Friday, January 15, 2016

Thoughts For Friday

Hooray for the long weekend.  Sterling has been telling anyone and everyone all about Martin Luther King and why he is important and that makes me so proud.

Thank you for all the sweet comments about my post yesterday.  I plan to do a follow up post on meal planning and when I actually cook and prepare meals.

If you love white blouses as much as I do, this one is a must.  I love the shoulder details. It runs slightly on the larger side, I am wearing an XS,  It also is slightly sheer, I am wearing a white camisole under mine.  Right now the blouse is on sale for $36!
also really digging this version that comes in white and black, also only $36.

One of my favorite entertaining stores in Charleston, Open Door Shop,  just recently moved to a new location at 78 Line Street.  The kids and I stopped in this week and I wanted everything! You can also shop online here if you aren't local!
The prettiest coral front door greets you.
I love everything they carry.  
I always stop in for my favorite Terrafirma serving pieces, I actually picked up 2 more this week!
They also carry Hyla Dewitt Jewelry, who I am huge fan of.

You have to check out Harrison Blackford's art studio in the back as well.  I fell in love with her custom pillows and art.

I tried a new Vegan restaurant this week, Gnome Cafe and I can already tell I am going to be a regular.  My friend Katie and I shared the taco salad and Thai salad and both were amazing.

I just downloaded The Room and All the Light We Cannot See to read,  Any other fab book requests?

I have had pink on the brain lately.  I am loving this gorgeous pink print by Cynthia Rowley.

Confession, I just ordered Justin Beiber's Cd.  Every time I hear one of his new songs,  I love it!! I especially grew found of him after watching his Carpool Karaoke.

In pure heaven because I got to finally meet my new nephew Rutledge this week.  How sweet is Sterling gazing at him?? Melts my heart.

I found the perfect Beach Bag and matching towel for Summer. Just ordered both as I know we will be living at the pool all Summer!

My mom made this Crock Pot soup last night and it was so good.  It was filled with quinoa, butternut squash, chicken, and beans! 

Happy Friday!


Katharine @ SouthernBourbonMountains said...

Please do a post on camisoles! I need one that is silky and not cotton so the shirts on top don't stick to it! xoxoxoxoxo Love that top on you.

KristenD said...

Oh, Room is SUCH a good book!

KristenD said...

Oh, Room is SUCH a good book!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Have a great weekend!

MHM1314 said...

You're in my brain -- those two books CHANGED me, they're so fantastic. I also have been playing the Bieber album on STRONG rotation -- I like "Company", "We Are", "Been You" other than the radio singles.

Have a great weekend!

Jesse said...

Those Terafirma serving platters are so cute! And def want to try that soup recipe. Just did a post on soups if you're looking for some inspo:) Thanks for the post!

Krista said...

Agreed! I need a post on camisoles! I never buy the right ones!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I'm making that soup this weekend! Wow does that sound good. I bet barley would work too since I have some I want to use up, although I like the nutty flavor and texture of quinoa better. :-)

Unknown said...

I love J Bieb's new album. I was never a fan until carpool karaoke too!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

So much goodness in this post! Love that Sterling is passionate about MLK. Also loving the Cynthia Rowley and book picks! I read Room a few years ago and am now reading All the Light We Cannot See.

Erica Cook said...

Such a great post. I'm feeling inspired to make salad, I'm thinking I need to pick up 'the Room' and I'm also thinking a camisole round up might be in order. Catching up here has been such a treat. xo Erica

Unknown said...

I posted my favorite reads of 2015 to my blog. Here is the link :

Sarah Johnson said...

I just read Delicious! by Ruth Reichl. You might want to check it out!