Friday, September 18, 2015

Sterling and Frances Moon Old Navy Favorites

Happy Friday!!  
I don't know if you guys know but today starts the Big Kids and Baby Sale at Old Navy.  Everything will be on sale and many items are 50% off.  As if their prices already are not awesome enough they will be even better. 
Old Navy will also be hosting an in store fundraiser event Saturday where local community heroes will talk to the kids about safety!  You can shop and your kids will be occupied with activities in store.

We are huge Old Navy fans in our house.  It is my go to for everyday clothes for Sterling and Frances Moon.

I am obsessed with the sweater Sterling is rocking and you gotta love his model pose:)  Best part the sweater is only $9 now.
The white thermal tee he is wearing underneath is on sale for $5. We bought several different colors.

We had similar vest to the one Frances is wearing last year and she wore it all the time.  So great to throw on over anything.  It is hard to tell but her dress has tiny little gold bugs on it, so adorable.

A vest is always a must.
and this may be my absolute favorite picture of Sterling. He looks so grown up, sniff sniff.

I had a sweater I wanted Frances to wear with her Chambray Dress but she was not having it.  At all.
 She just wanted to play with it. How can you deny that face??
Here is a better look at it, it is so cute on!

The fox shoes are our favorite.  We had a pair last year and were so excited to see them again this year! Looks like are not online yet but they are in the store so check your local store!

These two have such a sweet bond when they aren't fighting and aggravating each other:)

FRANCES MOON'S OUTFITSBug Swing Dress | Sherpa Vest | Fox Shoes

A few other favorites at Old Navy right now:

old navy

Thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring this post.


Unknown said...

Your children are precious! I lol'd at the comment about your kids getting along so well when they aren't fighting:) :) Mine do to, ha!

Kimm said...

I love shopping at old navy for my kids. I feel like I get so much bang for my buck there ! Have a great weekend !

Georgia Glam said...

The close up of Sterling in his orange vest is precious! I love ON too for adult basics!

The wife said...

I love shopping at Old Navy for my kiddos. I just wish that some of the baby girl stuff was duplicated for the older girls!

nhunt said...

I just love your kids. They are so dang cute!