Monday, November 14, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend

Hello Monday morning.  
We had a fun filled weekend and even got a head start on decorating for Christmas! 

Thursday I headed to Lee Lee's Hot Kitchen for lunch.  If you love Chinese food it is a must!  

I love their dumplings.  The sauce that they are served with is so good.  
We also had the salt and pepper chicken and ginger beef.   We liked the ginger beef best because it had more sauce and flavor than the chicken.

Friday morning was spent at the gym.   This twist front tee is the best to toss on when it's chilly!

This sweet guy is growing up so fast.

Friday night I headed out to an event and dinner with girlfriends.

Saturday mornings I love slowing down a bit.  It is nice to sleep in (and by sleep in I mean til 7:30- ha)  and just sit and enjoy my coffee after rushing around all week.  I bought this robe after my sister in law had the same one in NYC.  It is so comfy and comes in several different colors. 

The weather was dreary and cold all the weekend so the kids talked me into getting our Christmas decorations out.  They were so excited.  I love how much they love Christmas because I remember being the same way as a child- heck I still love Christmas!
Several people asked about Frances Moon's dress and it is from HERE.  She is princess obsessed:)

Saturday night I made oven roasted tomato soup for dinner.  I will post the recipe on here soon.  Roasting the tomatoes brought out so much flavor!

Sunday it was rainy and so cold.  We went to church and then hung around the house.  It was all about comfort and warmth!  My sweater, scarf and leggings are under $40.
I even let the kid's go ahead and build a gingerbread house just to keep them occupied.  They actually did a really great job although 3 hours later it fell apart.  I think they need to make the house part not as dense because the icing can't hold it together.  

I was craving Mexican pizza so we made homemade ones with this recipe.   They were so good!  I left the tomatoes and onions off the kid's pizza.  

Major love for this fringe sweater.  It is 40% off right now with code FRIENDS.  I am wearing a size small.

Have a great start to your week.


Unknown said...

I always hot glue my gingerbread houses, works like a charm! Then you don't have to wait forever for the icing to dry or worry about them falling apart, got that tip from my SIL. :)

Unknown said...

That roasted tomato soup looks delish. Can't wait for the recipe!


kelly said...

here is a tip for gingerbread houses....I hot glue them together then let the kids cover the glue with the royal icing. Then decorate with the candy. Mine never ate the houses, so I was ok with gluing them.

Kelly :)

kelly said...

Here is a tip about gingerbread houses....I hot glue them together before the kids decorate them. They then cover the glue with the royal icing. My kids never ate the houses, so I was ok with the glue. And then of course they didn't fall no tears from the kids!

East Coast Chic {Natalie} said...

Love that Vince sweater and that robe looks so comfy! Love that you got your Christmas decorations out already, I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week!