Friday, January 16, 2015

Beauty Items I am Loving

I always love hearing about the skincare products others use, so today I thought I would share some of my favorites.  Since last year I have really tried to take better care of my skin and be aware of what I am putting on my skin.  I have switched out many of the products I used to use for more clean versions without weird chemicals,  and you know what my skin has honestly never looked better.   Not every product I use is clean but many are and that is better than I was doing this time last year.  The older I get the more important skin care becomes, but for all you younger gals the earlier you start the better your skin will be as you age.  One huge tip that I think really helps is to drink lots of water.  I try to drink water throughout the day and hot lemon water at night or in the morning.  It really helps your skin not look dull.

Below are my current favorite beauty, make-up and hair items.  Most of these are fairly new items to my routine but I am hooked.  This post is not sponsored, I truly love these face products and swear by them

S K I N C A R E 
These are my current nightly skin care products.

For the price these pads are awesome.  You can even cut them in half to make them last longer.  I swipe my whole face and neck after I wash my face and before I moisturize.  I swear it has brightened my skin.  It also lessens the look of your pores as well.

This cream is a real treat and one of my all time favorites.  It is damn expensive but it lasts a long time.  It really moisturizes my skin so well and leaves it super hydrated, more so than other face creams I have tried.  Fun fact my aunt used to work for La Mer and introduced me to it probably 15 years ago.  She would always bring us samples, sadly she longer works for them but thanks to her I am hooked on the line.

I got this as a sample with my Tata Harper Face Mask and was skeptical at first.  I was like what will this spray even do??  But now I am hooked, I just ordered the large size.  It is a toner but it really moisturizes and makes your skin dewy.   I spray this on in the morning and at night before I moisturize.  I swear this has helped my dry skin so much this winter.   It really freshens your skin and leaves it tight and hydrated.

Love this eye cream.  I have such bad under eye circles I am pretty sure no cream will ever make them disappear, but I really like this one.  I like the way it pumps out and goes on not too thick and not too thin.  What I love about Tata Harper products is they really seem to refresh my skin.

I mention this all the time but this face mask is good stuff.  I had to include it again.  I use it 2-3 times a week.  It makes your face get super tight while you are wearing it, so I feel like it is helping to tighten and firm my skin.

B E A U T Y  A N D  H A I R

I bought this lip tint in the twig color last Summer at a Beauty Counter Party I went to.  I loved it so much I ordered the Petal color.  It is such a gorgeous shade of pink.  The lip tint goes on so smooth and is the perfect hint of color. Plus I am sucker for packaging and I love the beautiful gold tube it comes in.

I just ordered this concealor and I am hooked.  It reminds me alot of the Yves St laurent Touche Elcat. You pump the stick and it comes out onto a brush.  It is light weight but really provides decent coverage.  I use this with my Cle De Peau stick concealer (because this tired mama needs double duty).  I have the Medium 1 color.

I decided to try this face tint out after loving all my other Beauty Counter products and this was no exception.  It provides excellent coverage and moisturizes at the same time.  I have the sand color.

I got the travel set of the Living Proof Shampoo and Conditioner in my stocking this Christmas.  I had heard such rave reviews about the line and it did not disappoint.  I swear it made my hair so sleek afterwards.  The travel kit is a great way to try it out before investing in the big bottles.  I did the Restore version because I figured it was best for my color treated hair.  They also have a Full (volume) , and No Frizz set.

This baby changed my life.  My hair gets so tangled after I shower and can be a real pain to brush out.  This brush makes it super easy.  LOVE it.

I leave you with this quote from the wise Diane Von Furstenberg.  So True.


Ally- Life as I know it said...

Us blondies think a like because I wear the Beautycounter lipstick in Twig as well, want to buy Petal next. I also obsessed with the wet brush! I want to try Beautycounter's concealer next!
Ally - Life as I know it

Katie said...

Love your beauty posts! I'm with you on the Living Proof products and The Wet Brush-- gotta treat our lovely locks well :)

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I love Living Proof too! I need to get a job working for LeMer. I still haven't treated myself to it yet and I'm going to be 46. Maybe for my B-day?

I also want to try Tarta and need some new eye cream. Thanks girl!

That quote is so true. You see those horribly cranky looking old ladies with a permanent scowl on their face. How'd you think it got there? lol

Stephanie Chalk said...

Thank you for sharing a few of your favorites! I have been wanting to try a few new products and this was a a HUGE help! Xo, Stephanie

Unknown said...

Thank you!!! I love reading what others use too. I got Tata Harper's discovery kit for Christmas and do love the products. LOVE Cle de Peau concealer, holy grail for me and it lasts forever. I just ordered the Wet brush, more for me than my daughter since I have shorter hair. And you have tempted me to finally splurge on La Mer very soon. ;)

Taylor said...

I don't know what I would do without my wet brush. It was life saving. And I have heard so much about Tata Harper products! I really need to start a skin care routine… its about damn time :)

Ginger said...

Love this post, Natalie! I just ordered Younique products. I already have the 3D Lash Blast, and I love it. I hope I like the other products as well. Have a great evening! xoxo

Unknown said...

I'd really love to treat myself to the La Mer cream...I started freaking out about my skincare regimen {or sporadic one} just before I turned 30 and finally invested in some good products in the last couple of years and have really tried to stay consistent with my skincare. I love your suggestions, I get such dry skin too!

Whitney said...

Thank you so much for chatting about all of this! I've been so curious about these new organic lines, and your authentic, non-sponsored post has been a blessing! Am putting my list together of new purchases I need to make for a beauty overhaul all thanks to you! xx