Monday, October 13, 2014

Life Lately + Marinated Cheese Recipe

Happy Monday Sweet Friends!  

Last week Sterling's school put out all the pumpkins for Halloween.  They always do a huge pumpkin patch and sell the pumpkins.  Sterling was so excited and insisted we take some pictures with the pumpkins.  Sometimes I can't get over how grown-up he is now.

I tried out Sean Brock's new restaurant Minero. The concept is really cool,  as are the interiors but I just wasn't blown away by the food.  I did really like the salsa trio and queso.  The tacos however were just ok.  I will give it another try though!  Anyone been and have a favorite dish?

My horse blouse that I ordered from the Tory Burch sale came in the mail and I have to say I love it!!  Sometimes her clothes can fit my body funny but this blouse fit perfectly and I just adore the horse print.  I will be wearing this often this Fall.

I saw the most gorgeous sunrise on Friday morning, one of the most vibrant ones I have seen.
The pictures just don't even do it justice.

I got back my wingback chairs from the Upholster and they look amazing!!  I am working on taking some pictures of the den for a home tour and I will show the full chairs then but here is a peak!
Fabric is from GDC Home.

Sterling takes Halloween very seriously and loves to decorate for it.  We went to Lowes to get pine needles and came home with this guy.  I do kind of love him though.  Perfect to store all my Reeses Pumpkins in that I can't stop eating!  The wine is from my Wine Awesomeness shipment this month and it is excellent!!  Such a great Fall Rose.  Don't forget you can sign up here to get 30% off your first order!

My good friend Jen who started La Senorita Jolie just designed a line of delicate jewelry for LSJ and I am so in love with it and so proud of her!!  They are the perfect pieces for layering and everyday wear and all are under $50!!
Don't forget to use code LSJ-DBDD to get free shipping

I surprised Sterling with some Halloween Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Saturday morning.  I thought this was a genius idea til his soccer game two hours later when he had to stop playing because his tummy hurt and he told his coach he ate too many doughnuts- Mom Fail!

After soccer they had big event to focus on fire awareness.  They brought in a bunch of fire trucks and you know kids always love a fire truck- plus the fire men weren't too shabby to look at!

I wore my Rag and Bone top on Saturday.  It is the same style as my tank version I lived in all Summer.  I just love the back detail and it is so soft!  Thru tonight at midnight you can take 20% off with code FALL20 at Piperlime.  A great time to buy this top!

Sunday Night we did Happy Hour and dinner with some friends and I brought one of my favorite easy Apps, Marinated Cheese.  This recipe comes from my mom's very good friend Jane and it is always a hit!!  We serve with Triscuits, a thicker cracker that can soak up the olive and toppings is a good idea!  Someone commented on my Instagram that this is a great app for Christmas because of the colors and I agree!!


Sunday I took Frances to church in one of my old dresses.  I texted my mom a picture of her in it and she sent me back a picture of me at my first Birthday wearing the same dress.  I had to share, so cool we still have this dress!


Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

Loved the pumpkin pics!! And of course Frances in that dress. But I can't wait to fix that cheese app!!

Julia Ryan said...

so much to love here! Baby Girl in your old dress melts my heart as do all the pictures of your two sweet kids! That blouse and jeans shorts combo looks so good.

And so glad you went more neutral with the chairs because now you go can crazy with pillow covers. So many good shops on etsy with reasonable awesome fabrics so you can rotate :)

Jillian said...

bummmmer about the mexican restaurant! i really wanted to try it! what is your favorite place for mexican food in charleston?! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

KatiePerk said...

I make that cheese recipe too! I love the family dress! We saw the firemen at Bagel Nation Saturday morning, and they were so nice! I think they were heading your way.

Unknown said...

Who does your upholstery??

Laura said...

I can't get the code 'OHFALL' to work when I check out at Piperlime. Are you sure that's correct?

Val said...

I love that your mom saved your dress. So special. I live for marinated cheese. I have only marinated I'm excited for cheddar.

Emily {Luscious Life & Decor} said...

Really can't wait to try the cheese recipe. I love that Frances is wearing your dress. I think I asked this before, but not sure if you ever commented- how did your Mom store your baby dresses so that they are in perfect condition?

Unknown said...

So adorable, I think Frances is looking more and more like Sterling every day! And those Krispy Kreme donuts look SOOO good!

Unknown said...

your chair looks amazing!

the haley five said...

Hi there! That recipe looks so good! What cookbook is it from?

Unknown said...

I want the wine! The code doesn't work though. Last time you gave it out it didn't work for me either

Mary said...

That cheese plate looks yummy! One question, are the crackers already on the plate (under the cheese slices) while it marinates for two hours, or do you just scoop up a slice of cheese to put on a cracker when you eat it?

A said...

Wonderful wine! I live close to Early Mountain and am glad to see VA wines being enjoyed elsewhere :)


Unknown said...

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