Friday, February 20, 2015

Spring Round-Up for The Kids

I don't know about ya'll but lately my kids have been growing like crazy!!  All of Sterling's pants are like high waters on him now and the sleeves on his shirts are way too short.  His teachers even hinted to me it might be time to buy some new clothes that fit him:) He hit a major growth spurt.  Frances is the same growing like a weed.  

Good news is there is some adorable stuff out this Spring for kids.  I thought I would do a round-up of my favorites from my favorite kid stores.

Gap has been killing it lately with their kids stuff.  It has quickly become my go-to place to shop for Sterling and Frances.  I love  that is is affordable and holds up well.  
Just ordered both the Embroidered dresses for Frances (you know I love something embroidered).
My mom bought Frances the white embroidered shorts and they are the cutest things ever.  Can't wait to pair them with a white blouse and cute sandals this Summer.
Use code MAJOR for 30% off all orders til Saturday.


Sterling is kind of opinionated these days on what he wants to wear.  He likes comfy pants (aka sweatpants) and tee shirts.  I like to give him the freedom to choose what he wants to wear.  We just bought these Gap ones,  I like that they are plain but cuter than regular old sweatpants.  The shark pjs are beyond adorable, also love this dinosaur version.  All the items below he helped me pick out for the post and said he would wear them:)

Gap bOYS

Camo Windbreaker | Cut- Off Shorts | Sweatpants | Shark PJS | Fish Tee | Camo ShoesCamo Sweat Shorts | Batman Tee

|| C R E W  C U T S ||

I always love Crew Cuts.  It is pricey than Gap but man their stuff is so cute.  Right now you can take 25% off your order if you use you JCrew Card with code CARDSHOP. or 20% off with code SHOPPINGTIME
 My favorites:


 also in purple.

This is so happening for Frances Moon.  This is the last year I will put her in bubbles so gotta take advantage of them and showing off her chunky legs.



This would be adorable with white shorts or cut off jean shorts.

Sterling loves anything that glows in the dark.

Such a cool print for the boys.

These are our favorite polo shirts, they fit so well.  They run on the small side so order up if you are between sizes.


|| N O R D S T R O M ||
I love the Tea, Mini Boden and Tucker and Tate lines carried at Nordstrom.


 Panther Tee | Lion Romper | Stripe Shorts | Embroidered Dress | Star Pants Stripe Two Piece
You just can't beat the prices at Old Navy.
Actually bought the skinny khakis and shorts for Sterling.  and now he has insisted he wants the "5" tee.  Wish I had seen it before his birthday to order (it comes also comes in 1-4).
Use code FORTUNE for 30% off all full priced items.
Or use code LUCKY to get additional 20% sale
old navy kids

Skinny Khackis Bow Tie Shirt | Canvas Shoes | Shark Boat Hat | 5 Tee | Twill Shorts (only $8)
Stripe Sweater

Ordered the gladiator sandals for Frances in two colors I loved them so much.  They are pretty freaking awesome.
Also bought the adorable hooded jean jacket

old navy kids 2

Now we just need some warmer temps to wear all this cute stuff!


Julie said...

I am loving Gap baby for some precious play clothes! Their sales are killer too!

Unknown said...

I've also been loving Gap and Old Navy for baby clothes!

Lyna said...

I'm really surprised with all the cute stuff Old Navy has for all of your picks! :)

Pink Flamingo Style said...

LOVE that floral dress from Old Navy and the shark PJ's!!! So cute!!!


Renee said...

I'm so bummed that Poppy dress from the Gap is gone already. I knew I should have got it when I saw it a couple of weeks ago.

Lisa said...

such good picks! Putting miss emma poppy in as many bubbles as i can too! gap has a super cute pale yellow embroidered one I just bought! AND we just moved to San Diego and in Old Town there's a ton of super cute embroidered tops/dresses straight from Mexico-- so boho & adorable!!! Buying a ton for her and me haha :)