Friday, July 25, 2014

These are my Confessions.....

Happy Friday Friends.  It has been awhile since I did one of these posts. Since I shared mine I would love if you shared yours too.

-  I have turned into such a stalker at night while my kids sleep. It is my favorite thing to do, to go in and watch them sleeping.  They are so peaceful and after a long day it makes me so grateful for their sweet angelic faces.

- Lately I have been over every single room in my house.  Feeling like I want to redecorate every room which I obviously can't afford to do.  I am trying to save and re-do things slowly but I like instant gratification.  I am trying to be happy with what I have but sometimes it is hard when I see all these huge beautiful houses on the internet.

- Is it weird I am jealous and envious of Adam Levine's wedding??  I have such a huge crush on him and she is just stunning.  They are kind of a perfect couple.  Plus I love the vibe and location of their wedding.  It should have been me:(   and on a side note are Beyonce and Jay Z really splitting up after the tour??

- I am starting to realize the older you get it is damn hard to loose weight.  I exercise and eat healthy most of the time and my last 5 lbs pounds of baby weight just won't budge and it is driving me nuts.  

- Last night while we were laying in bed Matt told me my hair smelled gamey.  and proceeded to give me a lecture on washing it more often.   It made me laugh I hate washing my hair!
- Sterling has been taking one on one swim lessons and still can't swim.  He cries and makes such a scene and it stresses me out.  I want him to learn to swim on his own and he could care less.  I was actually embarrassed yesterday the way he acted, crying like a baby and would not even try anything.

- If you have kids do you ever truly have a clean house?  I feel like there is crap in every corner of my house.  I spend so much time picking it up just to find more junk pulled out.

- I used to love to read magazines.  Now I find when I get in bed it is hard for me to concentrate on anything.  I like to zone out and not concentrate.  I rarely watch tv anymore and honestly just want to sit in silence and play on my phone.  I have a stack of like 20 magazines I still need to read.

- I spend way more time on my phone than is necessary.  Sometimes I feel like it controls me and I am addicted to it.  I blame instagram I love the sneak peek into people's lives.

-I feel like my kids are growing up way too fast.  Frances Moon is 8 months now and so close to being one year.  I feel like the last year has flown by.  Sterling starts kindergarten in a year and that makes me sad.  I just want to freeze time and relish in this time period while they are young and innocent.

- I lay in bed at night and worry about the world ending and another world war.  All this weird weather, wild fires, shootings, plane crashes, and unrest over seas makes me anxious.  The world is a crazy place and I worry about the future for my kids.

- I have turned into a mom that raises her voice and yells sometimes.  I don't even realize I am doing it half the time Matt has to remind me.  I get so angry and have so little patience lately.  I hate that about myself.  I don't want to have a short temper with my kids. 

 - Marriage is so hard after you have kids.  I find I put so much time and effort into taking care of my kids and house when it comes time for Matt I am exhausted.  He gets home from work and I just want a break and silence. It is such a struggle to juggle kids and your husband.

- I don't love to run but I love the silence it brings me in the morning.  It is the only time of the day I am truly alone and it is so nice.  I am not a runner.  It is still hard for me to run one mile, but I do like how I feel afterwards. I feel like that alone time and exercise makes me happier and a better mom during the day.

-   I look forward to my glass of wine at the end of the day.  Is that wrong?
Like really I count down til 5:00 most days.  Some days it is 4:50.

- My sister and I are working on a cookbook together.  This is dream we have long had.  Hoping we can make it work, look good, and people will actually buy it!

- I am so over all the blog competition.  Can't we all be friends and all be successful?  This quote made me laugh so hard. Truth.  I love all my blogger friends.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life Lately

I tried out two new food spots this week, Callies Hot Little Biscuit and Jeni's Ice Cream.  Both were awesome.  I am a long time fan of Carrie who created Callie's biscuits.  I love her cookbook, biscuits, and pimento cheese in a major way.  I was so excited for this little spot to open. I had the chive and cheese biscuits with country ham- freaking amazing!!  You must stop and try the biscuits.   Oh and pick up some of her Dilly dip as well, it is such a tasty dip.

I took the kids to Jeni's Ice Cream and was really impressed.  I am not even a big ice cream fan but this ice cream was so innovative and delicious.  I had the Brown Butter Almond Brittle, it was drool worthy.

 Sterling had the Lavender Wildberry and I swear it tasted like fruit loops.

I am basically obsessed with this top Blair From Atlantic Pacific is wearing.  But then again does anything she wear look bad?  

of course it sold out, but the dress version is still available and how awesome is it?  The price is not bad either.
\\ Sabine Aya Maxi Dress

 As you know I have really gotten into my morning runs.  I go every other day and it such a great way to start my day.  In order to track my miles and calories burned I ordered a GPS watch and I am loving it!!  It keeps track of my runs, miles, pace per mile, and calories.  If you are a runner I really love this watch.

My view yesterday on my run, not too shabby!

Last weekend at the Farmers Market I picked up some fresh pasta.  I buy the Ravioli all the time, but not the pastas.  I bought a basil spaghetti and it was amazing.  I roasted my cherry tomatoes and served them over the pasta with olive oil, fresh basil, and Parmesan cheese.  Super easy, fresh and delicious.

  I took the kids to the small beach near our house Sunday while Matt worked.  I love how close we live to the beach.

I found these shoes at Old Navy for, a whooping $18.  I swear they look just like a Joie Pair I wanted for $300.  The bone color is the perfect nude color.

Last night I hosted a blogger event with Caycee and Sidney from EclecticEclectic is one of my favorite home shops in town.  Sidney carries the coolest stuff.  Case and point:
Cool lamps and artwork

I loved this twin bed set up, so cute for a little boys room.

I loved every single piece of artwork.

Me, Caycee, and Sidney the owner.  If you live in Charleston you must check out her shop!

Oh and Ryan Gosling was there too, don't be jealous.  We were obviously over excited.

I wore my Pink Stitch Maxi Dress from Scout and Molly's in Charlotte + Candy Shop Vintage Rice Beads.

Have a great Thursday!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Biscuit Home 20% Off til Midnight

Its your lucky day Friends.  Til Midnight tonight Biscuit Home is offering 20% off their site.  Use code 10k at checkout.  Our bedding is from Biscuit Home and so is Frances Moon's crib sheet.  Their bedding is the absolute best quality and so soft!  I highly recommend it.

Scroll thru to see a few of my favorites and shop the whole store HERE.

We have the gray border duvet, euro shams, and standard shams.  Can't say enough great things about them!

Frances Moon has the Kate crib sheet in Lilac.  It is the softest baby sheet ever.

You can't go wrong with any Biscuit Home Bedding!

Peach and Crispy Pancetta Salad

I am on a roll with salads.  Be prepared for many more salad recipes til the end of the Summer.  They are my favorite thing to make and eat.  Plus when you have such fresh local produce it makes the salads taste so much better!!  Several of you asked about my CSA basket and I have to say I am loving it.  I use Rosebanks Farm and it has been so fun each week to see what we will get.  Everything has been incredible and full of flavor.  This week we got about 10 peaches so I was trying to think of something to do with some of our peaches and invented this salad.  It is so amazing, my favorite summer salad yet.  The crispy pancetta and creamy gorgonzola pair perfectly with the peaches.  This salad is only good with ripe peaches if the peaches have no flavor this would be a sad salad, so buy accordingly.
I have to add I always buy my meat fresh sliced from the deli counter, I think it is so much better then the prepackaged kind.  So if you can buy the pancetta from the counter- you could also sub bacon or prosciutto.  This salad is best served room temperature.

|| P E A C H  A N D  C R I S P Y   P A N C E T T A  S A L A D ||

-5-6 Peaches largely sliced or diced
- 1/2 white onion thinly sliced
- Pancetta
- Gorgonzola crumbled
- Basil, julienned
- balsamic vinegar
- Olive Oil

Dice Pancetta.  Sautee Pancetta in 1 tablespoon of olive oil about 5 minutes until crispy.  Remove from oil and lay on paper towels to drain.  Sautee onions in same oil from pancetta  about 5-7 just til translucent.  Remove from oil and let cool.  Layer peaches, cooled onion, pancetta, Gorgonzola, and fresh basil.  Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Born Free Shopbop Sale

Shopbop just marked down most of their swimwear and cover-ups.  Great time to stock up, but I was most excited about the Born Free Collection going on sale.  I have been wanting several of these pieces and now they are on sale with extra 25% off.  The kids stuff is darling.  Use code 25EXTRA at checkout. I ordered this dress for Frances Moon, LOVE IT!! and I am very close to ordering this Isabel Marant Blouse for me:)
Scroll thru my favorites below and shop the whole Shopbop sale HERE.


I have wanted a Burberry jacket forever.  They are such classic timeless pieces.  This version is on sale right now, which rarely happens.  I love that you can wear it with or without a belt.
Comes in black and navy also.

I blogged about the long version of this a few weeks ago but I am loving the short version as well.  The neon colors are so fun.

Every time I see someone in K Jacques sandals I wish I had a pair.  They look so chic on.  Loving this calf hair version and they are on sale!
also on sale 50% off in the zebra version.

I am in love with this purse, the color is perfect for year round. On major sale too:)
It would be great for work or just as an everyday purse.

I love our crib sheet from Biscuit Home.  Thinking about getting a new one for a simple update in Frances Moon's nursery.

I have a pair of Kendra Scott Earrings I wear all the time.  This Tigers Eye color is such a great neutral.  These are part of the Nordstrom sale and a great deal!

I love my other Velvet Blouse, I recently purchased.  They are so lightweight and perfect for Summer.  I adore this print.

Leopard print shorts are always a good idea.  These look so comfortable and I love the color scheme.

Such a great classic black tank for a great price.

This long sleeve tee is the same material as my beloved Nicole tank.  I also own this long sleeve top and love it- it is now 40% off!

Last chance to get these glasses on major sale.  I am thinking real hard about buying them.  They say over sized glasses are better for sun protection:)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Little Styles : Anniversary Sale

By now I am sure you are aware of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! How could you not be?  Every blogger is writing about it- haha.

I wanted to share a few favorites that we actually own and that are part of the sale.  I am a huge fan of the Little Giraffe line carried by Nordstrom.  When Frances was born we received a few Little Giraffe gifts and then I promptly bought more I loved them so much. Trust me when I say their blankets, pillows, and everything they make are the softest, most luxurious things ever.

If you are looking for the sweetest baby bath towel ever please buy this Little Giraffe hooded towel.  This makes a great gift as well.  We love ours.  It feels like a blanket but absorbs all the water plus how cute are the ears??  It is a great deal on sale.

also available in blue here

Little Giraffee also makes our favorite blanket.  Someone gave us this as a baby gift and I swear it is the best blanket.  It is so plush and I love the color, although if Flax isn't your favorite color it comes in 4 other colors. This blanket is great to spread on the floor, use as stroller blanket, or in the car.  If you buy one blanket for your baby get this one- heck I even want to cuddle with it!  They are rarely on sale but are now part of the Anniversary Sale.

Of course Sterling always wants to use it as well.  How cute are their Pjs- also part of the sale!

Sterling's Robot Pj's are the cutest, he has wanted to wear them 3 night in a row this week.  He is wearing a size 5 for those curious about sizing.  I bought a bigger size so he could wear them for longer.

Another Little Giraffe Favorite is their Sleep Sack.  Sadly Frances Moon is about too big for the sleep sack now,  but it is awesome for 0-6 months.  The softest sleep sack ever, escpecially if you have your baby in the winter months, it is so cozy!  Also on sale:)

 There are so many great kids deals right now at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. 

I am a huge fan of the Tea Collection.  Their leggings are the best!!  I swear they fit better than most leggings.  I love these stripe ones, they go with everything.
Also on sale in Pink

I think all the Tea shirts are pretty cute too, this would be adorable with the leggings.

also love this Tea Stripe Peplum.

Scroll thru to see some of my other favorites on sale!  Happy Shopping, the sale ends next week and things get gone fast so order while you can!

* This post was sponsored by Nordstrom but all thoughts and opinions are always my own!