Wednesday, December 9, 2015

6 Easy Appetizers for the Holiday Season + Hostess Gift Ideas

I am hosting my second annual girl's Christmas party on Thursday night.  I always serve wine and heavy apps.  it got me thinking about my favorite appetizers.  Since there are lots of parties this time of the year I thought I would share a few of my all time favorite appetizers.

|| P E A R S + B L U E  C H E E S E & P R O S C I U T TO ||
This is a new appetizer that I tried out this week for my annual girl's Christmas party I am hosting tomorrow night.  It could not be easier and so delicious.
You will need:
2 pears sliced thinly
blue cheese (buy the Danish block kind)
Prosciutto slices
Balsamic vinegar
Drizzle pears with lemon juice to prevent browning.  Lay on side and place a few pieces of arugula and a chunk of blue cheese on pear.  Wrap with a thin piece of prosciutto.  Drizzle all with balsamic vinegar.

This could not be easier to whip together and it is always a hit whenever I bring it.

There are so many options for stuffing endive but it doesn't get much easier than Boursin and Pimento   Cheese.

This dip tastes just like pizza.  Be sure to use pretzels, baguette chips or some sort of sturdy chip to dip with because the cheese can make thin chips break.

I love how festive this cheese ball is for a holiday party.  you can easily make the ball ahead of time just wait til right before your party to roll it in the pomegranate seeds.

and this is a new dip I just tried out for my party Thursday.  I went ahead and prepared it ahead of time.  It still needs to bake in the oven but even unbaked it is damn tasty.

Since it is the season for entertaining I thought I would share a few Hostess gift ideas.

hostess ideas

Cheese Board- This is a beautiful serving board and only $28.  If you wanted to add something extra I would throw in some speciality cheese for a beautiful gift.
Nest Beach Diffuser- Everyone loves these diffusers.  The Beach scent is so fresh.
Decanter Tags- I have a set of decanter tags and I always get asked where they are from.  I love these.   You could also add a bottle of their favorite liquor with this gift.
Nest Lotion and Nest Hand Soap- The Bamboo scent is my favorite scent in the Nest hand soap and lotion.  You could gift these together or separate.  If you gift them separate I like the idea of a hand towel with each one. Trust me these are the best smelling soaps and lotions.
Hand Towel- Would pair perfect with the soap or lotion.
Pineapple Martini Shaker- I really want this beauty for me.  It is adorable.
Hexagon bottle Opener- I love the idea of a cute bottle opener paired with a 6 pack of speciality beers.
In Good Taste- I always love to gift books.  This Kate Spade book is just as cute inside.
Nambre Ornament- I love to tie an ornament around a bottle of wine for a cute gift. I love anything and everything Nambre.  Their items are so beautiful.
Jonathan Adler Ornament- JA ornaments are my favorite and they come in the cutest boxes.
Cheese Knives- I love that this comes packaged in a nice wooden box.
Christmas Plates-  I adore these gold Christmas Plates, such a great gift over the holidays.


Katie said...

Love this Natalie! I have a party to attend tomorrow night and I was looking for something new to try! I may just have to try the loaded potato dip or the pomegranate cheese ball. Thank you, perfect timing!

I love the pineapple shaker and the beach diffuser. I will be ordering both!

Have a great day!! :)

prince snow farm said...

Ooh that first one looks perfect for our neighborhood holiday gathering this weekend! Thank you!