Sunday, November 10, 2013

JCrew Swing Sweater is Back In Stock

Ladies, get it while you can! My favorite sweater at JCrew is back in stock,  the Merino Swing Sweater. I have it in three colors that is how much I love it! It is a great pregnancy sweater and great not pregnant as well. So comfy!  It is onsale too for $69 Shop it HERE. Plus you can get 25% orders over a $100 with code GOSHOP.
I have the purple featured below and love it!


Unknown said...

Following your blog gets me in trouble!! ha But I am very grateful for you letting me know they had the Swing Sweater in stock!

Bellwether said...

I just ordered the purple one and then poked around and saw the leather pocket sweater was back in black in all sizes too and grabbed that too!
I'm 16 weeks and am amazed at how blessed you are to look so fabulous throughout your pregnancy - inspiring! Can't wait for the morning sickness to finally end so I can try some of the recipes you've posted!

Kyle said...

I love mine! Snagged it in navy after you first posted at the end of the summer. How are you feeling?! Not much longer. : ) xox

graywolff said...

Sold out!! All 3 colors.