Friday, March 20, 2015

Essential Oils 101

I am sure by now you have heard something about Essential Oils.  I want to start by saying this is not a sponsored post, I was not paid to write this nor am I sales rep for the company.  I just wanted to share my experience with the oils because I have gotten a lot of questions about them.

One of my good friends kept giving me samples of her oils when my kids were continually sick and Matt had back problems a few months ago.  After using the creams she made for us (the germ buster and pain cream- she also gave me a facial toner that I loved as well) I became hooked and decided I wanted my own oils.  I do not recommend using these instead of seeing a doctor.  This is not used to replace a doctor if you or your child needs medical attention.  I like to think of them as all natural preventative health.  I am into anything that is chemical free and can help us.  These oils are 100% all natural.

I chose the company Young Living for several resasons.  First they guarantee their Seed to Seal process, as in they have control over the seeds/oils from beginning to end, versus other companies that buy oils from farm and distributors without knowing if any synthetics or fillers have been added.   All their oils are also 1st round distilled and never diluted.  Some companies dilute their oils so they don't have the same potency or effectiveness.

I got the starter kit and diffuser. This includes 11 oils and the diffuser.  This runs $150 for the set. To compare if you purchase everything separately it is around $300.  The diffuser alone is $70 and one of the oils Frankincense is $70 separately too.   You are better off to get the set if you are interested.  Plus I like having access to all the main oils.  I have to say the diffuser has become my favorite thing.  I use it daily.  The set is worth it just for the diffuser, I promise you will become addicted to it!!  I swear it has helped with all of our allergies especially right now since the pollen is out of control.
The diffuser is below, it is small and totally not an eye sore.

To get started with the oils is the hardest part.  I was overwhelmed where to begin and what to use at first but once you get going and comfortable with them, its easy.  

A few of my favorite uses of the oils:
- I put a drop of the lemon in my water daily, especially my hot lemon water at night (side note only use the citrus in a glass cup)
- I diffuse the lavendaer in our bedroom at night to help me sleep.  Lavender is proven to help with sleep issues and it really relaxes me plus I love the smell.
Allergy Trio- I diffuse a drop of peppermint, lemon, and lavender with distilled water for allergies- I swear by this combo I diffuse it almost everyday and it has made a huge difference in all of our allergies!  Sterling used to have a constant cough that is gone now.
- I rub peppermint (diluted) on my temples for headaches.  It also helps to inhale it if you are nauseous
- Cold Buster:1 tbsp honey,  1 drop Thieves , 1 drop lemon in a glass of water. Repeat every 4 hours for 24-48 hours. I had a sore throat two weeks ago this kicked it in a day
- The stomach bug and other crap was going around the kids school so I diffuse thieves and purification to help ward off illness.
-GermBuster: 1/2 cup coconut oil, 10 drops Purification,  10 drops Thieves, 10 drops lavender
    (Add RC for cold or congestion).  This helps keep your kids staying healthy.
- Sleepy Time:   3/4 cup coconut oil, 8 drops lavender,  8 drops Peace and Calming , 8 drops Valor
Rub on bottom of feet and cover with socks- this is great for helping kids sleep at night!
-Pain cream: 1/4 cup coconut oil, 10 drops PanAway, 10 drops Valor,  10 drops peppermint
I have used this for neck and back pain.

side note- before mixing the creams with coconut oil I whip it with a beater a for a minute or two.  It makes it fluffy and easy to mix.

These are just a few of my favorite everyday uses there are so many other uses for the oils.  I would love to hear if you use any essential oils and your favorite uses.  I have to say on a whole our family has had less allergy issues and been healthier since we started using the oils.  I am hooked.

Whew, that's alot to take in right!  I am a huge fan of my essential oils so I just wanted to share!! 
 If you are interested, want additional info or want to order the kit that I have and love, you can email (Nicola).  Nicola is my friend that got me started and is wealth of information and also a registered nurse.   She can get you the discounted price on the kit and diffuser.

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Ally- Life as I know it said...

I've been really interested in essential oils lately but I had no clue where to start. My allergies have been horrible lately, thanks pollen, so I'd love to see if the oils could really make a difference. I'll probably contact your friend soon!
Ally - Life as I know it

Anonymous said...

I just started using these a few weeks ago and am hooked! love the lavender for sleeping but mostly bought to help with daughters exzema!

Nickie said...

Great post! I too have wanted to start using EO's but every time I looked into it I got overwhelmed. This is a great post to help get me started. Thanks again!!

Nicola said...

Ally- shoot me your email address when you get a chance and I'll email you a "booklet" of sorts that has info on the basic everyday oils and some of the many uses for them. It's alot to take in, but it has made such a difference for our family. -Nicola (

Unknown said...

Great post - I use EOs daily and have been studying them for a couple years now. There are several oils that are not safe for children including peppermint - here is a great resource listing what is safe to use:

Yoing Living is a great company but their prices make building a collection cost prohibitive for most people. Plant Therapy and Native American Nutritionals are both great affordable options that are pure, unaltered and therapeutic grade.

Lisa from @intotheglade said...

I love essential oils and have been using them for years! I was going to suggest lavender to you when you were having trouble sleeping, but thought you might consider it a bit off the wall. They are wonderful x

Nicola said...

Stephanie- glad you're an EO user, too! I agree on not using peppermint oil on the smaller kids because of the 1,8-cineole in it and the risk of respiratory depression. However, studies have shown that only 2% of the population may actually suffer adverse effects from a high dosage of it. It comes down to what you're comfortable with. People are ok with giving their kids Childrens Nyquil, Benadryl or Robitussin, which definitely can cause respiratory depression. If you give your child an entire bottle of medicine (or oil for that matter), then yes, you're more than likely going to put them in a toxic state and have serious side effects. If diluted properly (as I do for any applications for my kids), then you're less likely to have an adverse reaction. Every prescription filled at the pharmacy comes with a list a mile long of possible side effects. I consider it the same for oils, so I'm always cautious when using something new on myself or the kids. And for moms that aren't comfortable using peppermint for a fever, then I would recommend lavender or lemon oil. And sometimes, depending on the grade of the fever, it's just best to let it run it's course :)

Unknown said...

If you're suffering from allergies, a great natural remedy is 100% local, raw honey. It introduces the same allergens to your body, but in a way that allows your body to build immunity to them. I have friends all over the country who have started with a tablespoon a day and they have all seen significant improvement in their allergies. You could try a local health food store or a local farmers market. But it must be hyper local to make sure you're getting the same pollen/allergens that are bothering you in the honey. Good luck! -Susan

Unknown said...

OMG! So glad you posted this. I recently started using YL EOs as well and just posted some of my recipes yesterday. I'd love for you to go check it out. said...

I've never even heard of these oils, good to know! said...

Love that yellow dress!

Unknown said...

Would love to find out more on how to order the diffuser and oils. Just moved to NC from Chicago and found out my son has allergies. It is life. Ha ha!

Unknown said...

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