Monday, January 23, 2017

Scenes From Our Weekend

Grateful- exactly how I feel after my post Friday.  You guys blew me away with your comments, emails, texts and messages after my post Friday.  I was ready to share but at the same time I was apprehensive.  You ladies lifted me up, encouraged me, gave me hope, love and inspired me.  I honestly can't thank you enough.  This is a difficult and dark journey I have been on and I know it will continue to be trying but your kind words and encouragement meant so much to me. 
Thank You from the bottom of my heart, ya'll are amazing. 

Thursday night I headed out to an event at Zero George for The Hilliard Studio Method a fitness studio based out of Charlotte.  Next time I am home I am definitely gonna try and fit a class in.  The ladies that do this workout have incredible figures!  We are trying to convince them to open a studio here in Charleston! 

What I wore:
I am wearing a small in the dress, it runs TTS.

After the event we stayed for a drink and a nibble at the bar.  
They make the best drinks at Zero George.  I went with my old trusty,  the Dirty martini,  but they have so many fun and innovative ones to choose from.

I always love their cheese platter, although I have really never met a cheese plate I didn't like.
They only make a certain amount of burgers each night and we got lucky they had one left so we all split it.  Let me tell you, it was hands down the best burger I have ever had.  I am not even a huge burger person but I was drooling after this one.

Friday I finally tested out my new Vitamix and loved her.  I can tell I am going to be using her often. 
I bought this copper version

I made this smoothie: coconut water, 1 banana, 2 handfuls spinach, frozen mango, frozen pineapple, and a scoop of Greek Yogurt.  I am working on a post I will run soon with all my favorite smoothie recipes. 

Loving this floral tee.  I am all about some florals.
Friday was lunch at Butcher and Bee, easily one of my favorite lunch spots. 

I finally tried their Veggie burger that was just written up in Bon Appetit.  It was sooooo good!
Friday night was super low key the kids and I watched Norm of The North.  Saturday was a quick workout and then we worked on cleaning out and boxing up clothes.  Follow me @shopsnoopnattynatcloset I will be doing a blog sale this week with some of my clothes.  

I am a huge fan of this workout top that can be worn tied or not tied.  It is perfect for barre and yoga.
I am wearing a size 6 in both the tank and leggings.

After that we hit up the mall to escape the rain.  

That afternoon I met a friend for a glass of wine at The Dewbury.  Thank goodness for my girlfriends who take care of me on the weekends!
What I wore:
Blouse (buy one get one 50% off) | Necklace | Jeans | Pumps
Fries + Aioli:) Clearly I didn't watch what I ate this weekend.  Back on the train today.

Sunday it poured rain all day so we headed to the Aquarium.
That display is all legos- I mean how amazing.

Sterling is shark obsessed so he was in heaven.

Currently crushing on statement Earrings.
Have a wonderful start to your week.


Meg said...

Having weekend gal pals is huge. Without them weekends can be long & lonely. After years as time as the "four of us" it is weird to have time to oneself, so great your buds make a point to meet up.

Intrigued by burger. I like veg burgers but find them laborious (as I do salads) - I eat both only out mostly.
America's Test Kitchen has a recipe I want to try.

Kim Gibbs said...

Love your fingernail polish color! What is the color? Is it gel?

Jill said...

I just read your post from Friday, you will come out of this a better, stronger and happier version of yourself. You are already going down that path. You will have your highs and lows but I know your girlfriends will be there to pick you right back up. Major life changes are never easy, but I promise this too shall pass

Julia said...

Never commented before but I am praying for you, Natalie! Your blog gives me a much needed break every morning. Thankful for your fabulous taste, awesome recipes and honesty-- even when (or maybe especially when) it's hard. Love from Tennessee!

Unknown said...

I would love a blog post on healthy, easy, smoothie recipes! I just got a Nutribullet Pro and am excited to start using it.