Saturday, May 16, 2015

Weekend Style.

Wanted to share a casual weekend outfit that I have been loving.

I am in jean shorts most of the time. I love dresses but in the summer shorts are just more practical with the kids.   Just like I love my DL1961 jeans I also love their jean shorts.
  If you live in Charleston Thera M carries them, I went there to try them and got mine there. 
They run TTS.  I recently bought the white pair I am wearing and next I want the blue pair.

This top is 100% cotton and so soft.   I love the purple embroidery detail.  It also comes in a navy version as well.  It is super light weight so not too heavy for hot days.  The Lucky Brand is nice because it is not super expensive but they have cute pieces- sometimes you can luck up and find their stuff at TJMaxx too.
a close up of the embroidery detail.

I own several Barrington Totes and they are awesome for everyday.  
The particular style I have is part of their new monogram collection.
You can choose your background fabric and monogram colors.  It would also make a great baby bag because you can wipe down the fabric.

Happy Saturday!
My favorite weekend pieces


the style hostess said...

Pretty girl!

tpatters5 said...

Cute shirt but that bag is such a trademark infringement.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Love that top on you!

Val said...

Loving that top - you look fabulous!!