Friday, February 26, 2016

Thoughts for Friday

Happy Friday!  I feel like this week has flown by!  
I have to brag a little about Frances Moon and her first modeling gig with Pink Chicken.  I am such a huge fan of pink Chicken so when they asked Frances to be their model I was thrilled!  The new Spring line came out this week and her pictures are online!
I can't even handle the cuteness.  I want one of each of all the new Spring outfits!

Last night I took Sterling on a Mommy son date.  We went to dinner at Mex One and then to see Toruk, the new Cirq de Soliel show.  
They are in town through Sunday and I highly recommend it! You can still buy tickets Here for this weekend.
I am wearing:

The show was really cool.  A little weird but aren't all Cirq De Soleil shows a little far out??  The scenery and costumes were amazing!! Sterling said it was one of the coolest things he had seen.  He was mesmerized. 

The kids met up at intermission for funnel cakes and dipping dots ice cream.  They were in hog heaven.

A few recent favorites.

I can't stop laughing about this picture of Frances Moon and her friend Anna Louis.   They clearly were not happy with the wheat flour I used in the cookies. 

I have been on a roll organizing around these house.  I ordered these drawer organizers and they are awesome for your underwear and socks.  I love opening my drawers now without crap spilling out everywhere.

My friend Marquin just came out with a new series of paintings that are stunning.  She did a painting for us that is hanging in our kitchen over my desk and I love it.  I am such a huge fan of her work! You can check out her site HERE and other paintings.

I am thinking about making these banana PB snacks for the kids this weekend.  How good do they look??

This Joie Dress that I got for Christmas is now on sale.  The perfect little white dress! 

Have a fabulous weekend! 
Food is clearly my first favorite F word:)


Holy City Chic | Megan said...

Love Frances Moon in those modeling photos! I don't know how customers would even look at the clothes though, my eyes would go straight to that cute face! Mex One is a big favorite of mine—we were wanting to go somewhere quick and easy tonight for dinner and now you've put the idea in my head. Love that dress, too! I ordered the same one a couple weeks ago after spotting it on sale. Have a great weekend! xo

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Those modeling pics..too cute! My fave might be the red gingham bubble suit! Cirque du Soleil is on my "to see" list for sure!

Pink and Green Mom said...

Haha, Frances Moon is like WTF is up with this cookie!! Love it!

Renee said...

Where is your daughter's striped smocked dress from? It is precious.

MyRoseAmongThorns said...

I am drooling looking at that peanut butter and banana snack! My daughter is allergic to nuts, so I die over it! :(

Anna said...

Love those paintings. Def will check out more! Happy friday :)

E Hayes said...

I love the modeling shots, they came out so cute! Amazing they could photograph an on the move toddler that great! Random, I know your family is in Charlotte, is that where you grew up? If so, I'd love if you could shoot me an email! ehayes1183 at gmail xo

Alie said...

I love Frances Moon with that adorable cardigan on! She looks so proud. That proves it with the health food cookies. The kids are usually right!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness ! The cuteness of Frances Moon in those pictures !!!