Monday, January 19, 2015

Scenes From Our Weekend + 7 Layer Mexican Dip Recipe

Happy MLK Day. I hope everyone has enjoyed the long weekend.

Matt bought Sterling a trampoline a few months ago and we finally had it put together last week.  So we spent a lot of time on the trampoline this weekend. Sterling loves that thing, and I have to admit it is pretty fun and good exercise jumping on it.   I was out of breath after every time we played on it (or maybe I am just out of shape).

I snapped this picture Friday night before bath time.  I love Frances Moon's enormous belly.

Friday night we celebrated my Mother-in- laws birthday.  I made my favorite 7 layer Mexican dip. Several of you wanted the recipe, so here it is :

Layer one | Refried Beans 
Layer Two | Guacamole
Layer Three | 16 oz sour cream mixed with taco seasoning (I use our homemade kind but you can use a packet as well)
Layer Four | Shredded Cheese ( I grate my own and use Cracker Barrel Sharp White Cheddar)
Layer Five | Diced Tomatoes
Layer Six | Sliced Black Olives
Layer Seven | chopped green onions

Saturday I got up early and went on a run.  I am slowly getting back into a workout routine.

Speaking of working out- I am totally obsessed with the new high waisted Lululemon workout pants.  Get a pair, worth every penny.  They are amazing and suck in all the flab!  I have one pair in black but now I want every color they come in!

I did some pantry organizing Saturday. I found these clear bins at TJMaxx and they work perfect for storing the kids snacks.

I also cleaned out and organized the snack drawer of our fridge.  I am totally that mom that they targeted with the snack drawer.  It is actually what sold me on the fridge and is honestly my favorite part.
Between Matt and the kids we spend some money on snack food.

Saturday night I made Barefoot Contessa's Marinated Feta for Happy Hour.  The recipe is in her new cookbook and was so delicious.  As was this wine from my Wine Awesomeness box.  Love the butterfly label.

Saturday night Sterling lost his first tooth!  The day before he told me he had a wiggly tooth and sure enough it was loose.  So Saturday night I asked him how his wiggly tooth was and he opened his mouth and it was gone.  I think he swallowed it or something, who knows.  I was trying to be excited for him but inside I was crying because loosing that tooth meant my sweet baby was growing up.
He however was so excited ( and I am awaiting a tooth to appear in his poop).

Thank goodness I actually had some cash on me.  It was either a $5 or a $20 so we went with a $5.  
 I had several requests about the shark tooth fairy pillow.  My mom bought it somewhere out of town but I was able to find the same one online HERE.

We had chili cheese dogs and truffled tots for dinner that night that were out of this world good!

Wore double plaid for church.

Sunday night we celebrated one of our good friend's birthdays. Caycee and I could not resist the photo op:)

Outfit Details:
 Blouse (similar) | Necklace (use code DBDD-LSJ for free shipping | Jeans (use code GOODJEANS for 30% off) | Pumps

 Piperlime is offering 30% off all their jeans with code GOODJEANS!
If you want a distressed pair, these are my favorite.  A great time to buy new jeans if you need them.

Here's to a great week!
(I have been listening to my Eckhart Tolle book A New Earth and really liking it, some inspiring stuff).


Amy Florez {Baby Mama Juice} said...

S lost a tooth?! How is that even possible?! You and Caycee look so cute with your matching outfits! I need some of those hot dogs and tater tots in my life!!!

Michaela said...

You and C are matching! Love it :) And I love Sterling's little gap in his teeth. Can't believe he's loosing teeth already! Have a great week, Natalie! xo

Anonymous said...

that dip looks so pretty. i just drank the butterfly wine last night. pretty good stuff! love the football pic. :)

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Looks like a great weekend! I can't believe Sterling lost his first tooth! I remember when I first started reading and he was barely a toddler!

Taylor said...

gimme that mexican dip! (and the pretty bowl and placmat/napkin!) YUM! I just ordered some new lulu gear…. I really should get some new leggings since I have been wearing my groove pants almost every day for about 4 years :)

Taylor said...

ps that tooth fairy pillow is just adorable!

Unknown said...

The tooth fairy note is so cute idea!
Hot dogs looks very delicious, I have to try them. I like your double plaid outfit, it look great!

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Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Loving all your food/recipes photos lately :)