Monday, May 12, 2014

Life Lately

I hope everyone had a fabulous Mothers Day whether you are a mom yourself or were celebrating with your mom.  I was lucky enough to be in Charlotte for the weekend so I actually got to the spend the day with my mom! It was a special day.

I tried out a new juice recipe that is amazing.  After all the crap we ate last weekend I told Matt we needed some green juice each day to start our day off right.  I swear I have more energy the days I drink my green juice- may just be in my head but either way its extra energy!
We decided to add a jalapeno in per my sisters suggestion, she had just finished a juice cleanse and loved the jalapeno juice.  It gave the juice a perfect spice.
Just juice kale + spinach + 1 organic Fuji apple + 1 baby cucumber + 1 lemon + 1 inch piece of ginger peeled + 1 jalapeno seeded and sliced in halve

I have been wearing my tassel necklace from Furbish Studio nonstop.  I love it.

Miss Frances Moon finally rolled over.  Not gonna lie I was starting to get worried since we are approaching the 6 month mark, but she finally did it! 

We celebrated my soon to be third nephew this weekend in Charlotte with a baby shower for my sister in law.  I am so excited for my brother and her.  They will be such awesome parents!  
We snapped this picture before we left of me, my mom, and sister.
We didn't plan to all wear animal prints but somehow we did- great minds think alike.

Here we are with my sister in law who is the cutest pregnant person ever.

I enjoyed my first martini since before I was pregnant.  My dad makes the absolute best martinis and he hand stuffs the blue cheese olives.  Pure heaven I tell you!

I admired my mom's peony bushes all weekend.  It has inspired me to want to plant my own- anyone know if they will survive and thrive in Charleston like they do in Charlotte?

Crazy story.  This week marks the one year anniversary of my grandfather's death.  You may remember the story of how my mom found a frog in her kitchen the day after his funeral.  Well she has not seen a frog again until this weekend Sterling spotted one on their patio. It looks exactly like the frog she saw on her table a year ago.  We all knew it was grandfather back to tell us he was OK (and probably sneak a peek at Frances too since he never got to meet her) we were all laughing and in tears.  

Sterling was so excited.  and yes those are Christmas decorations we cleaned out from my grandfathers house he wanted to keep.  I think that was probably the original elf on the shelf. Christmas in May!

Mothers Day we went to church which was nice but chaos with the three kids!

Then my dad took us all out to brunch to celebrate Mothers Day.  I had the most amazing lobster Cobb salad- I am still thinking about it.  It was from McCormick and Schmicks, and actually all our meals were excellent.

Ended the day thankful to spend it with these two precious babies.
I am one lucky Mama.

Have a great week!


Amy Florez {Baby Mama Juice} said...

Looks like a great Mother's Day weekend! I have cold chills about the frog!

Jodi said...

We went to McCormick and Schmick's too. But I went with the Bananas Foster french toast.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Frances and Sterling are both so adorable! That quote is so perfect too!


Unknown said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day! Loving your animal print pretty!

Nat said...

Looks like a great mother's day weekend! The frog story gives me the chills.

Gail said...

Sterling has such photo presence. Truly elegant.

Alicia xoxxo said...

Looks like a great weekend! Sterling and Frances Moon are truly adorable! I love that you saw a frog as well. I truly believe it was your grandpa stopping by to check things out:) I have a similar experience with my grandpa's passing and turtles…. Now I wear a turtle on a charm bracelet all the time. that was he is always with me.

Unknown said...

Looked like a fab Mother's Day weekend! Love that sweet pic of your beautiful children. That Mark Twain quote is one of my faces too! I have a similar experience with my sister and yellow butterflies! Gives me chills.

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

That frog story gives me the warm and fuzzies. Just love that.

Delta Daisies said...

That salad looks to die for!!! Glad you had a great Mother's day!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I'd move to your mom's only for those peony bushes!!!

Rachel said...

Aw it looks like you had a fantastic weekend...I am a sucker for blue cheese stuffed olives, yum!! And a firm believer that loved ones visit us, how cool for you guys to see that :)

Christina said...

glad you had a nice mother's day weekend! love the story about the frog. my aunt went to one of those people who communicates with our passed loved ones and she told my aunt that when she came across dimes on the ground, that was her grandfather's way of connecting with her. he was a banker so it made sense! she smiles every time she sees one and picks it up. oh and about the juice, heck yes, more energy. the ones that give me crazy energy are the carrot+beet+ginger combo. like i'm zooming around! like we both always say, no thanks to pills/drugs, hello natural cures!

Meredith said...

Sounds like an excellent mother's day with so much to celebrate and to be thankful for! Your kids get cuter by the day :)

caycee said...

I love the frog story, I bet he so proud of you and loved seeing Frances!! So glad you are coming back's due time for a lunch date!!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Looks like lots of good family time! I remember the frog story from cool he came back again! Also, those peonies are gorgeous! We have transferred a bunch from my grandmother's yard to ours and its really special to watch them bloom every year!

Erin Goodchild said...

I love that a frog appeared this weekend!

My grandma had a Christmas cactus that was her absolute favorite. They're only supposed to bloom once a year around Christmas time but her's (that we have since split amongst my mom, brothers, and myself) blooms twice, once at Christmas and every year on the anniversary of her death.

I love having that sweet reminder that she is always with me!

Dina said...

My peonies do awesome in the Atlanta heat, they love full sun, and are thriving right now! I saw them last weekend at Home Depot for $14 for probably a 5 gallon pot.