Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Art of Fashion

I consider myself to be a pretty trendy dresser. I love to read all the latest fashion magazines and keep up with all the trends. When my new bazaar or instyle comes I can't wait to tear through it and look at all the beautiful clothes! I love trapeze dresses, high waisted skirts, loose blouses all things that I consider fashionable and if I saw another woman wearing any of them I would think "wow she looks cute." Matt begs to differ he says I dress like a pregnant woman and wishes I would dress more casually like a t-shirt and jeans or polo shirt. Casual really is not my style, I feel most comfortable in a dress. I am learning to dress more casually now that I have a baby at home but you will never see me in sweats and t-shirt. I just keep rocking my old clothes with a much more expensive dry cleaning bill from all the spit-up and pee! I don't do preppy either, I see other women that dress preppy and think they look cute it just isn't for me!

Which is funny because I like my men to be dressed preppy. I love a man in khaki pants and a button down shirt and I love my baby boy in bubbles and jon-jons. I am going to keep dressing Sterling in bubbles and jon-jons for as long as I can because after that what can you dress a little boy in that's cute? I dread the day when he says mom I want to wear my sponge bob outfit to class today, yikes! so I want to keep him dressed sweet for as long as I can!

Here is a little sneak peek of a precious outfit I got Sterling to wear next weekend for the 4th of July. I can't wait to put my peanut in this precious Old English American flags bubble.

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