Friday, November 16, 2012

Confessions Part 2: Keeping it Real

Ok, ladies I loved your comments so much the last time I did my Confessions Post, I am back with part two.  Hope you enjoy and as always please share your confessions to make me feel less like a weirdo:)

- I have had a fungus toenail for 10 years now.  The big toe on my left foot looks disgusting it is so thick.  I have tried several remedies including having part of it removed but the fungus always comes back.  It is so gross that is why I usually keep my toenails painted.

- I can't stand Rachel Ray.  Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.  The terms EVO and Yumo will always annoy me.

- I used to work at Abercrombie and Fitch and so did Matt (don't worry he wasn't the shirtless guy at the door at least not to my knowledge)

- I hate Riesling, Moscato,  and any sweet wines.  They make me want to puke.

- I don't really enjoy plays.  Go ahead and judge me but I get bored during them.  My favorite part is usually the intermission.  Guess I am not cultured.

- I hate the menswear trend for women.  It bothers me to see a woman in a suit.

- I talk to my mom probably 10 times a day (at least).  I call her about any and everything!

- I can't think of one single food I hate.  I pretty like all food.

- I am weird about meat.  Especially chicken and deli meat they both can really gross me out.  However oddly enough I love me some chicken livers, pate, and liverwurst.

- I pretty much don't like sports.  Definitely hate playing them and don't enjoy watching them either.  Only thing I like about football is tailgating.  I could happily tailgate and then not even go in the game.

- I drink 3-4 sparkling waters a day.  I love them.  Ever since I gave up sweet tea and soft drinks they are my jam. (I will occasionally have a coke,  real never diet,  and most often when I am hungover).

- I can't stand beach music or oldies.  I only like to listen to current music.  Same with movies I don't like old ones.

- Tulips, Hydrangeas, and Peonies are my favorite flowers.  I despise sunflowers.

- I have a strange crush on Andy Samburg.  I am crazy attracted to really funny guys.

- I make a cup of coffee every morning but never finish it.  I sip it the whole morning and keep reheating it.  Too much caffeine makes me spacey and anxious so I try not to drink too much.

- I am a cookbook hoarder.  I own at least 50.  Some of them I have never even used before but I love looking at them.

- Technology doesn't excite me. Don't get me wrong I love my Iphone and Ipad and I love having them but I would never wait hours for a new piece of technology.  We still have an old school DVD player, might never upgrade to Blueray.

- When I was in high school I was obsessed with Tornadoes.  I even did my senior exit project on them.  I wanted to go to the Midwest and be a storm chaser.  Crazy because now they scare the sh*t out of me.

- Sometimes I love online shopping more than shopping in person.  I get so excited when a package is delivered to my house, it makes my day.

- Matt and I dated for 6 years before we got engaged.  He proposed on New Years Day 2007.

- I am not adventurous at all.  I have no desire to scuba dive, bungee jump, or do anything remotely crazy.  Heck I even hate roller coaster rides.  They just make me so nervous.  I know supposedly they are safe but if I got stuck on one of those I would lose my sh*t.

- I never in a million years thought I would live in Charleston.  I always pictured myself living in Charlotte near my parents raising my family there.  Now that I am in Charleston I don't want to ever leave:)

- My favorite things to shop for are blouses and dresses- in case you can't tell.  I am not really a shoe person and I love purses but I only like to invest in a really good one every few years.  I carry my purses for years before I retire them.

- Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I get so giddy about it.  I love the lights, the trees, the music, the parties,  everything about it.  Having a child has had it even more special to me.  No lie I think I believed in Santa Claus til I was in high school:)  I wanted to keep the magic alive.

-  I don't like cats (sorry to my friend with pet cats) but they weird me out.  I don't like that they can jump on things and walk on counter tops.   True story when I met Matt in college he had a pet cat and it was almost a deal breaker (I mean what single guy has a cat).  He also served me box wine out of a coffee mug the same night I learned about the cat so that was two strikes against him- obviously I got past the two, but we will never have a cat.   I am much more a dog person.

- I don't like light versions of anything( ie sour cream, cheese, mayo, coke).  The real version is always better.  I believe you should just eat the real version but less of it. 

- My favorite drinks at Starbucks are an iced green tea or a green tea latte- both unsweetened.  I may be the only person who doesn't drink the coffee drinks from Starbucks.   They are so many calories, I would rather eat than drink my calories.  I will occasionally get a cappuccino or Carmel Machiato but I prefer the green tea drinks.

Alright, that 's it for Confessions part two!  Now I am off ot get ready for a fun weekend.  Hopefully I will have some pictures next week of our girls night!


Julia Ryan said...

Soul Sister!!! I think I can pretty much agree with everything on your list...minus the toenail funk:) And I'm the opposite, I never picture myself moving back home near my parents to raise my kids. I always thought I'd end up in Charleston. PS-Hopping in the car asap and can't wait to play this weekend!!!! Loves! And I think it's pretty awesome that you're letting it all out here. Brave girl!

Eloquently Emily said...

I related to SO many of these!! I indulge in a real coke every once in awhile and I also despise cats. I also call my mom so many times a day, sometime for no reason at all! Have a great weekend!

Pink and Fabulous said...

You crack me up! My husband was a single guy with a cat when we met (I'm NOT a cat person either) and that was something I would harass him about like crazy. He can never know there was another like him! Have a great weekend!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Same here with the flowers! just add orchids to the list ;) and I also looove the excitement of getting mail and opening a package from the mail! My sister in law keeps telling me that now that I'm in civilization I can go to the actual store, but I guess I like online shopping just as much (besides, shopping in a store is not the same when you're pushing a stroller and making sure a little guy is behaving!)

Katie said...

Sister from another mister, perhaps? I "me too'd" so many of these. I'll take Andy Samberg and a real Coke any day of the week! Enjoy your weekend!


Dina said...

Love this! Thank you for giving your readers such great insight into your personal life. Ugh me too-hate cats (and the hubs had to get rid of his too!), not adventurous, and omg Rachel Ray drives me beyond nuts....too funny!!

Sadie + Stella said...

So judge me. I hate plays and talk to my mom at least 10 times a day!!! It's unreal. I also hate Rachel ray!!! Like hate. Arch nemesis.

Sarah said...

Haha you made me laugh! sometimes I feel like I can feel my mom rolling her eyes on the other end when I have called her for the 20th time... but hey, she's my best friend! My weird confession: I HATE touching plates and silverware that other people have eaten off of when I am clearing dishes. EW, something about the food remnants just gross. I could never be a waitress. I don't know what I will do when I have children =/

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

Love this post! I've never been a cat person either, but have a strange desire to have one now. I think I like the idea of having a kitten, but not the actuality of it.

Oh, and I'll take online shopping ANY day of the week over walking in/out of stores. For me, clothes always look different on me once I get them home from the store and try them on with my own accessories, shoes, etc., so trying on clothes in a store is pretty much pointless anyway. Takes too much time and makes me anxious!

Lauren said...

I love these posts! I agree with SO MANY OF THESE. I hate Rachel Ray. With passion - but i hate cats more than i hate her! I pretty much like all food, and definitely prefer shopping online. And I totally believe in santa claus until near adulthood. Hey! If you didnt believe, the presents might stop!

caycee said...

Is it creepy that I already knew most of things about you? Na, it just means I love you!

Unknown said...

That makes TWO people that don't order coffee at Starbucks! My go-to there is the hot Zen Green Tea. Great list, I too get annoyed by Rachael Ray's voice. LOL. /

Rachael said...

I hate sports and love the real versions of food, too! I love your confessions!!

Momma P said...

Love these! I can totally relate to plays, I always feel like I should go if I'm offered a ticket and then spend the whole time counting down to when it's all over. I also think caffeine makes me crazy, so I try to limit myself to 1 caffeine drink a day. Love all your posts and referenced you on my Friday Fashion post as I always get such great inspiration from you! love the TJ Maxx Essie hook up!

Natalie and Lee said...

I'm a momma's girl too! And technology stresses me out!

:) LOVE your blog...

livingchel said...

I cannot stand sweet wines either, though I can't resist a brut champagne.

I don't care for cats either though I love dogs so much.

Jill said...

I love hearing all about you. We drink our morning coffee the same way, and I think cats are really creepy!!

Alicia xoxxo said...

Whoa! I feel like I could have written this post. lol I dont like cats either. Def a dog person. Hate sweet wine, gives me a stomach ache. I never in a million years thought I would be living in Cali. I talk to my sister a bazillion times a day. And peonies are by far my fave flower. Carried them in my wedding. Have a great weekend sweet bloggy friend!

Cannon said...

No Starbucks coffee for me -I am a Dunkin' Donuts girl. Sweet wine makes my stomach turn along w/ Rachael Rays voice!!! Agree w/ you on all your flowers!!! I have a library of cookbooks. Love buying them but never use them. I prefer use my friend's recipes or ones from your blog!! Hysterical story about Matt and his cat...and the wine in a coffee cup. I am not a cat person (sorry cat lovers). Many yrs ago I was set up on a blind date with a guy who had me over for dinner at his place for our 2nd date. I knew it wasn't a match but went anyway. I arrived at his place and was shocked...more like freaked out to see he had 4 Sphynx cats! I couldn't get the door fast enough!!!

Mel G said...

Love you Nat! These are so funny. I totally agree with most - especially technology. I don't even own an Ipod or Ipad. An "I" anything! I think I am the last person :)

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I love your confessions!! I hate sweet wines too. My favorite flowers are the same as yours...

I drink almost 3 cups of coffee and day and chew nicorette gum (even though I quit smoking 7 years ago!!). I can't get enough stimulants I guess? Shh!!

Ok here is my secret confession for you. I've tried botox!! And I freaking love it. I got it for my frown lines and I will always use it now.

Unknown said...

I am with you! I hate Rachel Ray and I love Christmas! I talk to my grandma about 10 times a day too. She gets lonely and my mom is always busy at work so I can't bother her as much as I would like too.

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I have a crazy thing for funny guys, too...but my crush is Joel McHale (c; And seriously, what is it about Rachel Ray??? I love her magazine, though...and confession time...I'm totally selfish with my money, I would much rather buy a new shirt or pair of shoes than, well, pretty much anything! And like I've said, I hold you personally responsible for my blouse obsession (c;

Laura said...

i LOVE these types of posts. i literally laughed out loud on the play one because i totally can resonate. I have fallen asleep in every single play i've ever attended. my mom tried to come down for spoleto and treat me to the "best play of the year" and we both left at intermission and hit up a wine bar instead. oops. musicals are another thing, but damn plays are miserable :)

also, if I could buy ONE coffee table book for my sister in law, which would you recommend? You have such good taste in stuff like that and I am looking for the perfect christmas present for her, and thinking a good coffee table book would be great. what's your fav?

Pris said...

I am so with you! Hate sweet wine, hate menswear, hate cats, prefer and use the real version of everything, and I don't drink the coffee at Starbucks either! I totally don't get the craze over Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Happy Friday!

blue chickadee said...

This is hilarious!!! I love the part about the cats and how it was almost a deal breaker for you and Matt!!! I cannot stand cats either, they totally weird me out!!!! Hope you have a great weekend with the girls!!!

Stilettos Stuck In Snow said...

Love this post! I too have grown to think you should just eat less of the real deal, rather than ineveitably eat more of the "diet/light" version of something. So much better for you in the long run too ingredients wise!~Brett

Chimmy said...

these posts are great! i love your honesty, it's so refreshing!

i do love rachel ray, though, she's a doll. voice and all, but all amercian accents are funny to me, whether it's the country drawl (did i spell that correctly?) or the boston or nyc... love it. fave is still british though.

funny guys are hot! olivia wilde is a smart girl! hold on to that jason sudekis!

we may be polar opposites in some ways - i love old music, old movies... marlon brando was H-O-T and young paul newman... ooooh and a young dashing sidney poitier...yes please!

there is something so charming about old flicks, but i am a big screen addict and old hollywood glam addict.

i love almost all foods too, but i am a vegetarian and it's not because of a desire to save all the animals. i guess that's an added bonus. i just simply despise the taste of meat, poultry and seafood. yuck. love just about everything else though. my mom calls me her natural born vegetarian. i hate condiments, please hold the ketchup, processed salsa, mustard, dressing, mayo, sour cream...i'll have none of it! the best sandwich spread in the world is avocado. fries taste great with salt and pepper or drizzled with truffle oil. or hiding under a heap of cheese. salad is best plain, if the ingredients you make in them are delicious or with a drizzle of EVOO (sorry) or a squeeze of something citrus (lemon, orange or lime)

i guess i do love butter and cheese and plain greek yogurt.

i don't like sugar. but i do love honey and organic raw chocolate.

starbucks coffee is a must. i'm a big believer that grown ups should drink just about everything naked, so i like my coffee black. tea too - i don't add anything except maybe a squeeze of lemon.

i love plays. the stage is magical. les mis was my first production, then cats and phantom of the opera... i even like operas (boheme... wow). i don't understand a italian, but you can feel all the emotion. like the scene in pretty woman where julia roberts gets all teary eyed. of course maybe that's a learned habit because my parents dragged us kids out to shows all the time growing up, hard not love anything that involves dress up and playing make believe.

i did fall asleep trying to watch sleepless in seattle... three times. i've given up now.

i don't like light/diet anything either and sparkling water is so refreshing. again, a squeeze of lemon, lime or orange changes it up a bit.

a secret pet peeve - faux-nerds. everyone is claiming they are a big nerd or were one. they wear glasses and call themselves a nerd. if everybody was a big nerd, who were all the cool kids? own whatever you are, it's okay, really.

so much fun being allowed to sound off, honestly. have a great weekend!

Cherry Blossoms said...

We are so much alike its not even funny!
I hate cats and am deathly afraid of them. But, I LOVE goats!

I have the same feelings when it comes to starbucks coffee. I would rather support a small family owned coffee shop.

I love online shopping too. Love that my UPS man knows me by name.

I LOVE sweet wine but at least I know I would never have to share my bottle with ya! lol

Enjoy your weekend. It sounds like you have a fun one in store!

Taylor said...

I will drink basically anything. anything. even chardonnay which I cant stomach because of the bottles we drank in college. but give me a riesling or a moscata and I just. cant. handle. it. so gross. love this series! kip loves cats (weirdo) his ex has his, and he was informed two years ago i would rather have him go visit his ex-girlfriend weekly to see his old cat than have one in our home :) he dropped it. only dogs allowed!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

A lot of these made me chuckle. I used to be SO obsessed with Rachel Ray. She was the reason I learned how to cook but once she got her daytime talk show I started realizing that I fast forwarded through all her segments to get to the cooking part at the end. She now sort of gets under my skin. I thank her for teaching me not to be fearful of cooking but I'm happy I've branched beyond what she calls food.

I also HATE sweet wine. It gives me an instant headache. Dry White - absolutely, sweet, no way!

Andy is awesome. I feel you 100% on that.

This East coast girl can NOT hang with the tornadoes I deal with now that I live in Alabama.....

My hubby and I dated for 8 years before tying the knot last year. Sometimes I think the longer you wait the more you appreciate what you have.

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} said...

Wow -- dvd players are already considered old school? dude -- we have a VHS player in our bedroom!!! no lie. but we have all the old disney movies on vhs, and they are crazy $$ to get on dvd!!!

Val said...

I love learning more about you....We are very similar creatures!!

Leigh said...

I love these posts! I thought I was the only person alive that doesn't order coffee at Starbucks. I just can't drink that many calories. Give me a brownie instead. I can't give up my tea (I'm southern through and through), but I drink it unsweetened and decaf. Yes I realize that makes it colored water.

I also used to love tornados. I am an Alabama girl and I guess I got used to them. But now, holy cow, I hate them. I am desperate for a basement! I don't know what happened to me.

Megan said...

I also HATE cats and reheat my coffee all morning and never finish it as well! haha

Andrea Johnson said...

I agree with many, especially the online shopping and sitting through a play is always painful! But I DO love me some cats, I have always had cats and dogs but I really love my kitty cats! If you met Louie my grey tabby you may change your mind, he rocks:)

Baby Shopaholic said...

You are so funny! I love sweet wine!

The Daily Stroll said...

I am not a cat person either. Kittens are cute but I would never own a cat. However, I love dogs! I do not like sunflowers, I do not like Rachael Ray's recipes and love getting packages in the mail over shopping in person any day! I also call my mom several times a day just to ask her questions :)

Kasey Lynne said...

No sweet wines?? :(

HATE the menswear trend as well. It is NOT flattering for any type of woman...even the stick figures!

What the HECK is a liverwurst? Do I even want to know??