Monday, February 29, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend

Can y'all believe this is the last Monday of February already??  I am not gonna lie I love March. Mainly because it is my Birthday month and it usually means Spring is close.

Friday we had a low key evening in. We did our standard pizza dinner and watched Fuller House on Netflix.  Totally cheesy but I kind of liked it.  John Stamos looked amazing but man what happened to Bob Saget and why was his voice so weird??
Several of you asked about our shower curtain and it is Serena and Lily.

After the kids went to bed I had time to browse my new Chrissy Teigan cookbook and it is so good.  I think I fell in love her a little more.  She is hilarious and loves to eat.  All the recipes look awesome too.

Saturday the kids and I ate lunch at LaTabella.  I love their Bang Bang Shrimp salad. Sterling loves their shrimp too he cleaned his plate.

New favorite Equipment Dress. I love the leopard print and the fit is super cute too.
Saturday night we met up with a few friends at the Yacht Club for happy hour.  We caught the most beautiful sunset.
since it was super chilly on the water I got to wear my new Rebecca Taylor jacket that I scored on major sale. It is also on sale in the shorter version too.

Sunday everyone was up bright and early so I made Banana pancakes and bacon.  I swear my kids ask me to make pancakes everyday, it is their favorite breakfast.
The weather was just perfect, with highs in the 60's so we went on a super long family walk.  We explored a beach near our house and the kids loved it.

Sunday afternoon I went to an hour and half barre class that was a fundraiser for juvenile diabetes. It was a great workout!
Sunday night we grilled out and watched the Oscar's red carpet.   Our new cocktail of choice is vodka with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.
I wanted to share a picture of my white dress on that I mentioned on Friday that is currently on sale.
It is fully lined with a cotton slip.  It runs on the large side, I am wearing an XS. Such a fabulous white dress.
This is the last Beauty Counter Makeup Monday.  Today you get a free powder brush with with your powder purchase. I don't currently use this but I have heard rave reviews about it, so I am going to order it today to get the free brush!

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The Lucky Lifestyle said...

Great quote to start off the week! And I am laughing because my thoughts about Fuller House were IDENTICAL to yours - what happened to you Danny Tanner? Uncle Jesse, on the other hand... ;) Have a great day!

Courtney@PancakesandSparkles said...

Cannot wait to start watching Fuller House! I hope it is as good as I think it will be!

KatiePerk said...

The weather has been perfect! I am looking forward to tomorrow too! 76 is a sweet taste of spring. Your coat is really pretty!

Unknown said...

Super random, but where the tank you are wearing at barre from? Super cute!

Michelle C. said...

Love that RT coat! Do you mind sharing what size you bought?

Michelle C. said...

Love the RT coat! Do you mind sharing what size you are wearing?

KGW said...

Recreate that shrimp salad for us - looks delicious!

Kristin Munson said...

This is completely random and has nothing to do with your post today but I have a blog post request. You have occasionally blogged about the shoes you buy for Sterlings wardrobe for a season. I would love to see another post like- especially for girls. I have two girls and it seems like we have a hundred pair of shoes but when I go to get them dressed I feel like nothing matches. I'm struggling to figure out how many they each need and buy them 4-5 quality shoes each that will go everything in their closet. Love to see how you handle the constant shoe buying for kids! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Natalie! I hope you received my email about Beautycounter! I am so happy to see you are taking advantage of #makeupmonday. this is the best one yet!

Unknown said...

Love that quote! That Serena and Lilly print is one of my favs, we have it in green wallpaper and I used it in our old house around our media center. Pretty obsessed with that ring and white dress too, gorgeous. Glad y'all had a great weekend! Putting banana pancakes on my to-do list for a lazy Sunday now :).

Erin, Attention To Darling Blog

Anonymous said...

Have you tried any of the recipes from Cravings yet?