Friday, January 27, 2017

Favorite Amazon Buys

I am always curious what other people buy at Amazon.  It can become an addictive site because they literally have everything.  I order all my books and cookbooks from Amazon but wanted to share a few other items that I love.  Many of these I order on a regular basis and some are one time buys. 


The best make-up remover ever.  I cut mine in half to last for more than one use.  Super moisturizing and they get every bit of make-up off. 

 I swear my hair has come in fuller since taking these.
I am obsessed with these pens. I am such a nerd but these really do write the best.

The price is always better on Amazon for white strips.  I use these 2-3 times a week and they really work.

I ordered 2 of these and I am loving them.   Super soft and I swear they help keep your hair looking good the next day.

Sterling and Frances Moon love these building blocks.  They will sit and play with them for a long time.   They make great gifts too!  They also come in a bigger set as well.

This thing is amazing.  I never use an iron anymore.  It is perfect for getting out wrinkles and I love the compact size which makes it easier to store.  It is currently 64% off too!

I learned about this gadget in a cooking class almost 3 years ago and it is still a favorite kitchen gadget.  It is great for chopping herbs, nuts, onions and even making small batches of salsa.

These knives will change your world.  They are amazing.  They make chopping so effortless.  These are the 2 I use most often, worth every penny.

The set of these is so much cheaper on Amazon.

This was one of my favorite suits last summer.

also comes in this gorgeous rainbow color on sale.

My sister had these in NYC and they came in so handy.  It was nice to have the option for longer length cords.  My outlet is not near the bed so I love having a longer one to reach my night table at night. 

I am head over heels in love this.  I have been using it everyday.  It blends perfectly and clean up is so easy.

I love this quinoa.  It is already cooked and all you do is mix the topping in.  I mix it up often with my Greek Salads or just eat it alone for a quick and easy lunch.
What are your favorite Amazon Buys? 


Unknown said...

Thank you for the new finds! I do have that silk pillowcase too, love it. You've just fueled my Amazon obsession even more and it was already bad, LOL. I get at least 2-3 packages a week from Amazon, it's almost like Christmas because I can't remember everything I've ordered, haha. :)

Kimm said...

I need to check out those make up remover wipes. And I order my kcups from Amazon.

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

love that black and white suit!

Brooke said...

I'm pretty sure my UPS guys detest me because of my frequency shopping on Amazon. I took your advice when you first shared those knives and that steamer. Love both! Thanks for sharing the cords...those are now in my cart!

Colleen said...

Great finds! Thanks for sharing!!!:)

Unknown said...

What do I NOT buy from Amazon? I glanced at our recent orders and they included: baby toys, bottles, wakeboard bindings, pacifiers, chapstick, swaddle sacks and now that steamer!

Just Jess said...

I will have to check out those vitamin gummis. Jess at Just Jess said...

Really great items! I will be trying the pens for sure!