Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm on a Boat

We finally took Sterling on his first boat ride this weekend! He really loved it and didn't even cry once. This made his daddy very happy because he is boat obsessed and was worried about his son not loving boats as much as he does. We had a lovely afternoon cruising around. This time of the year is just gorgeous here!

Matt's pride and joy, his boat, AKA "peanut". Sometimes I think he loves this boat more than us:)

Matt's requirement to take the boat out, fried chicken and Bud Light. I did manage to sneak some LaCrema for me (it's hidden in the Perrier bottle, the captain prefers no glass bottles on his boat)!

Loving his first boat ride!

our self portrait

Cuddling with my little man- it was quite chilly out on the water!

Helping daddy drive the boat

Trying to get a smile out of my little man, useless when the camera comes out. Normally he is so smiley but once he sees the camera, he is all Mr. Serious.

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caycee said...

He is so stinking cute, I just love me some Sterling :) Glad you guys had fun on the boat :)