Monday, April 13, 2015

Scenes From Our Weekend

I can't believe it is Monday already and almost halfway thru April!  This year seems to be flying by.

I started off the weekend Friday with a fun ladies lunch. We ate at Tavern and Table which is a new favorite restaurant of mine.  The interiors are gorgeous and it is right on the water.  We were able to get a table outside which was so nice.   If you go there you must try the kale salad.  It is amazing. I am still thinking about it and how to recreate it at home.

This past week and weekend were great because I could finally wear shorts.  Loving the warmer temps.  These white shorts are the same brand as the white jeans I wore last week.  They are a great fit if you are looking for white shorts.

At lunch I could tell Frances just wasn't acting like herself so afterwards I took her to the doctor and I am glad I did.  Sweet girl had an ear infection, hives, and pink eye.  Always best to trust your gut.  She had no fever or other symptoms but just didn't seem like herself.  For all you moms the hives look very similar to bug bites, hard to tell the difference, except she seemed really uncomfortable.  She was still smiling even at the doctor:)

Friday we did our usual thing and ordered pizza and played games with Sterling.  We call it our game night.  I enjoyed some amazing Rose.  My next door neighbor works part time at wine store and introduced me to it.  It is a perfect rose, dry, smooth and not sweet.

Saturday morning I took Sterling to Hyams, it is my favorite garden store to browse.  He loves it too because of the fish pond at the back.  They have some gorgeous plants and everyone is so helpful there.

We planted our Earthboxes and some other flowers.  I will report back on the Earthboxes and how well the plants grow.  It seems like a cool system though.

My Micheal Kors embroderied shift arrived and I love it!  This dress would be great for church, wedding,  or party.  It is now 40% off.

Enjoyed the most delicious burger.  Matt cooks the most amazing burgers.  The key is good meat (80/20 is best) and simplicity no extra seasoning but salt and pepper.

Sunday we enjoyed another great meal, whole wheat banana panckes and bacon.  Miss Frances was all about the bacon.

I finally have got back into running.  I go through phases not working out but now I am back in the zone.  I ran three times this week and my goal is to get back to 4 runs a week.  It helps me so much mentally to get that workout in and have some alone time.

These are a few songs on my current playlist.  Sometimes I just listen to Sugar on repeat, Adam makes me want to run.

Sunday night we cooked Shrimp Nachos.  Can you tell this weekend was all about cooking good food at home??  It was nice to have a low key weekend with no plans.

Hope you have a great start to your week.


Ally- Life as I know it said...

I haven't heard good things about Tavern and Table aside from the awesome view so glad to hear you liked it! I need to work on getting some flowers for my porch but with my black thumb everything dies in days!! Money down the drain!
Ally - Life as I know it

Unknown said...

Nothing like a Britney song to get you through a run! Work bitch has been my anthem this past year after having my baby ! Gotta get it done!

Abby said...

I saw your shrimp tacos photo on insta last night and my mouth has been watering ever since. Went back to your org post on the recipe and you mentioned Rita's tuna/watermelon nachos - we ate there last summer on a trip to Folly and they were amazing!!! Thanks for the reminder!

Katie S. said...

What a lovely weekend!! And those nachos! Oh my word!

Stephanie said...

Love the picture of Frances Moon's little hand reaching for the bacon! Hope she starts feeling better soon - my Wells has been fighting ear infections all season.

Mrs. W said...

Oh goodness, that food looks amazing. Now I'm ready for lunch :)

Georgia Glam said...

Adam makes me want to run too! Sugar is on repeat in my car right now!!! The nachos look amazing, and Frances is just too cute in that little dress!

Holy City Chic | Megan said...

Sweet Frances. I hope she is feeling better!

All of that food is eye candy to me—especially those shrimp nachos! Gah.

Unknown said...

Aww poor girl...I hope she's feeling better! And can you blame FM for going straight for the bacon. Girl knows what's up!

Taylor said...

looks like a wonderful weekend!! love the shorts and blouse - I need to find a pair of white shorts, but definitely can't wear them for awhile with my casper white legs - AH!

Stephanie Chalk said...

That MK dress is amazing and looks fabulous on you! Those nachos are making my hungry, yum! Xo, Stephanie

Unknown said...

Girl, love the playlist you have!! Thanks for sharing! xo Nat