Monday, March 16, 2015

Life Lately

Happy Monday.  

We lucked out this week and had some pretty incredible weather.  It always puts me in a good mood when the sun is shining! 
Spent a lot of time outdoors with these two.

I bought sidewalk chalk which I thought was a genius idea to occupy the kids til found this beautiful drawing all over our front door.  At least chalk washes off:)

 Then I busted this little lady chugging all her brother's chocolate milk.
Love that guilty little face though.

I tried roasting purple cabbage instead of green.  I also brushed it with Dijon mustard and olive oil, it was so tasty.

Thursday night we out for a girls dinner since one of our best friends Amanda was back in town visiting.

Snapped the cutest picture of Frances Moon sleeping.  I swear it looks like she is wearing lipstick.

Friday night we had happy hour with some friends and I made the most delicious and easy 5 ingredient app||
Layer Cream Cheese | Onion Relish ( I actually used a local apricot jalapeno jelly that was awesome) | Black Beans | Crumbled Bacon | Chives
Serve with crackers

Visited with my sweet niece Avery this week, she is such a doll!  Love seeing her in Frances Moon's old clothes!
 wearing my tie dye dress again it's a favorite already.

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for my friend Krystine's two sons.  The kids had a blast.  She had a shaved ice truck come in, the kids were in hog heaven!

Saturday night we went out with some friends in town from Charlotte.  If you are looking for a great white blouse, I love the one I am wearing.  The embroidery and tiny pom-poms won me over!

We ate the Rarebit, which I had never eaten at before.  We all really enjoyed our food and drinks.

I had the Patty Melt and Onion Rings + Succotash and it was so good- no dieting on the weekend.

Found the cutest embroidered tunic/dress from F21.  It also comes in white/orange.

Sunday after church  I made a big batch of chicken salad.   The secret ingredients are celery seed and dried basil.  They give it awesome flavor.

Spent Sundays outside.  Sterling would not eve pause to be in a photo, he was off running the whole time!
Wearing her Tarjay Dress:)

I am really enjoying the book Diane Von Furstenberg wrote, I have been reading it at night.  Love this quote and I think it's pretty true.


Unknown said...

I rarely comment, but just love reading about your sweet family and seeing your cute outfits everyday! :) I am going to Charleston next month and am looking forward to trying out some of your Chareston recommendations! :) Hope you have a great week!


Unknown said...

Frances Moon is such a doll! I can't wait until Farrah is toddling around!

Ashley said...

I'm putting DvF's book on my list!

Kyle said...

Sterling looks so grown-up all of a sudden. I can't handle the cuteness factor of FM, too. Love her little hair growing out. She too is getting so grown-up!

Anonymous said...

Natalie, what size did you get for the gorgeous Piperlime blouse? SO cute!

Brooklyngal said...

Sweet snaps! How does that fringe blouse run?

Looks so cute.



Cecilie said...

Love your F21 dress! What size are you wearing?

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Love that quote!! Frances Moon is so cute!

Unknown said...

I am so ordering that Piperlime top...cute! And I love a good chicken salad recipe!