Friday, December 20, 2013

Serena and Lily 70% Off Year End Sale!

Since having a baby much of my day is spent nursing her. While I nurse I read or browse my iPad. So today I have been browsing the Serena and Lily sale and there are some amazing deals I had to share!  I love the paper stars, they would be so cool to hang for a party.
  I ordered some serving pieces, napkins, and pjs for baby girl all featured below.  And of course I finally snagged the Coro glasses I have wanted forever now that they are 50% off.  I am still debating on the Crab Sheets for Sterling,  I sure do love them!
Happy shopping and if you order by the 23rd they will deliver by Christmas Eve. You can shop the whole sale HERE or click pictures below:)


Autumn said...

I bought a couple of the crab sheets on clearance at TJMaxx last week for $9.99 each. They had a few other designs - a turq blue/red swirl pattern & a gray damask design for $14.99. I'm in AL so I don't know they'll have them at your store but it's worth a try. My mom lives in TX & occasionally the stores in her area will have the same items we have in AL.

Autumn said...

Btw, the fitted crib sheets were what I got for $9.99. I did see a couple twin sets but didn't look at price on those.

Kyle said...

Shoot! I just bought the tramp art mirror for Hadley's room. I did get 20% off, which is still great, but should have waited for this big sale. Oh well, I am sure there some other items I can add to my cart, as you so nicely illustrated! : )

Kyle said...
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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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