Monday, January 17, 2011

The Goldies

Overall, I was very impressed with the Golden Globes Red Carpet. Award Season is my jam. I look forward to it every year. Not for the awards, because God knows I never get out to see a movie, but for the fashion!! This year bold colors, long sleeves and one shoulder dresses seemed to be the rage. Here are a few of my favorite looks:
Anne Hathaway. I love everything about this dress. The sequins, the back, the color!

Mandy Moore. This is one of my all time favorite colors, so how could I not like this dress?

Jane Krakowski. One of the best pregnancy looks I have seen. Amazing color and fit, she literally is glowing!

Leighton Meester. Love this dress!

Claire Danes. Love the hair and dress color. I think this was such a flattering and sophisticated look. One of my top favorites!

Amy Adams. She looks amazing post-baby. Navy is such a flattering color.

Angelina Jolie. I am gaga for this gorgeous green color. This is might be my favorite dress. Beyond gorgeous.

Kyra Sedgewick. She looks great for her age! I love that she chose a Mustard colored dress, great color on her.

Catherine Zeta-Zones. Love the color and fit. She looks gorgeous!

Emma Stone. I am all about Coral this spring! I love the simplicity of her dress. Might have been too simple for the GG, but still a stunning dress.

A Few of my least favorite looks:
Christina Aguilera. Not a fan of the black/nude lace combo. She looks trampy.

Scarlett Johansson. Sorry, but she looks like an old lady.

Michelle Williams. I do not the love the huge daisies all over her dress.

On the Fence:
Three looks, I can't decide if I love or hate:
Lea Michele

January Jones

Julianne Moore

I will leave you with this pretty face. How gorg does my BF Zac look?

What looks did you love or hate?


Jill said...

I totally agree with you on Anne, she looked amazing. Rachel Zoe does it again!!

Your post over the weekend about Sterling was so cute:)

Ruthie {Look Learn Love} said...

Agreed totally about the 'least favorite looks' I always wonder what they (their stylists) were thinking - afterwards do they see what we saw and agree or do they still think they looked good??

Alicia xoxxo said...

We do agree on most!!! I forgot Kyra! I loved her dress! I just love awards season! It is so much fun to see what everyone is wearing! Good choices!

Christina said...

i am in love with kyra's dress. that color!! i love the color of angelina's too. and as for zac...oh zac...that face. but where did his hair go? i mean i know he cut it for a movie, but i want it back!!

Lindsay said...

Angelina's dress was stunning. Not a fan of her, but she looked great as always!

caycee said...

They all look amazing!!!! I actually def love Lea Michele pink dress!!!

PS gave you a little Blog love today!

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Yep, Anne's was my fave and Michelle's was my least :)

California Wife said...

You've got a great list here! I think Anne Hathaway wins for my favorite hands down!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Ok Natalie! You read my mind on a few things. Check out my post on!
I do like Ann's dress but I think Eva shut it down. And Zack is oh so Fine!!!

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

Haha, your bf Zac looks amazing! I think Jane Krakowski looked so wonderful. You're right, she was glowing. Her dress was so perfect because it highlighted her baby bump, but it was still flowing enough to be super flattering for her. Angelina in the green gown = goddess.

Stefanie said...

I loved Amy Adams' dress, and I thought January Jones' dress was a showstopper. Your BF is very cute!

Michaela said...

I'm in full agreement! I'd die to wear some of these dresses. My favorites are Amy's and Catherine's and Anne's...although I don't think I could personally pull off that backless dress, I still love it (:

And, I thought we went over this...Zac is my BF (;

Jenny Castle Design said...

Loved all the emerald green dresses...such a fancy, romantic color!

Balancing Lisa said...

I agree with all of your picks! I LOVED Angelina's dress!!

Mama L said...

hahahha! I totally paid out Leighton on my blog!! Sorry! I just thought she could've pulled off something a little more daring and fresh. Loved Kyra's look too. My other husband Brad looked rather fetching too...

Niki said...

I think Mandy's is my favorite. I love a good sapphire blue!

erica said...

Ann looked amazing. However I was disappointed that no one really wowed me with their dresses. I was hoping someone would have something that I would lust after. However that did not happen.


Tess said...

Totally agree with your picks.

GiGi said...

i'm so glad we agree on leighton....i would wear that dress 24/7...even with spit up all over it.

Megan // Honey We're Home said...

What did you think of Ms. Halle Berry??