Monday, January 16, 2017

Scenes From Our Weekend + Marinated Cheese Recipe

The kids are out of school til Wednesday so we are still enjoying a long weekend.  

Friday night we had happy hour with our neighbors before we left town.

I made this marinated cheese for the appetizer.  It is super easy and always a hit.  Several of you asked for the recipe so see below!
The recipe was passed along from my mom's good friend Jane.  I like to serve this with triscuits to soak up the marinade. I mix the Cracker Barrel white and orange sharp cheddar.  

New smoothie I am loving:
Coconut water, strawberries, frozen banana, frozen mangos, frozen pineapple, and greek yogurt.  The kids of course loved this one. and I finally ordered my Vitamix!  It should arrive this week,  I am so excited!

I am newly addicted to Parenthood.  I plowed through the first season this week.  I spent Saturday night in pjs watching more episodes:)  I can't believe I didn't watch this when it originally aired, it is so good!

My mom introduced me to these Bedhead PJ's and I am really liking them.  They come in such cute patterns and are so comfy!!
Scroll through to see some other prints and many are on sale!

Favorite Bagel from Brueggers.
I do a sun-dried tomato bagel, with veggie cream and sun-dried spread.  Then load it up with all the veggies.

Sunday we went to church.

I always love with I can snuggle with my sweet nephew Rutledge.  
Blouse also Here
These two are addicted to listening to music and music videos on my IPad.   Then they preform dance parties for me afterwards:)

How gorgeous is this orchid??   

I am so excited because we just booked a girl's trip to St John next month.  We have been trying to plan a trip for the past year and now it is happening!  I would love any recs of what to do in St John especially restaurants and beach bars.

Happy MLK Day.


Elise said...

La Tapa is my favorite restaurant on St. John! We eat there at least once every time we're there.

Unknown said...

You will have the BEST time in St. John.

Definitely go to Longboards- great happy hour and cocktails. They make their own ginger beer for Moscow Mules, etc and it is the best I've ever had ANYWHERE. It was also opened by people from Charleston :)

Rhumblines is an asian fusion restaurant with the best Pad Thai I have ever had anywhere but Thailand- so authentic and delicious. Do not be freaked out by the entrance-- you sort of have to walk in through a convenience store but end up in a beautiful courtyard. It was the #1 place recommended to us and we have been back year after year.

The Beach Bar is so fun for going out after dinner for live music and drinks.

We also get a boat chartered and it takes us to the baths and to Willy T's! An experience for sure.

Kelly said...

We snorkeled in Trunk Bay over the New Year's Holiday while we were on a Disney Cruise with the kids and St. John was beautiful! I can't wait to go back. Don't have any recommendations since we just took a boat over and snorkeled, I am looking forward to hearing about your trip!

Taylor said...

I want to devour that marinated cheese recipe! I loved, loved Parenthood and I binged it on Netflix way late too! Get ready for some tears!

The Sarcastic Blonde

Trish said...

MUST do a nice dinner at Zozos. Also a boat trip on Kekoa!

Anonymous said...

I love a great bagel and this one looks delicious !!! That plate of marinated cheese looks good too ! Happy Monday !

Anonymous said...

Parenthood is truly such a great series! Every season gets better! Especially the music!! You will be so so sad when it's over and miss it, so enjoy! Have a blast in St John's!

Brooke said...

I am SO jealous you are getting to experience Parenthood for the first time! I re-watch episodes all the time.

Nat said...

I need to try that marinated cheese! It looks so good. Your girls trip is going to be so much fun!

Wendy H. said...

You HAVE to visit Skinny Legs when you're there. One of the best burgers I've ever had an awesome drinks & ambiance. It's been almost 8 years since I've been to St. John. You will love it!!!

KatiePerk said...

That cheese looks fab! Ooh fun! Girls trips are good for a recharge.

Plum Pretty Sugar said...

I just love your blog <3
Looking forward to 2017 posts!


Plum Pretty Sugar said...

<3 <3 <3 The MLK quote!


Unknown said...

I would recommend Joe's Rum Hut/Woody's/Beach Bar for Happy Hour and my favorite restaurant in Cruz Bay was the Lime Inn. SO GOOD. Skinny Legs is over in Coral Bay. Yall definitely need to rent a jeep while you are there because it makes getting around so much easier. Hawksnest Beach was our favorite. Calm water and NO screaming kids:) We also went to the BVI on the Bad Kitty and we loved Jost Van Dyke and the beach bars there. I cannot wait to go back.

Kara said...

Are you planning to do outfit planning/shopping posts before your trip? I'm going to the Bahamas around the same time, and I need your help! I had a baby last summer, so I feel like I'm starting from scratch with beach clothes :)

Unknown said...

I agree with Trish - Zozo's and the Kekoa - both AMAZING!

Emily Maggart said...

Dinner at Asolare! St. John is the best.

Unknown said...

I agree with driving over to coral bay and having lunch at skinny legs. Also, a BVI tour with Bad Kitty is a must to see the baths and check out the soggy dollar bar.

Suzanne said...

We stayed at the Ritz in St. Thomas and took the ferry over for the day with our kids. We hit St. John Scoops for homemade ice cream, the tap room at St. John Brewers and Skinny Legs. Trunk Bay is gorgeous! I even had a St. John hook bracelet made while I was there at a jewelry shop a couple of blocks up from the ferry dock. Such a beautiful island, enjoy!

rox said...

St. John is AMAAAAAAAAZING!!!! We have gone annually (minus the year our son was born) for 7 years! Skinny Legs in Coral Bay is a must - the burger special of the day is always excellent, and their blue cheese burger is always on the menu, and always wonderful. La Tapa is SO. GOOD. Asolare is great for drinks and a gorgeous sunset. Rhumblines - get the pad thai for sure! And the previous commenter was right - don't be freaked out by the entrance. You walk through a convenience store to get there. For a splurge, try Ted's Supper Club - a personal chef who comes to your place and cooks for you (assuming y'all rented a villa). Rent a jeep, or several, depending on how many of y'all there are. You'll want to drive all over the island (it's not huge, so it's entirely doable) to visit all of the GORGEOUS beaches. Trunk Bay is SUPER touristy. And honestly - it's beautiful, but so are the other 20+ if you DO go to Trunk, check the cruise ship schedule and STAY AWAY on those days! Some of our fave beaches are Gibney (get there early for a spot - this is the beach with the tire swing); Honeymoon for snorkeling (park at Caneel and get a drink at the bar to cover the $20 parking fee); Francis and Maho are sister beaches - so calm and peaceful. Where are y'all staying? Are you renting a villa? We have never stayed anywhere other than villas, and it is SO WORTH IT! Now listen. STJ is VERY laid back and casual. You can wear flops and no makeup and a cute sundress (or even shorts) to pretty much anyplace, and you'll fit right in. This isn't a place for diamonds and fancy stuff. Trust me. You'll see!!! And if you're expecting lots of attractions - it's not here. This place is 75% national park, so it's all about snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and taking in the outdoors. Such a cool, laid back vibe. We are OBSESSED with STJ!!! AHHHHH!! I'm SO excited for y'all! You're going to have the BEST time! Feel free to email me any questions. Having been there for so long (we stay for 2 weeks each trip), I consider myself a STJ expert!! :)