Thursday, April 2, 2015

Finicky Filly New Arrivals + Brown Box Update

Update: I wanted to clarify a few things that I keep getting questions about.  The Finicky Filly Brown Box Club is a free service.  The $18 fee for shipping is waived if you decide to keep any item in your box.  You however are not obligated to keep anything .  When you sign up for the box you fill out a questionnaire about your size and style and what price range you prefer.  Your box is then tailored just for you!   The items below are what they hand selected for me.  I did not keep all the items below, I am merely showing what they look like on me as a model  Also there are no links for the items because Finicky Filly does not have a website where you can purchase items.  They have a website but not for online ordering.  If you want to buy anything or want further pricing feel free to call Finicky Filly or check them out on the House Account App. All new arrivals are posted there.
I also do not receive a commission if you buy anything or sign up for a box.  I have denoted items I was gifted with c/o which I also mentioned at the bottom of the post.  I also purchased a few items.  I love supporting local Charleston Shops.

For my future boxes I will include prices if you want to order. I have also estimated prices for the items below, although since I have sent my box back I am unsure of exact prices.  Thanks for all the feedback.
Thanks Ladies!

Happy Thursday y'all!  I hope you guys are having a great week.  We are enjoying every minute of Spring Break so far!! 

A few weeks ago I posted about The Brown Box Club, a free personal shopping service with a local boutique here called Finicky Filly.  I know many of you signed up and why not it is such an incredible service!!  If you have not signed up and still want to you can sign up HERE

I decided to team up with Finicky Filly and every few weeks I will share some of their new arrivals and what was in my Brown Box.  For those of you that signed up for the Brown Box Club if you ever want to request any of the items I feature you can simply comment on Finicky Filly's House Account App under the item that you would like it be included in your next box. 
 House Account App is free and a great way to see new arrivals at your favorite stores.
 If you are not a Brown Box Member or if you just want to buy anything featured you can call 843.534.0203 to order.

My second Brown Box was even better than my first which is saying a lot.  I loved every piece.  I feel like the girls really get my style and what I like,  which is the great thing about The Brown Box Club.

Two of my favorite items that were in my box that I am sure you have seen pictured on my instagram and blog last week were these two blouses.

As soon as I saw the print and style of this blouse I knew it was keeper.  Beautiful colors for Spring and I love the loose flowy fit.  The brand is called Essential Antwerp $200 .  I had never heard of the brand before but the quality is fabulous!  The horn necklace I am wearing was also included in my box.   This blouse looks great with blue jeans, nude jeans, and white jeans- really versatile.
My shades are Ray Bans:)

Second favorite was this Joie Blouse $180 c/o.  I am a sucker for any Joie Blouse.  The floral pattern is so pretty and I love the smocked neckline and loose fit. 

Some other items in my Brown Box this month.  Before this shipment I mentioned we had two vacations coming up so my box was geared more towards some vacation items.

Annie Griffith Maxi $400 c/o || I feel in love this beauty.  The pattern is stunning in person and the fit is amazing.  This was a definite keeper for me:)  If you look on the FF House Account App this dress also comes in a beautiful pink pattern!

Soft Joie Tie Dye Cover-up $180 || This was the softest thing ever.  Perfect for lounging.

Echo Cover-up $55 || Love the colors and this cover-up was a steal under $60!

Mara Hoffman Shoes $80 || These are fabulous for the beach.

Tory Burch Wooden Purse + Annabel Ingall Clutch $300 + $200 || Two great going out purses.

Soft Joie Tassel Blouse $140 |  Great as a blouse or cover-up.

Rebecca Minkoff Romper  $290|| This romper is awesome because it looks like a two piece outfit.  The color is gorgeous in person.

The detail on the romper was so cute it was almost like tiny pom-poms!

Jewelry | I loved all the jewelry in this month's box.  I ended up keeping the tassel earrings and the pink horn necklace.
 Gorjana Leaf Earrings $40| T Marie Tassel Earrings $100 | Sangria Necklaces $65

The box also had three pairs of jeans, another dress and tee shirt.
prices range from $175-$300.

I wanted to mention that while The Brown Box Club is still a free service, they are now charging an $18 fee for packing expenses.  If you buy anything from the box, you will not be charged the fee.  If you keep nothing then you will be charged $18 to cover packing and mailing expenses. 
One additional new part of the Brown Box Club is it now comes with a feedback card that you need to fill out when you send it back.  This is simply to help the girls at Finicky Filly for your next Brown Box to know items you liked or what you would like to see more or less of next time!  Don't forget to fill it out! 
I can't wait fot my next Brown Box shipment!

- Thanks to Finicky Filly for partnering with me on this post.  I was not paid to write this but gifted some merchandise.  The Brown Box Club is still something I love and personally choose to do!  It is a fabulous service!


lala said...

Lots of cute stuff this would be really nice if you'd let your readers know how much these items cost without forcing us to click on a link that sends us somewhere else. I understand that you like to get credit for clicks and all, but there has to be some kind of benefit to you for simplifying the lives of those who take the time to come to your blog.

Also, it may be a typo, but y'all is y'all, not ya'll. Don't want that wrong on a Southern blog! :)

Mrs. W said...

Love it all!! Definitely hard to decide! Thank you for sharing.

Boston Brit said...

How much did/would the box cost? Is everything full price or do box subscribers get a deal? Those brands are pretty pricy!

lala said...

Boston Brit--I'm glad I'm not the only one who is curious. But not curious enough to click on the links and buy so someone gets credit. I'm more apt to do that if I'm given all the information rather than being baited.

Unknown said...

WOW, Natalie! It's time for some serious self reflection on the direction of your blog. In the last several posts I have never seen such negativity from your readers. I think it's becoming quite obvious to your blog readers that your spending and the sheer amount of purchases that you make on a weekly basis is out of control. Readers are certainly being tuned off and you really need to think seriously about the direction of your blog. And now you are posting recipes without sourcing too! You can shrug off your readers comments and simply say "I don't care what people think" but what is the point of a blog then. The materialism is outlandish, it really is. All these links! And after all this time you now want your readers to believe you need a monthly service to send you expensive clothes and then your readers have to click on the link...c'mon! That's extremely insulting to your readers and by the comments above, it's the message you are sending. How is that not obvious to you?

Mrs_G said...
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Mrs_G said...

Your blog is super fabulous! I love reading it & am inspired by your posts! Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

I love all the stuff that came in your box. But what are the average costs of the items? How much for a box like you received? None of the links work for the clothing...but I know J Brand Jeans and Tory are expensive. Just curious. Thanks!

Courtney K. said...
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Courtney K. said...

Would it be too much to ask for some prices of the multitude of items you received in this infamous Brown Box? I am embarrassed for Finicky Filly that you are not answering your readers' questions and just encouraging them to click away for YOU to make a profit and you were gifted items! Yikes! The materialism is surreal. It appears you are trying so, so hard, and your readers are catching on. You are not bringing anything new. The items you list are pricey and not too long ago you did a debt post? This is just wrong on all accounts. I appalled about the lack of judgement and foolish spending. I am glad you corrected your typo, but it would be kind of humbling if you acknowledged your mistake. In fact, you be showing some maturity of you acknowledged anything. This is just hot mess. Shame, shame on Finicky Filly. That shop just lost a really good customer, and the way you are representing the Brown Box is certainly not in their favor. I am sorry this is harsh, but this post just hit a nerve, and I am glad others see it.

Courtney K. said...

Finicky Filly does indeed have a website! How about giving us the prices of the items you listed in today's post? THAT would be the right thing to do. I am just really disappointed in the manner you presented today's post as it was pretty dodgy. I have always liked going into Finicky Filly, but much like some other commenters, I am done. Giving away free pieces to try to tempt unsuspecting readers is just downright unethical. I held them, and you for that matter, to a much higher standard. Today was just greedy and lacked complete utter class. Shame on you.

Sharon said...

While I appreciate you writing the Update, you did note at the bottom of the post, "I was not paid to write this but gifted some merchandise." I think FTC Guidelines require you to disclose specific c/o items since they are free. You said that you kept the pink horn necklace, tassel earrings and the Annie Griffith Maxi dress, were those items gifted? Even if they were not gifted, how much would those items along with the other items in the box retail for?

Courtney K. said...

I also think FTC guidelines require you to disclose the price of the items that you were gifted. Can you share the items you were gifted? Also, I too, am quite curious how much the items in the Brown Box cost as the all them added together would be a pretty hefty price tag. I love that you support local, but please, please really support them do not just go after freebies. This is not good publicity for for Finicky Filly as I believe there customer basis is dwindling, and this was just bad marketing, plain and simple. Your update was just a vague as your post. Why not just be honest?

lala said...

For those who are interested, I did my own internet sleuthing at OTHER stores and found the following (for those who don't want to do the math, that's $1895 for just SOME of the items):

Joie halter: $188

Annie Griffith maxi: $385

Echo cover up (similar) $58

Mara Hoffman espadrille $88

Tory wooden bag $350

Annabel Ingall clutch $210

Rebecca Minkoff romper: $298

T Marie tassel earrings $140

JBrand jeans at least $178

Unknown said...

"Thanks Ladies" ????? For what??? This post shows your true colors, Natalie. There is no way you need this service in your life and the prices for these items,... c'mon. This post has backfired on you in a huge way! I feel very sorry for the company. The majority of your blog posts are fashion and what you you want to sell us on the fact THAT YOU ALSO NEED A MONTHLY SERVICE OF OTHER PEOPLE PICKING OUT YOUR CLOTHES!!!!! Seriously! And your update is how you address it..even worse!

Pironsphere said...

I have never in my life commented on any blog until now. Y'ALL are so rude. Natalie never said ithe items in the box were cheap. They are designer clothes! I'm pretty sure if someone "gifted" you something that you loved (so that both parties had mutual gain), you wouldn't be sending it back. Natalie has great taste. Can I afford a Joie blouse?? I wish. BUT, ITS HER BLOG and she can write whatever she wants. I completely disagree that she did a disservice to the company-- ithanks to Natalie, I now plan to visit it ASAP-- and I might even sign up for this awesome box. Hang in there Natalie & keep doing what you are doing. :)

Robin said...
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Robin said...

Totally agree Pironsphere. Natalie can write whatever she pleases and if you don't like it, then stop reading her blog! So simple!;) I love her style and even though I can't afford most of what she highlights, I always gain inspiration from her style. Let's be kind and lift each other up, ladies!

Leslie said...

Just wanted to say that you look lovely in all of the items! That dress is absolutely gorgeous, and looks stunning on you. A keeper for sure!

Unknown said...

I agree, it's Natalie's blog and she can do whatever she wants! HOWEVER, the RStyle links she includes in her daily posts can be misleading and I believe the commenters above are talking about that. The post today came off as thought Natalie is receiving free items from Finicky Filly in addition to forcing her readers to click on links to find out more info about the products while those clicks would make her additional money (on a gifted product). Think whatever you want but I agree that is bordering on unethical and the ambiguity of it all is making Natalie lose her readers trust.

Lisa said...

I met Natalie through the blogging world years ago and she is one of the kindest, most genuine bloggers out there. She totally does not deserve these ridic comments! This post has introduced her readers to this adorable shop & the fabulous service it offers. Every blogger uses affiliate links- it's how they are somewhat reimbursed for the hours they spend blogging. If you don't want to support that blogger then don't click the link! Keep up the great work Natalie!! Xoxo

Courtney K. said...

Thank you Natalie for posting the prices of the items sent to you in the Brown Box. It is the ethical and legal thing to do. I am also glad to see that there are no linking so you are not making money on a gifted product. I only saw your RayBans clickable. I would encourage you to look at how you are blogging and what your goal is from it. Yes, people were pretty tough today. I would not call them rude, and, honestly, I agree with them. It seems like if anyone has a question or is need of a clarification they come across as haters. Me, personally, I used to enjoy reading blogs before they became such a business. It is exhausting to read and there is no content anymore. It seems spending habits have gotten excessive and and the keeping up with the Jones' mentality has gotten way out of hand. I also don't think people were questioning that the clothes were designer, I just think they were questioning your constant buying. We did read a few months ago about you finally getting out of debt; therefore, a beach coverup for $60 is not a steal. Sadly, I think people have been seeing this for a long time, and they have finally had enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Life isn't always perfect like that. Let's lift each other but let's also be REAL.

Courtney K. said...

After all of this deception, you can count me among the customers that are done with Finicky Filly. What a mess...I thought they were better than that. There are plenty of other local boutiques that just want customers the regular. This was embarrassing on all accounts.

Courtney K. said...
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Courtney K. said...

Wow, the mea culpa seems really to be an afterthought. Does it ever occur to you that people sadly judge you about what you put on the web? The internet is a tough place, and I feel for what your family and friends have read. Honestly, you have chosen to put yourself out there, but the best thing you can do is be honest with your readers and give credit where credit is due. Poor Finicky Filly...this was a epic fail.

Bulldogs and Beaches said...

Wow peope are so mean! Don't they know if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all! I happen to LOVE you're blog and and a brown box member. If it weren't for you I have no idea about the incredible service they offer. People are just mean because they are jealous! Keep your head up!

Sharon said...

I think what has upset me and a couple other readers in this post is that you, along with many other bloggers, are still making money (even if its a couple bucks) off the c/o or gifted items by affiliate linking them via Instagram's program. It's all quite dishonest and unethical per FTC Guidelines.
I hate to nitpick, but on 9 Feb you mentioned that FF gifted you a floral Joie top, yet on Instagram there was an affiliate link via You affiliate linked this FREE item at least 3 times and didn't mention that FF gifted it to you until your 9 Feb post. Why not keep giving credit to FF the entire time?!?!?
The same goes for the smocked floral c/o $180 Joie top from yesterday's post. It was affiliate linked via a few weeks prior without any mention of FF gifting it to you. I just don't think its fair to your readers to say that you were gifted something weeks after you Rstyled it and made money off the affiliate links.
I know this just isn't you, and I understand you are trying to make an income, but it just seems that blogging is all about making a quick buck and Rsytling ANYTHING versus posting for fun these days. I mean one blogger Rstyled sunscreen and another Rstyled outdoor patio lights!
Months ago you asked your readers for ideas. I think it would be awesome if you did a weekly Look for Less post and give your readers suggestions for more affordable items, that are similar to the designer look.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Natalie but I am an avid reader of her blog and I have no idea why some of you took offensive to this post. These comments are hateful to both Natalie and Finicky Filly. Bloggers do partnerships because they believe in the companies they support and those companies in turn get exposure to potential customers who would not have known otherwise. So the company saves on marketing expenses and sure, in return, they may gift a few items. And really, what does it matter what she was gifted? All of you writing negative comments are just hiding behind your keyboard jealous of the lives of others. Get over yourselves. If you don't have something nice to say why don't you grow up and keep your comments to yourself. Clearly you weren't raised in the south because that's what a proper southern woman (or man for that matter) would have been taught. This is just ridiculous. I don't normally comment but I am appalled and embarrassed for you all writing such harsh words about someone you don't even know. I read plenty of blogs that I don't find interesting but I would never leave an ugly comment. I choose not to read it again. It's their blog and they have the freedom to write about what they choose. If I don't like it I don't read it again. And honestly the advice I would give to Natalie is take all of these hurtful comments as flattery because these people are clearly jealous of you and this is their response mechanism.

Courtney K. said...
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Courtney K. said...
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Allison said...

For all those saying people who make negative comments are jealous, please explain what they are jealous of? What Natalie does is UNETHICAL, and her readers are finally calling her on it. She is trying all she can to make money off of her readers. She is making money off of stuff given to her for FREE. She will take any and every opportunity to affiliate link something so that she can get more clicks and more money. I don't believe she even keeps half the stuff she links. Several of her pictures are taken in dressing rooms. For her readers who need help shopping, try Nordstrom's search features. You can filter by brand and cost! Mind blowing, I know! You don't need Natalie to tell you what to buy. Negative comments does not mean jealousy! I have everything Nat has and more. I just don't have the need to get affirmation from strangers on how great my life it.

Courtney K. said...

I am born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, and I find it quite amusing that Anonymous calls out people for "sitting behind the keyboard" when, in reality, she is doing just the same. It really bothers me when people make assumptions that southerners are raised in a different manner than people from other parts of the United States. I am one, and I honestly take huge offense to that comment. It's too bad this post as received such negative comments, but, they were justified because Natalie did go back and make changes. I think people are just disappointed with Finicky Filly. Perhaps they need to choose sponsorships a bit more carefully. Linking gifted items to others stores is unethical...what a southerner have to say about that? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. The south isn't any better than any other region. We ALL make mistakes. Get off your high horse, ANONYMOUS!