Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thoughts For Thursday

Yay one more day til the weekend!!  
Currently on my mind.

The Bachelor.  Lets discuss who is going to get the final rose.  I feel like Whitney is probably going to win and I like her but something makes me feel like Becca is a better match for him.  It concerns me a bit she has never been in love but he seems really into her.  I can also picture her being happy on the farm.  Lets be real it would be hard to live there, no restaurants, no grocery store or anything nearby to do??  Not sure I could do it- heck I know I could not live there!

Thank you for the book suggestions, I just finished The Girl on The Train and wow I loved it!!  Kind of similar to Gone Girl, I could not stop reading it.
If you have not read it you must!

Next up I happened to find Diane Von Furstenberg's Book at the library.  Can't wait to read about one of my favorite fashion designers!

My Baublebar earrings arrived this week and I love them.  I was looking for earrings that could be great for day or night.
They are such a steal for 2 cute pairs of earrings!

Frances Moon had her 15 month check up this week and my girl is growing like a weed.  She was 95TH percentile + for everything.
Frances' dress is one of my favorite for Summer!  

I love to watch my kids sleep.  Is that weird?  I can not go to bed at night until I have walked in and watched them both for a few minutes.  I saw Sterling like this one night this week and it was too sweet.  He had taken Frances Moon's baby dolls and tucked them into bed (in an old baublebar box).  He has the biggest heart.

I have been seeing so many cute things at F21 lately so I decided to try my luck and order a few things and  I LOVE them.  I have hit or miss luck at F21 but both of these are awesome buys!  They look and feel way more expensive than they are!  I am wearing a small in both for size reference.
and ignore the wrinkles they just came out of the mail bag:)

also comes in white.  I actually just ordered the white too I loved the navy so much.  I swear they look like some $200 blouses I have tried on but they are under $30!

Actually found this on the store but it is online too. This reminded me a lot of Missoni plus the fabric felt great and its under $20!

I forgot how much I love tomato pie.  I made two this week one for us and one for my friend Ashley who just moved here.  Tomato Pie is one of my favorite Southern Comfort foods.  This picture was right before the final layer of cheese and before I baked them!
You can see my recipe HERE.

I have really enjoyed tequila lately.  I still love my wine but lately I swear all the sugar in it and the tannins make me feel worse the next day.  Good tequila does not do that to me.  This is a new small batch tequila I am loving that was actually aged in bourbon barrels.  It is so good!
and how gorgeous is the view from the deck of my parents condo here??

We had our monthly girls Supper Club last week and this is what I wore.  I love our girls super club.  We each switch off and host once a month at our houses and cook for the girls.  It is always a good time.
The purse and jeans are part of the Shopbop event so you can save!

Charleston Friends, don't miss out Barbara Cobb is hosting a trunk show today downtown!
She makes the absolute cutest beach hats not to mention the quality is fantastic.

Check out me and Frances Moon's hat that Barbabra made for us- the fun part is you can design the hats.  I picked the colors and patterns.

We started House of Cards Season 3 and are 5 episodes in, anyone else watching?  So far I feel like it is not as good as the first two seasons but it may get better.

I am thinking for meatless Monday next week I will make these Cauliflower Rice Cups.  I think they look so good!  They are drizzled with Srirachia Peanut Sauce- yes please!

Thursday's Wisdom.


Amanda | Kids and Cabernet said...

Loving all of your F21 choices! The tomato pie looks so good - going to check out the recipe, I'd love to try it!

Have a great day!

Emily Satzger said...

Question about drinking you drink it chilled and with lime? I would love to get into drinking nice tequila, but unsure how to "properly" drink just tequila.

House of Cards is not as good, I was so disappointed, it's still good, just not near as nail biting as last season.

Jillian said...

i have both those books on my reading list! im glad you liked the girl on the train. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Suzanne said...

Ooh, thanks for posting the Tomato Pie, I have a pie crust in the freezer begging to be used!

I love your coordinating Barbara Cobb hats, I've been lusting after them since I spotted one on Nantucket a couple of summers many cute fabrics to choose from!

Unknown said...

Question about the swimsuit cover-up...What size are you wearing?

Chelsea said...

I love your F21 finds!! Do you think they could work maternity if I ordered a size up? Thanks so much!! LOVE your blog!!

Unknown said...

Is the dress a shirt?! The link with it redirects to a shirt?? I love it so much but is it also short on?

Amy Florez {Baby Mama Juice} said...

I hate to say this, but I'm totally bored with HOC3. I hope it starts getting better soon!!!

Unknown said...

I haven't been to Forever21 in awhile but it looks like you scored some great pieces!! I can't believe how BIG FM is getting, growing so fast! said...

I really can't see him with either of these girls! Really struggling with this because he is adorbs!

Jen Watts said...

Holy Sterlings twin in the earring picture!!! He looks just like you!! If I ever move to charleston I'm hunting you down for pie!

Taylor said...

I think he'll pick Whitney too….. I would NEVER be able to live there. A small town, fine. THAT kind of SMALL, small town…… errrr No. I love tomato pie so much now its all I can think about!

Val said...

You had me at tomato pie and tequila. TGIF!!!

Stephanie Chalk said...

Great book choices and I will be purchasing one of those monogrammed hats for the summer! Xo, Stephanie