Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blog Sale Time!

Ladies I am knee deep cleaning out our closets while my little man is away.  Here are a few pieces for sale.  I may add more so be on the lookout!  Shipping is $5 and I will combine if you buy more than one item.  Email me with questions or if you want to buy:









Friday, October 19, 2012

Thoughts For Friday

First all I loved each and every response I got from my post yesterday.  You girls rock, so glad I am not the only freak.  I loved it so much I am already working on Confession Part 2 so stayed tuned!

Here is one more confession.  My parents took Sterling for the entire weekend so Matt and I could have some alone time and hit up my girl Caycee's Halloween Party.  I was sad the minute I dropped him off and I keep missing him.  Our house is so quiet without him.  I know I should enjoy the alone time but I miss my little man like crazy.  However come Saturday morning when Matt and I are both hungover I know I will be glad to have some alone time!

Lets chat about Emily and Jef.  I saw this coming from a mile away.  Not shocked at all.  Not sure if it was her being a gold digger or him being shady, we shall see.   Side comment and this is going to be rude but poor Anne Hathway in her wedding dress.  What the heck is up with that head piece?  She does look really happy though.

I was so excited to see a feature on Josh Bowman in the new Instyle (November Issue).  I have a major crush on him since I started watching Revenge.  What does Emily VanCamp have on me - well besides the fact that she is not married and has no kids??  I love me some Josh.

It is like the universe is telling me to shop this week. Now it is the Friends and Family event at Saks with 20% everything.  If you missed out on Shopbop its not too late at Saks!  Use Code AFF12 to get the discount.

Here are my top picks from Saks!
 We are celebrating my sister-in-laws Birthday this Sunday and I am making these Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing.  Thanks to Martha this is a tried and true favorite.  They are so easy to make and amazing,  You can get the recipe HERE.

I know I have a closet full of blouses but this was one I could not resist.  I love the Hunter Green color and tunic style.  I can't wait to wear mine with leggings and booties.  Such a steal only $27.

 I came across this quote last night and it made me bust out laughing.
  So true!

I am including this for Matt, this morning he showed me this picture and said Gwyneth looked a grandma.  Those are fighting words around here.  She always looks great to me.

 A little Friday Inspiration.  I will be back Monday with some crazy pictures from our kid free weekend:)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

These are My Confessions.....

Lets play a fun game today.  Want to get to know me even better?  Here are a few confessions.  Since I shared mine its only fair you share one of yours!

*When someone introduces themselves to me I almost always blank out and forget their name.  It is like my mind does something weird and I can never remember names the first time I meet someone.  So sorry if you recently met me, please reintroduce yourself!

* I have been dying my hair since I was 13 and I am bit of a blonderexic.  I never feel like my hair is blonde enough- its a real sickness people! 

* Speaking of hair sometimes I only wash it twice a week.  I usually just pull it back in a hair clip if it is not washed.   This makes Sterling mad.  Everyday he says "mama hair down please."  True story today at Starbucks the woman working there told me my hair looked nice (she sees me regularly) and I told her it was because I had actually washed and styled it that day.

* If I am drinking I prefer wine or straight liquor.  I hate sugary mixers. I like my tequila straight and my vodka mixed with only fresh lemon juice. 

* I am a major hypochondriac, like seriously.  I google every little pain I have and then convince myself I am dying. 

* Ever since having Sterling I have major anxiety driving on the highway.  I am always so worried something will happen while I am driving and his life is in my hands. I'm crazy I know.  I have even more anxiety when someone else is driving, I would rather be in control.

* I am sick of hearing about the election.  People need to keep their mouths shut and quietly vote for who they want to instead of judging everyone else about their choices.  Matt this means you- stop your posts on FB its annoying!!

* I have a slight obsession with gay men.  Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, Nate Berkus,  and Neil Patrick Harris are my gay dream team.  I need a night out with them!  Really I just need a gay bestie.

* Sometimes (ok alot of times) I just throw away plastic grocery bags instead of saving and recycling them.  I get sick of seeing the used ones pile up.

* I am a neat freak but not a clean freak.  I like no clutter out and about in my house, so I am always picking up things so it looks and appears clean, but I never do a deep clean.  The last time my parents stayed here to babysit Sterling my dad mopped all my floors to show me the proper way to clean- that's how bad it was.

* I hate to fly,  it gives me anxiety thinking about.  In order to fly I need several alcoholic beverages to calm myself down, then I am a decent flier.  Everyone in my family argues over who has to sit with me when we fly because when I get nervous I turn into Chatty Cathy.  I think talking alot is my coping mechanism to forget I am on a plane.  Matt hates to fly too so God Bless Sterling I pray he doesn't get that gene.  I will put on a strong face for him when we do a family flight. (Unlike Aviva I do not expect a welcome party when I get on plane and fly somewhere).

* I never take pills.  I never did any drugs in college and I still rarely even take medicine.  I have to be really, really sick to result to medicine.  I mean I never even take Tylenol.  Alcohol is my only indulgence. 

* I majored in journalism at UNC and always had big dreams of working at a fashion magazine (Vogue or Instyle) in NYC after college. That obviously never happened but sometimes I still dream about that life.

* I am a total book worm I love reading.  There is no set genre I prefer to read,  I love to read anything and everything that moves me.  Matt often makes fun of me for getting so engrossed in a book.

* When I first found out I was having a boy I was a touch sad.  I had always envisioned myself with a girl, in fact I was convinced I was having a girl.  My mom, my sister and I have such a tight relationship I just always envisioned myself with a girl.    Of course after actually birthing and having a baby you realize any healthy baby is such a blessing.  Now I adore having a boy, Sterling is such a Mama's boy, and the light of my life!  I would be happy with a house full of boys!   My one concern is when I am older,  boys always take off with their wives and start a new life, and girls usually take care of their parents and stay in touch more.  I fear Sterling will never call or visit me when he is older.

* During the day all I drink is water or unsweet green tea.  I never have juice (only my green juice I make) or soft drinks.

* Halloween is my least favorite holiday and of course it is Sterling's favorite.  I am so not into decorating with ghosts, witches, and vampires but he loves it so I do it (Dollar Store Style of course, I am not spending lots of money on goblins etc).

* I am addicted to Reality TV, really nowadays it is the only TV I care to watch.  There are so many negative things going on in the world I like to zone out and watch mindless TV- where the peeps are crazier than me!

* I have a closet filled with only dresses and purses.  I have taken over two of the biggest closets in our house.  My other closet is filled with blouses and jackets.  Poor Matt and Sterling!

* I am terrified of sharks and only ever get in the water up to my knees.  Matt finds this hilarious since he is a surfer and always out deep. 

* One of my favorite places to shop is TJMaxx and Marshalls.  I love the thrill of finding a good bargain.  I don't understand people who never shop there! You have to put in a little time looking but some great deals can be found there.  I stop in ours about once a week.

* My favorite type of food is Mexican.  I could eat it everyday.

Ok, so I have been brutally honest and now you probably think I am crazy but I promise I am not.  We all have our issues!   Please dish some secrets to make me feel better:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chicken Salad Crescent Rolls

I hope you brought your appetites today because this recipe is mouth wateringly good. Crisp chicken salad, lots of melted cheese,  all rolled up into a buttery crescent roll- tell me that doesn't sound amazing?  Well these rolls are pure perfection.  We had a birthday brunch for my mom a few weeks ago and made these and they were a huge hit!  The original recipe calls for the crescent triangles to be sliced in half to make bite size appetizer rolls.  We didn't cut them since this was more of a lunch than an appetizer but you could make them either way!  We served them with pasta salad, broccoli salad, cucumber sandwiches and mimosas of course!  It was the most delish Birthday brunch ever.   You must make these, I promise you will love them.  They would be a great weeknight meal too because they are easy and kids will gobble them up!

{Chicken Salad Crescent Rolls}
Adapted from Plain Chicken


2 cups chopped chicken
1 cup celery
1 tsp worcestershire sauce
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
3/4 cup mayo
3 cans crescent rolls
8 slices cheddar cheese (I used Cracker Barrel extra sharp cheddar)
poppy seeds

Mix together first six ingredients and set aside (or chill if making crescents later).

Preheat oven to 375. Separate crescent rolls into triangles. Cut each triangle in half to form two triangles. (This is the step I omitted)  Place 1/3 slice of cheddar cheese on top of crescent roll, top with a tablespoon scoop of chicken salad (I used a small cookie scoop) and roll up the crescent roll. Place on cookie sheet. Sprinkle with poppy seeds. Repeat with remaining crescent rolls. Bake at 375 for 18-20 minutes, or until golden brown.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tell Me You Don't Love a Good Sale!

In case you didn't know ShopBop is having their annual Friends and Family Sale, it is only today and tomorrow so go get your shop on ladies!  It is 20% all purchases!  Just use the code WEAREFAMILY to get 20% off your purchases.  Scroll through to see a few items I have been stalking.  See if you can guess which ones are headed my way:)  Now is the time to buy those fall items you have been considering!


I am smitten with this Rory Becca Number.  The perfect dress to dress up or down and I have been really into Navy for Fall.

{Good Food Made Simple Steel Cut Oats}
This is my newest breakfast obsession.  You can find it in the freezer section and all you have to do is microwave it for three minutes and breakfast is served.  Usually I don't buy premade things like this, but it has only natural ingredients (steel cut oats, brown sugar, dried fruit).  It actually tastes delish!  I always add a little fresh cinnamon to the top of mine.  It saves me time from making my own and it is so good for you!

I have desperately been wanting some leopard ballet flats and these are some of the cutest I have seen!  I am leaning towards the black and white pair but honestly love them both!

Even though the temps here have not been very fall like here,  I have really been into fall recipes.  We made this soup last night and served it with Truffled Gouda Grilled Cheeses.  I forgot how amazing this soup is, please make it you won't regret!  The recipe is under my recipes tab.

I am convinced I need a faux fur throw for my bed.
At least for the fall months, it looks so luxurious.

I found a great version at West Elm that I think needs to be mine.  Can't you just imagine being cuddled up on the sofa one cold and deary day sipping hot chocolate/drinking red wine snuggled up with this blanket!!  Pure perfection.

{Madewell ColorBlock Sweater}
Obsessed with this neon yellow/tan color combo! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Shopping For Boys It Ain't Easy!

When I first found out I was having a boy my first thought was what the heck am I going to dress a boy in?  I know a thing or two about dressing girls but boys I didn't even know where to begin.  When Sterling was young I loved to dress him in all things traditional like bubbles and jon-jons.  Now that he is older I feel like he looks silly in that stuff now.  He no longer looks like a baby and has really morphed into a little man the past few months- a very opinionated young man at that, always wanting to choose his clothes for the day and of course it is usually not what I want him to wear!

I always thought I would continue to dress Sterling traditionally but I have actually started to like a more modern/urban look for my sweet boy.  Don't get me wrong I still love some traditional outfits and actually love to mix traditional pieces with edgier fun pieces (think jon-jons with bright green pumas).    I never thought I would gain so much pleasure from shopping for boy stuff but I really do!  I honestly sometimes like shopping for him more than me. 

For all you moms with little boys, you know it is hard to find cute stuff.  The stores are biased and always have way more stuff for girls than boys.   I always walk in stores and there are racks and racks of girl clothes and a tiny section for boys- not fair.   There are always cute clothes up to age two but after that I find it is hard to find a good selection most places.   Boys deserve to look cute too!

My go-to places to shop for cute Boy stuff are JCrew and Gap for basics, and Zappos for shoes/Hatley pieces.  I love that Zappos has free shipping and returns.   Locally,  I love Sugar Snap Pea for Tea Collection and other great play clothes. Any other great sites I am missing out on?

Below are a few things we have purchased Sterling for Fall and I love them all.  You can't go wrong with any of the pieces and they are easy to mix and match.

Little Man Fall Shopping

J Crew Boys French Terry| Gap Button Shawl Pullover| JCrew Long Sleeve Ringer Tee| JCrew Winter Fleece|
Gap Colored Skinny JeansTea Super Side Stripe Pants| JCrew Camp Sweatpant| Tea Collection Knit Playware Pants

I am kind of a shoe hoarder and love to buy shoes for Sterling which is funny because I rarely buy shoes for myself.  The shoes below are his line-up for fall and they are all in pretty heavy rotation.   Sterling is obsessed with his Minnetonka slippers and wants to wear them to bed everynight!  The Pumas and Converse are daily staples.  The Minnetonka Boots and Wallabees are favorites of mine (Rachel Zoe even likes the Minnetonka boots for her son Skylar).

Shoes For Little Man

 Converse High-Tops| Minnetonka Chukka Moccasin BootsHunter Rainboots
Puma Whilrwind V| Minnetonka Pile Lined SlippersClarks Wallabee

Below are a few miscellaneous items we love.  Sterling has the Hatley dinosaur raincoat and adores it.  I swear the first drop of rain and he insists he needs his rainboots and raincoat.   I swear by the Hatley pajamas too.    I love all things Patagonia.  Last year Sterling went through a weird phase where he wanted to wear socks on his hands all the time so I bought him the Patagonia Mittens to replace the socks, worked like a charm.  He still loves the mittens.

Misc Little Man

Oh and because I can't resist,  how adorable is this picture from our Halloween playgroup Friday?  My Spiderman was in full effect!