Thursday, September 29, 2016

10 | Fall Favorites for The Men

Today I am teaming with Nordstrom to focus on men's fashion.  I wanted to share a few Fall favorites  that I personally love for the men.  Christmas is only 3 months away so if you are like me and like to get started early these would make great gifts too.  Everything is under $200.
Pictured below are a few personal favorites that my Dad, Matt and my brother all love.

I don't know what it is but I love a man in a puffy vest.  This North Face one is super light weight yet still offers some warmth.  I love the olive color too.
I also really like this Peter Milar version for a bit dressier vest. It also comes in red. 

A plaid button-up is always classic and always in style.  I am partial to the Vineyards Vines ones.  They fit really well and are good quality.

This is something all men probably own and love.  I especially these solid color ones with no logo or anything.  This one is only $30, so a great price point for a gift and it comes in 5 colors.
This Nordstrom brand men's pullover is perfection and under $60.  It comes in so many great masculine colors for Fall and it's part Cashmere!

Driving shoes are my favorite.  They just look effortlessly cool.  These are under $100.
I also like this classic Sperry version.

I like that some of these Fitness watches actually look like watches.  This one has great reviews and I like the sleek look.

I love straight leg pants for the men.  These are the perfect fit, not too slim fitting and not too wide leg.  They come in several different color options as well.  They can be worn casually or dressed up.

I am a huge fan of the Barbour line and love this quilted jacket for the guys.  It comes in black and navy and I like both colors for Fall.

Matt lives in these during the cooler days here.  He wears them to work for his more casual days and out on the weekends too.  This shade of green is really pretty.  

Crewnecks never go out of style.  I like both the plain and stripe version and both are under $70.

Lastly this is something I saw when I was researching the men's fashion, a digital Polaroid Camera!!  I so want this for myself ! It has three color modes: color, black and white and vintage septia.  It also has a built in printer so you can print the photos immediately.  This would make a great gift and it is under $100!
You can shop all my Men's Fall Favorites here.  Nordstrom always offers free shipping and returns.

Thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post.

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MHM1314 said...

My brother is SO hard to shop for - THANKS for this list!