Thursday, May 7, 2015

What I Feed My Kids.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is do your kids eat what you eat? and what do you feed your kids?   Both of my kids are hit or miss eaters.  Sometimes they eat great and shock me and sometimes they are super picky.
As much as I would like us to all sit down to dinner together as a family every night it just isn't possible with Matt's work schedule.  I feed Frances around 5:30 so she always eats before we do.  I would say about 2-3 nights a week Sterling eats with Matt and I but most of the time he is ready to eat at 5:30 when Frances does. 
The past two weeks I tried to photograph their food.  Weekends we order pizza or eat out so these are mainly week night meals.  Lately Sterling wants to eat on a divided plate too since Frances does so I just feed him the same thing.  Frances is all about using a spoon these days which is great because I feel like she is trying more foods, like quinoa that she can scoop up.  I am not telling you my kids cleaned their plates but this what I served them:)  If it was a recipe of mine I linked to it.

String cheese | strawberries | quinoa | roasted cabbage | hummus and pita 

shredded carrots | Peas | cheese | cantaloupe | yogurt

cheese | raspberries | navy beans  |roasted broccoli | salmon cakes

roasted shrimp | Asian slaw |  greek yogurt | blueberries | avocado

watermelon | quinoa | chicken meatballs | cheese | avocado

taco chicken | avocado| roasted white beans | cheese | apples

rotisserie chicken| mandarin oranges | edamame | avocado | boiled egg

I try not to feed my kids too much frozen food but sometimes you have to.  I really like the Kidfresh brand.  My kids like their fish sticks, chicken nuggets, and chicken meatballs.  They also do mac and cheese but neither of my kids love mac and cheese which blows my mind.

Other frozen foods we like are the puff pastry dogs from Trader Joes, Morning Star veggie burgers, and Dr Praeger Spinach nuggets.

The divided plates above are from skip hop and they are our favorites.
If you have any meals your kids love, I would love the recommendations!


Dee said...

I love today's post Natalie! Thank you so much for posting this. I remember suggesting a post on what you feed your kids after you posted about what you have been doing to stay in shape and lose the baby weight after FM. I just want to say I appreciate the fact that you are in tune with your readers. You are REAL, and I certainly enjoy reading your blog first thing when I come to work. It's already part of my routine, and I appreciate the fact that you share so many aspects of your life with us. You are an inspiration!

Suzanne said...

Wow, that all looks so good! It's great to see that you're exposing them to a range of healthy foods. Thank you for sharing.

My two older children have always been good eaters, but my 2 year old is not...a major source of stress since I worry about her getting what she needs to thrive.

Ashley said...

My kids love different types of homemade turkey meatballs (pineapple teriyaki being a favorite), pizzas made from TJs whole wheat naan, and shepherd's pie!

Heather said...

I think this is great - so much variety, so much color on the plates, so much "real" food. :) Honestly I was sort of inspired for adult eating too...

Akgorno said...

Thanks for the ideas! I feel that I get into such a rut with feeding my 11 month old & 3 year old. The 3 year old used to be such a good eater and now is so picky with an iron will. Any magic tricks for getting them to try new things?!? Also, where do you get the spinach bites (I'm local)?

Gentel McKenney said...

I love the KidFresh brand!! My daughter could eat half the box of chicken nuggets for one meal!

Leigh said...

Love these little meals! My kids aren't picky eaters (at least not yet), but this is a good reminder to give them a verity of things. I just feed them whatever we're eating and I can definitely do better in the variety department!

Ashley said...

You are so creative! Campbell is about Frances Moon's age and he's such a picky eater we revert to hot dogs, cheese and applesauce most nights just to try to get some food in him. Love your ideas though! How do you get Frances Moon to not throw the plate on the floor as soon as you put it in front of her? That may be the hardest part of all!