Monday, October 20, 2014

Scenes From Our Weekend

The past few weekends have been so nice because we have had no real plans.  The older I get the more I enjoy our nights in.  I still love to go out but since I was out both Wednesday and Thursday nights with my girlfriends this week I was so glad to hang with the family and have a low key weekend!

Friday morning I had Sterling snap a picture of Frances Moon and I before we headed school.  He is quite the camera man.  I was loving our JCREW outfits and had to share.
Swing Sweater (on sale plus additional 40% off)  | Heart Top | Chevron Leggings | FP Mocs

Matt went fishing Friday night and I enjoyed a much needed relaxing evening in.  I ordered a pizza, devoured my new Elements of Style Book and watched the movie Love and Other Drugs on Oxygen. Not gonna lie I was a happy lady.  I love a good girly night.

Saturday the weather was just glorious so we spent most of the day outside.
Wearing my new Shopbop Sale purchases:

Frances is trying so hard to walk.  She always wants us to hold her hands and walk with her.

We carved our pumpkins that night and decided the save the seeds to roast the next day.  They were so delicious.  The key is letting them dry out overnight.  I cooked ours with 2 tablespoons melted butter, salt, pepper and cayenne and they were so good!

Our dinner spread Saturday night.  Matt cooks the best filet ever.  I decided to spice up my roasted Brussels sprouts with prosciutto and it was a genius idea.

Saturday my cougar crush Zac Efron turned 27, had to give him a Birthday Shout out. Made me not feel quite so old that we are only 6 years apart.  Enjoy the eye candy my friends.  I need to rent The Neighbors just to look at this bod.

 Sunday the kids got up at the crack of dawn and would not go back to bed, so we decided to take them to the Yacht Club to watch the sunrise.  It was beautiful and such a special start to our day.  I love catching a gorgeous sunrise, reminds me how good God is.

I love this picture of Sterling in his witch hat watching.  

Sunday night we went to an oyster roast at my friend Krystine's house and she did it up right!
If  notice some Christmas decor it is because she is part of the Home Depot Holiday challenge!  Check out her blog for more details!

Snapped the cutest picture of Matt and Frances.

Of course she wouldn't smile for my picture or even look at the camera.

and because I am so excited it was cool enough to put my sweet girl in tights.  
Loving this outfit on her.

Monday calls for a laugh and grocery shopping in this house:)


Simply Tasheena said...

Looks like a pretty amazing weekend :)

caycee said...

Girl you have got to see the Neighbors it so funny!! And easy on the eyes ;) So much fun last night!! xoxo

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Frances is so cute, love the photo of you 3 together watching the sunrise, beautiful.

Lindsay, XO Lindsay said...

Your Friday day night is my perfect idea of a Friday night! And that sunrise is beautiful. I live at the beach and have never caught on sunrise.

Unknown said...

What a fun weekend...your sunrise/sunset pictures are always gorgeous!! And don't you just love Erin's book, so much pretty to look at! Happy Monday!

Unknown said...

Zac Efron...yum. I am feeling a lot better about our age difference now that it's 27 and 31...not so bad! ;)

Alicia xoxxo said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! And your Friday night looks like my kinda night ;) I can believe how big FM is getting! She is growing up so fast. So beautiful. Both of yours kids:)

Unknown said...

Natalie I love yr blog so much! I read it all the time! Sterling in the witch hat is so cute and funny! Such a great family and you give so much info on everything, fashion, food, kids, books etc!!! Love it!!!

Taylor said...

i was so jealous of your jean shorts on instagram saturday while I zipped up my fleece and wore my uggs around my house :)

Katie said...

What a fun weekend! Now I need the Rag & Bone tee. Please also share where you got those adorable elephant leggings you had on for your night in. You need to see the movie with Zach Efron, he is so nice to look at. I have been devouring my Elements of Style book too, love it!
Have a great week! :)