Saturday, November 21, 2015

10 Gifts Under $50 + The New Nordstrom Gift Card

I know some people love shopping for gifts and others don't.  When you are in a time crunch and can't think of that perfect gift for someone I always love giving a gift card. Heck I love receiving a gift card so I can shop for what I want to.  Nordstrom just did some updates to their gift cards.  They are now offered in over 50 different patterns and they come delivered in the cutest little gift box with free shipping always.

A few of my favorite gift card designs for the Holidays.  The patterns are so cute and festive.
You can buy these in increments from $25 to $1000.
They can be used online, in stores, or over the phone.
gift cards

Nordstrom also now offers E-Cards in different amounts from $5-$2000.  They come in 30 designs.  An email is sent to the customer once the e-card is viewed and used so they know their gift was received!

I also wanted to share a few other gift ideas under $50.

gifts under $50

I actually own this and love it.  It is so soft and the kids love that I have holiday pj's too.  It comes in 6 other designs as well.

I love both the Holiday and Birchwood scents.  They smell amazing!!

I think these are adorable!  Especially as a gift for a newly married couple.
It is no secret I love a good serving platter.  This one is perfect. I love the shape and details.

If you have a foodie in the family, this book is so cool.

I love these gold coasters.
This looks beyond soft and I love the colors.
I love the bootie style of these slippers so cute and while I do love Ugg Slippers these are half the price.
I love bags like this that you can use for so many different things.  I have one like thus I use for the Farmers Market. 
I own these and love them.  I really like the three new colors they came out in.  These are great for any mother daughter or sister.  I feel like they work for all ages.

Nordstrom also donates 1% of all our Gift Card sales, including amounts added to existing Gift Cards, to qualified nonprofit organizations including Treasures and Bonds, United Way, Shoes that Fit, and Mac Viva Glam!

Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post.

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Loving the night shirt. Was wondering how tall you are and if you think it's too short. Thanks !!!