequently leave class drenched in sweat so I know I am getting a good workout!  

It is always fun to have new clothes to workout with.  I treat myself as a reward of losing weight and getting to the gym more often.  I know its silly but I get a little excited about the gym when I have a new outfit to wear.  Below are a few of my go-to favorites.   Many are on sale and I denoted that beside them.

Sports Bra (on sale)
I love this style sports bra because it really supports you when you work out.  It hooks in the back like a regular bra ad really keeps your chest area secure.

I like light weight tanks and ones that are not super fitted when I work out.  This style is great and only $20 right now.

These high waisted leggings are my favorite because they really suck everything in!  I am partial to the black but a few colors are on sale now.
They also come in some really fun prints in the high waist style.

I own like 4 of these tanks.  I love them especially for running but they are great for yoga and barre too.  I sized up to a medium in these because I don't like my tanks fitted. 

I enjoy this style for yoga and barre class.  It is a lightweight material.

My favorite shorts.  I love the fit of these because they have a thick waistband and the leggings are not fitted.  Also on sale in blue print.

Nikes are my favorite workout shoes.  I just ordered these from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and love them.  They come in 4 color options.
My sister gave me this Yoga Mat for Christmas and I love it.  It is a good thickness and I don;t have trouble sliding on it like I did my old one.   They come in a bunch of other patterns here too.
Great to toss on for those chilly mornings.  I sometimes run in mine too if it is really cold.

This is s bit thicker then the previous one.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lentil Taco Salad + OOTD's Restocked on Sale

I am always trying to think of fun vegetarian spins on meals we love.  I love any and all Mexican food and since I have been trying hard to cut back on carbs I knew I wanted a good salad for dinner last week.  I decided to sub beans in place of the taco meat and it was off the hook good.  The key is to use dried beans and slow cook them and then season them as you would your taco meat.  I absolutely loved this salad and will be making it again!

L E N T I L  T A C O  S A L A D 

- 1 cup dried lentils cooked according to package
- taco seasning (see below for recipe)
- shredded romaine lettuce
- chopped cherry tomatoes
- 1 avocado diced, sprinkled with salt and lemon juice
- 3 ears corn, cooked and shucked
- 1/2 red onion thinly sliced soaked on ice water for 10 minutes
- 2 jalapenos sliced thinly
- Goddess dressing- I buy this at a local restaurant but also like the Annie's Organic Brand
- salsa and hot sauce for serving.

Cook the lentils according to the package and then season with taco seasoning.
I use this recipe to make my own:

1 tablespoon chili powder
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon black pepper

The beans will be spicy so add less of this seasoning if you don't want them quite as spicy.  

Boil the corn for about 15 minutes and then shuck it.  

Assemble all ingredients in a large bowl and then have everyone serve their individual bowls to their liking.

I wanted to share a few of my recent outfits that are now reduced.

I love the pattern on this blouse and the fun flirty style.  I wore this floral blouse yesterday paired with my Twine and Twig Necklace.  I love the color combination of pink, blue and purples.  Runs slightly on the large side so if you are between sizes, size down.  I am wearing an XS.

My Trina Turk suit is back in stock in only a few sizes.  It is still part of the Anniversary sale which ends the 8th.

One of my favorite beach Cover-ups is now reduced.  It also comes in a pretty blue color!  I am wearing a size XS. 

Such a great embroidered dress.  Runs TTS.

Size down as these stretch quite a bit, I have a small in this style.

Now 50% off making it only $27. I am wearing a size small.

Now 50% off.

Scroll through to see some other items just marked down at Shopbop.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Style Files Vol 13 | Effortless Mommy Style

I have a fun new line to share with y'all today and its all about chic Mommy style.  I am sure you have heard of Shop Buru before, I know I have mentioned it on here several times.  If you have not you must check it out! I just adore Morgan the owner and creative force behind the site.  She is beyond cool and just the sweetest most down to earth Mama.  Shop Buru carries lines like Milly, Mara Hoffman, Rachel Pally and kid's styles as well.  

Yesterday Morgan launched the White Label for Shop Buru.  This line was created specifically for us moms- the pieces are washable and perfect for our post baby bodies- they are also nursing friendly for any of you newer moms.  The pieces are made to be versatile so you could wear them from the carpool line out for dinner and cocktails.  Many are made to be worn during pregnancy and after as well. The price point is not crazy expensive either, the line ranges from $60-$175.

I loved so many of the pieces but this dress just had my name written all over it.  I love nothing more than a comfy tee shirt dress.    
To celebrate the launch of the White Label Collection you can use code DB&DD15 to take 15% off your orders!  With the code this dress is under $100.

This is the softest dress ever and it would be great during pregnancy as well.   It is especially perfect for these hot Summer days we have been having because it is so lightweight.  I would totally wear it into Fall as well paired with booties and a leather jacket. 
I am wearing a size small for reference.  

You can shop the entire line HERE.  These 5 are my personal favorites.  

This is the same style as my dress but in black.  You can't ever go wrong with a black dress.  

I actually ordered this jacket for the Fall.  I tried it on during a photo shoot and loved it.  It looks cute with jeans but also over dresses too.  The olive green is such a flattering shade on everyone.

I love the idea of this paired with a white tee and skinny jeans.  Such a classic but fun jacket.  Black and White stripes never go out of style.

Forgiving black pants, that are comfortable and stylish.   I feel like I would live in these this Fall.

I tried this on and I am not normally a skirt person but loved this.  It had so much stretch to it and the color is perfect for Fall.  I would pair this with a looser blouse or tunic. 
Use the code FREESHIP for free shipping on any and all orders!  
Scroll through to see the entire White Label Line below

Photography | Athena Crofts

Monday, August 1, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  

I snapped this picture of Frances Moon Friday morning when I was trying to get ready.  She was ready to tackle Friday in her heels and lipstick, no pants needed:)

Friday my dad and I went car shopping and I bought a new car!  My current car was about 8 years old so I was so excited to get something new.  I went with the Honda Pilot and just love it.  I really wanted something with three rows and it has lots of space.  Of course we had to celebrate with champagne afterwards.

Several people wanted to know about the fit of this dress.  It is loose and swingy.  Here is a full length view of it.  I am wearing a size small.

Had to include one picture of my new ride! 

Saturday I made the most delicious veggie sandwich.  I had lots of comments on instagram wanting the recipe so here you go:
Use whole grain bread, then layer one slice with chive cream cheese and the other piece with sun dried tomato tapenade.  Then pile on veggies,  I used tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, avocado, red onion, and provolone cheese. 

Another day in her bathing suit:) We have really enjoyed these Native shoes this Summer.   They are more light weight than the regular Natives, but they can still get wet and are easy to clean.  
Natives - on sale in a few color options HERE
Saturday afternoon we went to a really fun crabbing party.  There was a crabbing contest to see who could catch the most crabs followed by a party with lots of great food and drinks.  The party was held at a gorgeous house on the water.  I could not get enough of the views. 
 We managed to snap a winning family photo. 
This kid loves crabs.  Can you tell he is just a little excited to crack some open and eat them??

All the kids, they have been friends since they were babies.

Me and my girl Caycee. 
Outfit Details
These cotton shorts are the best!  I bought two pairs last year in solid colors so when I saw the print version I was so excited.  They have an elastic waist so you just pull them on and they are so comfortable!  

The most gorgeous sunset and perfect end to our evening on the water.
Sunday we went to my parent's pool to swim.
Stripes + Stripes and both are on sale.  

Sunday night we had our neighbors over for dinner.  Matt was in a fishing tournament this weekend and he didn't win but he did come home with lots of fresh fish, so we made fish tacos.  
I made a yummy Mexican Salad to go with the tacos.
I honestly just made this salad up with what I had at home:
Arugula, 5 ears of corn boiled and shucked, diced cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, 1 jalapeno diced, 1/2 bell pepper diced, queso fresco crumbled.  
The vinaigrette was just olive oil, garlic, lime juice, and red wine vinegar. 

Have a great Monday!