Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursdays Ramblings

Can I get a what what??  One day til the weekend, which means two days til a much needed ladies night out Saturday, these two (Katherine and Julia) lovelies are coming in town and I could not be more excited. 

What are our thoughts about Channing for sexiest man alive??  I am pretty sure I whole heartedly agree with this decision. and pretty darn sure I need to rent Magic Mike this weekend.  He and his wife are the most attractive couple ever.

I am so happy Million Dollar Decorators is back on.  A few thoughts, I love in the beginning when Martin Lawrence Bullard says "decorating is delicious."  I also love that Kathy took Jacqueline wine tasting with her.  I feel like I would like to sip wine with them.  and is it me or does Mary look different this year?  Skinnier and her face looks different.  Adore this show.  How crazy was the lady who changed her mind about $10,000 wallpaper- ridiculous.

I hit up Costco this week for some Thanksgiving essentials and came across the most amazing Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips.
The chips are delish dipped in greek yogurt with a little honey.  They are also great with salsa or spinach dip.

I used them last night to make Butternut squash nachos that were off the hook.  And Yep Matt was working late hence my vegetarian meal. 

I have been loving my JCrew Floral Chiffon Blouse.  It is pure perfection.  I highly recommend.  The colors are even more vibrant in person.

I certainly don't need another blouse but I just saw it is now online in leopard and hot pink.  Love them both!!

I just finished reading Happier at Home.  I really loved The Happiness Project so of course I wanted to read the sequel. 

 It was a good read but not as good as the first just seemed a little similar to me.  A few things I did take away.

1) Don't Over React.  I have really been practicing this one and it works.  Matt spilled eggs all over our rug Saturday morning and I calmly said nothing and got a cloth to clean it.  Normally I would have freaked the F out.
2) Happy people make people happy, but you can't make someone be happy, and no one else can make you happy.
3) Make time to get things done that are looming.  Just set aside 15 minutes a day and tackle part of a looming task.  15 minutes adds up.

We have officially busted out our Christmas PJS.  Why not get two months wear out of them.  I asked Sterling if he had been naughty or nice.  I would say by this look, he is guilty of something:)

 I am normally a traditional gal when it comes to nail polish.  I like nude, red, pink, and dark maroon.  Those are my go-to colors.  I decided to branch out and tried Essie's Da Bush.  I actually quite love it.  Our TJMaxx has been getting in some great Essie nail polishes for $3.  That is where I found this such a steal!

From my lady Oprah. Happy Thursday!


Sadie + Stella said...

My favorite is on the previews when Martin Bullard Lawrence says over and over again, "super glam glam." Sounds like something ridiculous that I would say. Oy. Love that blouse on you my dear!

Julia Ryan said...

I can't do channing tatum. He's hot but he's just never more than trailer trash hot to me. I like a bit more sophistication and badass in my men :)

I am so behind on tv, I need to catch up asap! And that blouse looks really pretty. I want the pink one!

AND HOLY CRAP BALLS I'M EXCITED FOR THIS WEEKEND. Have we planned anything for tomorrow yet? Afternoon cocktails might need to be in order. Forget downtown, I'm showing up at your house for the infamous cheese trays and infused vodka :) LOVES!!!

Amy Florez {Baby Mama Juice} said...

I never liked Channing and didn't think he was even attractive until I saw that man dance. OMG. He's really sweet in his interviews too. I think he's adorable now! I need to read those books! I need to start watching that show!!!

Georgine said...

Love it Love it Love it!!!

Georgine said...

And yes, I noticed that about Mary too - guess she got tweaked in between seasons. I mean she DOES come on right after RHOBH ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm obsesses with Mary and Martin on Million Dollar Decorators. Love them!

megan said...

J. Crew blouses are seriously perfection. My grandma is taking me Christmas shopping in two weeks and those are on the top of my list! Also, I need to know which TJMaxx you are hitting up and finding Essie polish!!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I got to read that Happiness book, it has great reviews! Wish we had a TJ Maxx, Target or Marshall's here ;)

Balancing Lisa said...

So much to comment on here! I love Channing and can't stand that there are so many people saying he should NOT have gotten that title! ;)
Love your blouses, and your little man is getting so big!! (and adorable!) xo

Alicia xoxxo said...

Excellent post! So much to comment on. I will have to try those chips from Costco, love your recs! Also, it is just starting to get cooler here and I cant wait to bust out my blouses. I saw one on Million Dollar Decorators, that I loved and actually thought of you! The blonde assistant of MLB, she was wearing a leopard print blouse when they were trying to lift that marble table into the house. I must have it. Love that quote by Oprah. I have been trying not to freak out over little things too. I repeat a calming "verse" over and over until I am calm. It works. I am not crazy, Try it! :)

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

We've busted out our Christmas Jammies too!!

Love that Jcrew blouse on you!!

natasha {schue love} said...

Those butternut squash nachos look AMAZING!! Such a good idea...especially b/c I love the enchiladas so much! And that blouse looks way cuter on you than the model! I would buy it based on your look! ;)

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

Love the blouse! I thought of you when I saw it in the catalog a while back.

I really need to start taking 15 minutes everyday to do little tasks because I'm sure that does make a difference. Thanks for sharing!

You've totally reminded me that I need to rent Magic Mike. Tonight!

Anonymous said...

Love your new top. I think I might need the pink version. SO CUTE. Love Channing Tatum! So hot. I just love Mary! My friend was her assistant on the show last year and I think he's supposed to be back on again this season. I haven't watched the premiere yet.


Unknown said...

Ha, glad to know I am not the only one..Connor has been wearing his Hanna Anderson Xmas jammies since Halloween:)
LOVE the million dollar decorators show...I CAN"T WAIT to watch it on DVR. Thanks for reminding me.
Pretty girl in a pretty blouse:)


Giovanna said...

Fun post! Loving your blouse and the leopard version! Christmas Jammies are the cutest! Loving that quote as well!


Momma P said...

TJ Maxx has Essie nail polish?!? I'll be heading to the Ohio one now to see if we're as lucky. And yes, I agree Channing can have sexiest man alive as long as Ryan Gosling is runner up. Rented Magic Mike the other night with a friend and be forewarned it's story line sucks...duh but the only dance I like was with Channing by himself, you could see his old stripper moves coming out. Happy Thursday!

Samma said...

I did not realize Million Dollar Decorators was back on! Hurrah!

Alexa said...

Yeah Channing is hot. No debate there.

Matters of Style said...

Love the shirt- cuter on you than the model!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

You become what you believe. 100% true. Great ramblings. Stoked about the decorator show coming back too and must get to Target for Christmas pajamas!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I love Oprah's quotes...and I'm pretty sure I will take any advice from her! I had no idea Million Dollar Decorators is back on! GAH! I need to watch it immediately!!!

Courtney said...

I saw those chips earlier this week and wondered if they were good!

Michaela said...

SO happy MMD is back on. I love all of them. Especially Mary (who I met last summer!) A girl in my class works for her-- talk about jealous and trying to contain myself when all I really want to do is ask for a job! Ha :)

Your top is super cute. You always have the most ADORABLE clothes, friend! xo

Taylor said...

Ah I wish we could watch bravo together every night!! How good is Million Dollar Decorators!! - and I agree that Mary looks different?! She's so bitchy with all her clients it cracks me up. Everything about Martin is just the best. I even noticed the first thing he said for the crane install day was to the workers "Hi guys how are you doing".... just love him he seems so nice. And literally I cannot control myself with Channing Tatum he is so damn perfect!

ABI said...

I've been thinking he's the sexiest for so long :) That blouse is gorgeous!! And the food looks delicious :)

I wish we had TKMAXX in Spain... :(

I follow your lovely blog now :)

ABI xx